Over 500,000 Dead While America Achieves Third World Nation Status… Alternative News

Over 500,000 Dead While America Achieves Third World Nation Status… Alternative News

NATO… United States… Russia… Ukraine… Coup… 500,000 Dead.

As the Regional Conflict continues and over 500,000 dead, at least the elites in NATO/US get to test out their new weapon systems… Sarcasm Folks… Now, today we find out that the Patriot Missile Air Defense System is a failure… at least it is ineffective when it comes to the Russians being able to take it out with a direct hit. There goes a hundred million dollars in addition to the war criminals depleted uranium rounds going up in smoke on Friday… How much longer will the Ukrainian people allow themselves to be used as cannon fodder for the military industrial complex… How many more Ukrainians and Russians must die… How much money is enough when it comes to the corruption of war time profiteers trading other people’s blood for their gold… Even if you hate Donald Trump, you have to agree that we need to stop the bleeding and the dying and get to the negotiating table and quit seeing this as your team vs. my team…

BTW Poland will also start suffering the consequences of the UK sending those depleted uranium rounds into Ukraine… now that radiation dust is flowing over their country as well… I ask you… Who is really escalating his conflict to the level of a Nuclear Holocaust?

I guess if we are facing the apocalypse than the coup attempt against the Trump administration doesn’t matter as much or the cover up from the Obama/Biden administration in both Ukraine and the attempt to overthrow a democratically elected president by the Stasi (AKA the FBI)… We are truly living in 1930’s Germany all over again…

The Durham report… which I will read in its entirety on another podcast… a special, so you can see and hear what is in those 300+ pages. I am not finished reading it yet but what I have read let’s me know that when we are called conspiracy theorists… It’s no longer a theory and we are truly a banana republic that is run by those behind the curtain… the iron curtain… in this case that curtain is an incoherent, dementia ridden, evil and corrupt bastard…

BTW… what about the US military opening up the floodgates at the border… literally… is it to take us one step closer toward the full implementation of a regional government under one centralized government… A government that wants to ensure equality by destroying western civilization and creating the conditions so we can all enjoy living in a third world spithole…

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