News of the Night 1/14/2020: Long lines form at Virginia assembly as gun rights groups urge Trump to ‘get involved’ in protecting Second Amendment

AP EXCLUSIVE: Northam to ban guns from Capitol grounds

Long lines form at Virginia assembly as gun rights groups urge Trump to ‘get involved’ in protecting Second Amendment

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Trump Administration Will Deport 21 Saudi Cadets Following Jihadi Attack at Naval Air Station Pensacola

Michael Flynn moves to withdraw guilty plea in scathing rebuke of DOJ

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ANGRY FBI: DOJ Refuses to Charge Saudi Classmates of US Naval Air Base Killer; Group Linked to Terrorism, Child Pornography

Wildlife is flourishing in Fukushima’s ‘exclusion zone’: Researchers capture images of more than 20 species including wild boar, macaques and a raccoon dog near the abandoned nuclear plant

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AG Barr Calls on Apple to Unlock iPhones Used by Pensacola Shooter

Gun-toting woman with concealed carry permit confronts man allegedly masturbating in women’s restroom

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An Earth-size planet in the habitable zone? New NASA discovery is one special world.

GOP leadership: There aren’t 51 votes to dismiss Trump articles of impeachment

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Sen. Tim Kaine says he has the votes for resolution limiting Trump’s war powers on Iran

First, the purges: Comrade Chesa Boudin fires prosecutors for…prosecuting

A New York Times reporter praised Iran for showing ‘more restraint’ than the US — nevermind the passenger jet they shot out of the sky, killing 176

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First Case Of SARS-Like Pneumonia Reported Outside China As Scientists Scramble To Develop New Test

Report: Revolutionary Guard has arrested the person who posted video of Ukrainian plane being struck down by Iran

Shishaldin volcano eruptions intensify, prompting alert

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ALL BLOWN UP Secret Russian spy satellite ‘explodes in space’ – and it may have been deliberate

Ontario Alert Warned of a Nuclear ‘Emergency,’ Then Backed Down

Left-wing college students: President Trump is biggest threat to world peace — even bigger than leaders of Iran, North Korea, Russia, and China

David Stockman on What Triggers the Next Financial Collapse

DNA Test Company Sells Rights to Drug Compound Based on Customers’ Genetic Data

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Newly Discovered Mega-Volcano Off Philippines Has Biggest Caldera on Earth

Philippines volcano spews lava into the sky again and trembles all day in possible sign of a BIGGER eruption that could leave thousands stranded for MONTHS

The Navy says it has Top Secret UFO files that would cause ‘grave damage’ to US national security if made public

Fresh Missile Attack Rocks Base North Of Baghdad Where US Troops Present

TC 3-21.76 Ranger Handbook: April 2017 

State Legislators in Kansas Put on NATIONAL GUARD BUSES and taken to Military Base for DHS “Security Briefing”


‘Jeopardy!’ issues apology for ruling that the Church of the Nativity is located in Israel — and not Palestine

Ignoring Dire Economic Warning Signs – Greg Hunter


Economic Freedom Reduced Inequality in Chile. But the Left Has Other Plans.

A paedophile grooming gang was left to roam the streets of Manchester – and police knew who they were and exactly what they were doing

VIDEO: Former NFL star Antonio Brown records profane anti-police video as he berates cops responding to domestic dispute

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