Will Tens of Thousands Die Before Christmas?

According to Terry Rempel there is enough scientific evidence to suggest that Cascadia Mega will release before Christmas 2019. In the attached “White Paper” Rempel gives his scientific analysis to support this conclusion.

Rempel also gives us the following three things to consider when you are thinking about your own preparation:

  1. Current scientific papers say that everything west of I-5 will be pretty much wiped out.  Consider the number of nuclear power plants down the west coast of the US and the Hanford nuclear waste disposal site.  How much of the Pacific Ocean will be contaminated and for how long?           
  2. Given the national debt of the US, how can the U.S. absorb trillions in infrastructure loss as well.  It will cripple the economy.  Doing so will cause chaos.  Chaos will lead to martial law.            
  3. Global impacts: The US military will be needed at home. Remove US military influence   and who moves in war?   China?   Russia?  Arab Countries?  Advantage of the void of U.S. influence will be taken.  Voids are always filled.  That is a lesson of history. These three are realistic outcomes that are part of the Cascadia Mega. Outcomes that follow a great tragedy to come.
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