After mass shooting, guns key issue in Virginia elections


Virginia will usher in a new wave of stricter “Gun Control” and “Red Flag” Laws if Democrats win a couple of seats in this years election.

Who would have thought that this state, once a bastion for freedom, would become so Anti-Constitution and Anti-Freedom. According to the AP, we can blame this change on the “diversity” in the suburban areas such as Virginia Beach.

Groups like the NRA and GOA are being outgunned by the well-funded anti-gun organizations in this election year cycle. Please go out and vote and support organizations like the NRA and GOA if you still want what is left of the Second Amendment. PREPPER DAVES

VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) — “Chris Parker is the type of Virginian whom Democrats hope to get to the polls next month to help them flip the legislature and usher in a wave of stricter gun laws.

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