6 Warning Signs That Civil Unrest Is IMMINENT


I first saw this article on INFOWARS and my curiosity was peaked. I am unaware of the date of the article, but I thought it was good enough to share. Although for decades the Universities and the Media have been sowing the seeds of civil unrest and seizing on every incident that supports their narrative, we still haven’t fallen into a full police state. When Civil War finally sweeps across our land, I just wonder how many will have to die before it’s over.

“This week has been “interesting” in South America. Interesting, indeed, but as in the ancient Chinese curse style.

For those of us in this side of the hemisphere, having been able to witness first-hand, in the front line, how the very same plot that made us get the heck out of our country, is unleashing a vendetta against the countries that have received us Venezuelans.

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