Navy OK with Drag Queen Sailor's Racy Instagram Content While Patriotic Veterans Found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy

While Our Enemies are Training to Kill Us… US Military Promotes Trans Ambassadors and Condemns J6 Political Prisoners…

Navy OK with Drag Queen Sailor’s Racy Instagram Content While Patriotic Veterans Found Guilty of Seditious Conspiracy

• Russian warships have deployed to the North Sea, with Russia discussing why Ukraine’s counteroffensive may fail.
• Leftists have been criticized for quickly labeling the death of a NYC career criminal who was put in a chokehold by a former Marine as ‘murder.’
• The Navy has approved racy Instagram posts from Drag Queen Sailor.
• Patriotic Veterans have been found guilty of seditious conspiracy for J6.
• Discern Report discussed whether the banking industry is on the verge of an apocalypse.
• A member of the World Economic Forum and Club of Rome said 86% of the population should be reduced.
• Survivopedia discussed the pros and cons of bunkers during emergencies.
• The House passed an AK bill protecting gun rights during emergencies and Guns in the News covered guns used by First Special Service Force.

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Hal Turner Radio Show – Russian Warships SUDDENLY Deploy to North Sea

A concentration of at least five Russian Navy warships, plus two auxiliaries, has formed in the North Sea. If the Ukraine invasion teaches us anything, it’s that the axillaries are just as worth watching as the pointy ships.

All 5 warships are Kalibr cruise missile capable.

While there may be many explanations for this, it will likely get NATO attention. The most likely explanation at this stage is an unannounced exercise. Unusually the group includes a frigate from the Black Sea Fleet, which is prevented from returning to its base in Crimea due to the war. Turkey has closed the Bosporus to warships.  It is the Bosporus which is the only entry/exit between the Black Sea and ultimately, the Mediterranean Sea.

BREAKDOWN: Why Ukraine’s much-anticipated ‘counteroffensive’ could end in failure — RT Russia & Former Soviet Union

Considering the risk of detection in areas with concentrated equipment, and Ukraine’s fear of losing reserves, as we see happening in Artemovsk (Bakhmut), the AFU will likely prepare its most important military formations from 12 to 36 hours before the main strike. In the present conditions, it is nearly impossible to amass enough fuel and ammunition. Not to mention the difficulties in trying to position people secretly. Russia has already used Lancet drones to hit German Gepard anti-aircraft guns and Soviet S-300 missile systems close to the front line. As soon as Ukraine’s previously hidden equipment was moved closer to the front line, it became easier to destroy.

With so many challenges, is it possible that the AFU could postpone the counteroffensive?

This demonstrates that the routes used for transporting Ukrainian military equipment and the places where it is positioned are under Russian surveillance. If the AFU loses significant amounts of fuel – or transport equipment or engineering units – in the first two or three days, it will have to adjust the counteroffensive’s strategy on the go or implement a backup plan (if it has one). Moreover, Ukraine has no means of transferring reserves by air or conducting amphibious warfare. Its supply and logistics fully depend on roads and railways. In such conditions, the destruction of a bridge or a train line on an important supply route may lead to a disaster at the front.

Leftists lambasted for rushing to rule death of NYC career criminal put in choke hold by former Marine a ‘murder’ – TheBlaze

Former Marine took Neely to the ground in a choke hold and kept him on the ground for approximately 15 minutes. According to the New York Post, a black passenger who was aiding the blonde former Marine in subduing Neely reassured another passenger that “he’s not squeezing no more,” in reference to the choke hold. “None of us who were there thought he was in danger of dying,” said Vasquez. “We thought he just passed out or ran out of air.” During the choke hold, Neely reportedly lost consciousness. EMS workers were unable to revive him. The former Marine who brought Neely to the ground was taken into custody but later released without charges.

Exclusive: Navy OK with Drag Queen Sailor’s Racy Instagram Content (

In March, Rep. Jim Banks (R-IN), House Armed Services Subcommittee on Military Personnel chairman, asked the Navy about the Instagram account of 2nd Class Petty Officer Joshua Kelley, which shows Kelley — who also goes by his stage name “Harpy Daniels” — dressed in drag, lingerie, underwear bottoms, or nothing. One photo is captioned with the hashtag “f-ckboi.”

The Navy indicated that Kelley’s posts were OK, since they did not violate Department of Defense policy, which states that service members can maintain a personal social media presence as long as it is clearly marked as personal and not endorsed by the DOD or the Department of the Navy (DON).

The Navy added:

The Navy’s Office of Information will continue to ensure that the social media accounts of the five Sailors currently recognized as Navy Digital Ambassadors do not imply DoD or Navy sanction or endorsement of their personal social media content. However, at the same time, the Navy acknowledged that its “Navy Digital Ambassadors” (NDAs) were asked to use their personal accounts for the purpose of attracting new recruits to the Navy, while adding a disclaimer their views did not represent those of the Navy.

Veterans found guilty of seditious conspiracy in US Capitol attack (

Four members of the neo-fascist Proud Boys, three of whom have military backgrounds, were convicted Thursday of a plot to attack the U.S. Capitol – a significant milestone in the Jan. 6, 2021 cases that again highlighted the participation of veterans and service members, and created a new wave of disinformation.

The case is a reminder that a large segment of the Jan. 6 protestors were veterans and even active duty service members – a small but vocal slice of the military community that proved willing to resort to violence against elected officials and fellow officers of the law, primed by a steady stream of disinformation that cast the 2020 election as rigged or stolen, though even Republican election officials across the country denied that.

Like-minded election-deniers took to social media following Thursday’s convictions, condemning the verdict as a gross injustice, and several popular conservative Twitter accounts described the defendants as political prisoners.

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On the Verge of a Banking Industry Apocalypse? – Discern Report

Every time that they tell us that everything is fine, things just seem to get even worse.  This banking crisis was supposed to be “over” after Silicon Valley Bank and Signature Bank collapsed.  It wasn’t.  Then it was supposed to be “over” after First Republic collapsed.  It wasn’t.

By now, most of you already know about what has been happening to PacWest, Western Alliance, First Horizon and countless other regional bank stocks.  In all my years, I have never seen banking stocks fall so quickly.  If this avalanche continues to pick up momentum, pretty soon we will have to stop talking about a “banking industry crisis” and start talking about a “banking industry apocalypse”.

World Economic Forum And Club Of Rome Member Dennis Meadows Says 86% Of The Population Needs To Be Reduced –

Dennis L. Meadows, a high-ranking authority at the World Economic Forumhonorary member at the Club of Rome, and lead for author the Club of Rome’s pro-depopulation book “The Limits to Growth,” released in 1972; believes that 86% of the world population needs to be eliminated.

We could [ ] have eight or nine billion, probably,” he says of the world’s growing population.

“If we have a very strong dictatorship which is smart … and [people have] a low standard of living,” Meadows says as he explains how the population reduction agenda could be triggered.

“But we want to have freedom and we want to have a high standard of living so we’re going to have a billion people. “And we’re now at seven, so we have to get back down. “I hope that this can be slow, relatively slow, and that it can be done in a way which is relatively equal, you know, so that people share the experience.”

To Bunker or Not to Bunker? – Survivopedia

One of the big questions in the prepping and survival community is that of building a bunker as a survival shelter. People go back and forth on this issue, with most people writing articles in favor of building them. Having grown up in a home with a built-in concrete bunker that had been there for decades, I’m familiar with them, their history and their usefulness. I’ve also seen how people in the prepping community build bunkers and have heard their reasoning for doing so.

The idea of bunkers actually started back in World War II. Probably the most famous bunker from that period was the Führerbunker that was constructed on the grounds of the German Chancellery in Berlin. That particular bunker was a six-story underground office complex, designed to protect Adolf Hitler and his immediate staff. He had a similar bunker at the Wolf’s Lair, his command post in the field. Other high officials in his government and military had bunkers as well, all built with the purpose of helping the German high command, both civilian and military, survive Allied bombing.

AK bill protecting gun rights in emergencies passes House – Bearing Arms

When Hurricane Katrina hit New Orleans, a lot of us watched what followed. The news wasn’t good, of course, but then we saw and heard about officials confiscating guns in a supposed effort to curb the violence that was supposedly raging across the city.

Gun rights didn’t matter, apparently.

Since then, a lot of states have passed laws preventing such things from happening there. Surprisingly, Alaska wasn’t one of those states. Then we saw the pandemic when a lot of locales decide that gun rights didn’t really matter, that they could and should shut down gun stores. Again, a lot of states started passing laws to prevent that from happening there. That seems to have prompted folks in Alaska to decide they needed such a law. A bill to prevent the government from prohibiting sales of guns and ammunition during government-declared emergencies has passed the House.

Guns Of The First Special Service Force – Guns in the News

Throughout 1941 and 1942, the British military sought to harass and disrupt German operations in occupied Western Europe by any means possible. British commandos raided bases on Hitler’s Atlantic Wall, primarily on the French coast, but also in Norway. In March 1942, “Project Plough” was proposed to Lord Louis Mountbatten, the British chief of combined operations. Project Plough’s target was Norway, and the mission was to land a significant commando force, specially trained and equipped for winter and mountain warfare, to create a base within Norwegian territory that would harass the Germans in Norway while preparing a route to invade Germany from the north.

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