NEWS OF THE DAY 2/11/2020: Virus storytellers challenge China’s official narrative

Virus storytellers challenge China’s official narrative

First new virus case found among evacuees from China to US

China still mostly closed down as virus deaths pass 1,000

New virus has infected more than 43,000 people globally


Trump campaigns as a 2nd Amendment warrior

Lawmakers advance package of criminal justice initiatives

Hawaii House defers bill expanding police firearms searches

President Trump wraps up New Hampshire rally early to pay respects to soldiers killed in Afghanistan

SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition: The Ultimate Guide to Surviving Anywhere

New Hampshire hopes to clarify unsettled Democratic contest

Decision time: Democratic White House hopefuls face second test in New Hampshire

Former Dem lawmaker booted from Muslim event after asking Rashida Tlaib: ‘What about your anti-Semitism?’

Dems urge Facebook, Twitter to take down edited video of Nancy Pelosi ripping up State of the Union speech

China’s online censors tighten grip after brief coronavirus respite

They’re Voting in New Hampshire, but This Democrat Just Wants to Jump Off a Bridge

The age of celebrity is dead

Donald Trump’s Budget Promises 1,000 Miles of Border Wall

Gallup: Majority Won’t Vote for Socialist


‘He Makes His Sun Rise on the Evil and the Good’: NASA and ESA Launch Latest Mission to Study the Sun

Marines Plan to Cut Thousands of Personnel, Cull Fleets of MRAPs and AAVs

UN warns of ‘major shock’ as Africa locust outbreak spreads


Elon Musk: Moving to Mars will cost less than $500,000, ‘maybe even below $100,000’

Why Is The Government Turning 11 Military Bases Inside The United States Into Quarantine Camps?

6 Bug In Mistakes That You’re Probably Making Right Now

Ultimate Gun Cleaning Mat with Exploded Parts Diagram

Tactical vs. Survival Knife: What’s the Difference?

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Harvard’s Undergraduate Council voted to pass a statement condemning unbiased journalism.

In a world where journalistic integrity has gone out the window, The Harvard Crimson finds itself alone in a sea of woke students using fascist tactics in an attempt to thwart unbiased reporting by a college campus newspaper. If it wasn’t for students like Crimson President Kristine E. Guillaume, who are standing against the mob mentality of the left in their attempts to censor the paper, who knows what the next generation of journalists would be like coming out of such an illustrious and woke university.

She stated in an email that “the publication seeks to hold itself to the “highest standards” of journalistic practice. “Fundamental journalistic values obligate The Crimson to allow all subjects of a story a chance to comment,”…“This policy demonstrates a commitment to ensuring that the individuals and institutions we write about have an opportunity to respond to criticisms in order to ensure a fair and unbiased story.”” PREPPER DAVES

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Journalistic Standards, Censorship, and Whistleblowers: It All Depends on Who Is the One Being Protected/Accused


Recently there have been many questions about the journalistic standards and censorship regarding the Mainstream Media (MSM) and Social Media Platforms (SMP).

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