Chemtrails: What They Are, How They Differ From Contrails, and Why You Should Care

Chemtrails. Contrails. What’s the difference? Are they dangerous? Some people believe that chemtrails are a government conspiracy to control the weather or to secretly spray harmful chemicals on unsuspecting citizens. Others believe that private industry is behind chemtrails, conducting secret experiments with no regard for human health or the environment. So, what is the truth?

The Homefront: Are We on Track to Being the Next Chinese Surveillance State?

The events of 9/11 ushered in a new age of surveillance here in the United States. The Patriot Act gave the government broad powers to spy on its citizens, and that power has been expanded exponentially in the years since then. Cameras are now ubiquitous in public places, our emails and phone calls are being monitored, and our internet activity is being tracked. Is this level of surveillance necessary to keep us safe? Or are we on track to becoming the next Chinese surveillance state?

Emerging biometric surveillance networks may aim to keep track of country’s citizens or foreign operatives.

Biometric surveillance networks are systems that can gather information on individuals’ unique characteristics, such as their face or fingerprint. Such systems may threaten the privacy or safety of individuals or disrupt human intelligence-gathering operations if they are fully implemented and integrated into society.