Banks Shut Down, U.N. Agenda 2030, Big Pharma 3D Printed Vaccines, Assange Pardon, Navy Removes Confederate Names

Banks Shut Down, U.N. Agenda 2030, Big Pharma 3D Printed Vaccines, Assange Pardon, Navy Removes Confederate Names

Suspended Bank Trades, UN Agenda 2030, 3D Vaccines, Pardon Promise, Navy Confederate Names Removed

  • Three additional banks saw their stock trades suspended, causing anxiety on Wall Street.
  • King Charles and the Globalists will meet in September to accelerate the goals of U.N. Agenda 2030 and complete digitization of humanity.
  • Big Pharma is preparing to 3D print microneedle patches for “vaccines” that can be administered on-demand.
  • Robert F. Kennedy Jr has promised to pardon Julian Assange and other political dissidents if he becomes President.
  • The Navy has removed Confederate names from its Naval Academy residence hall.

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BREAKING NEWS: Three more large U.S. Banks have seen their stock values PLUNGE today, causing all three to have stock trading SUSPENDED!

Last night he told his radio audience that, with the Banking Crisis, “We’re just getting started” after First Republic Bank failed.  This morning, three MORE banks headed south . . .

Banking fears reignited on Wall Street as HSBC chief claims crisis is over (

Fears of a US banking crisis were reignited on Tuesday after shares in two regional lenders plummeted following the failure of First Republic.

PacWest, a Californian lender, saw trading in its shares suspended after the stock plunged as much as 39pc, while Arizona’s Western Alliance fell by more than a fifth.

The steep drops stoked concerns about a crisis of confidence in the US banking system and led to calls for the Federal Reserve to stop raising interest rates.

Ten Congressmen on Tuesday wrote to Jerome Powell, chairman of the US central bank, urging him to pause interest rate hikes at the Fed’s meeting later this week to “avoid engineering a recession that destroys jobs and crushes small businesses”.

King Charles and the Globalists set meeting for September at which they will plot how to accelerate goals of U.N. Agenda 2030 and the complete digitization of humanity –

The World Economic Forum and United Nations are so concerned that the goals of Agenda 2030 Sustainable Development and the Great Reset (aka technocracy under a one-world beast system) are in jeopardy of not being fulfilled by the appointed date, that they have called for a summit in September to discuss how they can kickstart their stalled totalitarian agenda.

The September 18-19 Summit in New York will “mark the beginning of a new phase of accelerated progress towards the Sustainable Development Goals,” according to the U.N. website.

The WEF, founded in 1971 by German economist and engineer Klaus Schwab under the tutelage of Dr. Henry Kissinger, has said for years that by 2030 the people of the world will “own nothing,” that they will “have no privacy,” but they will somehow learn to like their evolving state of digital slavery.

You will be living in a tiny apartment in a so-called smart city, where almost no one works, sitting back playing video games and drawing a universal basic income check from the government. The smart homes situated inside smart cities will be powered by artificial intelligence, an all-knowing force with a watchful eye on everyone’s activities, movement, even their thoughts. People will willingly eat bugs and artificial lab-grown meat as their source of protein in a universal effort to help the Earth “heal” itself through carbon neutrality.

Big Pharma To Begin 3D Printing Microneedle Patch “Vaccines” For Injections On Demand | SHTF Plan

Scientists from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have come up with a new microneedle vaccine technology that allows for small vaccine patches to be created on demand using three-dimensional (3-D) printing machines.

(Related: After the launch of covid, Bill Gates announced plans to mass-inject the world using quantum dot tattoos with hidden coronavirus “vaccines.”)

3-D printed vaccines contain the same RNA as the injections

“The resulting patches, about the size of a thumbnail, contain hundreds of microneedles that enable the vaccine to dissolve,” reported Study Finds. “The needles’ tips dissolve under the skin, releasing the vaccine.”

According to Dr. John Daristotle, the study’s lead author, it was the launch of covid that ultimately led to these efforts to “incorporate RNA vaccines into microneedle patches.”

The first ink created with RNA encodes for luciferase, a fluorescent protein derived from the name Lucifer, which means light-bearer. In essence, Big Pharma wants to inject everyone with Lucifer by sticking microneedle vaccine patches on people’s bodies.

“The ink composition was key in stabilizing mRNA vaccines, but the ink can contain various types of vaccines or even drugs, allowing for flexibility and modularity in what can be delivered using this microneedle platform,” she said.

RFK Jr Vows to PARDON Julian Assange and Other Political Dissidents as President ⋆ 🔔 The Liberty Daily

Instead of championing free speech, the U.S. actively persecutes journalists and whistleblowers. I’ll pardon brave truth-tellers like Julian Assange and investigate the corruption and crimes they exposed. This isn’t the Soviet Union. The America I love doesn’t imprison dissidents.

Other brave truth-tellers include John Kiriakou, Chelsea Manning, Reality Winner, Daniel Hale, Thomas Drake, Jeffrey Sterling, and Edward Snowden. They were trying to return America to its democratic and humanitarian ideals.

Navy drops Confederate namesake from Naval Academy residence (

The official quarters of the Naval Academy’s superintendent are being renamed to honor the Navy’s first flag officer, the military’s latest step in removing the names of Confederate troops from bases and facilities.

Going forward, the superintendent’s residence will be known as Farragut House, after Adm. David Glasgow Farragut, a Civil War hero who became the first naval officer appointed rear admiral, vice admiral and admiral in the 1800s, according to the Navy.

Before the name change, the superintendent’s house had been named after Franklin Buchanan, the academy’s first superintendent who joined the Confederacy and later commanded several naval battles that killed hundreds of U.S. sailors.

The renaming comes as the result of a Defense Department Naming Commission that has in recent years outlined a host of military assets across the branches that required renaming due to their Confederate ties.

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‘Godfather of AI’ Leaves Google, Warns of Tech’s Dangers – Headline USA

Sounding alarms about artificial intelligence has become a popular pastime in the ChatGPT era, taken up by high-profile figures as varied as industrialist Elon Musk, leftist intellectual Noam Chomsky and the 99-year-old retired statesman Henry Kissinger. But it’s the concerns of insiders in the AI research community that are attracting particular attention. A pioneering researcher and the so-called “Godfather of AI” Geoffrey Hinton quit his role at Google so he could more freely speak about the dangers of the technology he helped create.

New Concerns Over Threats from Space Revealed in Latest U.S. Classified Document Leak – The Debrief

Welcome to this week’s installment of The Intelligence Brief… in recent days, leaked classified documents and testimony from top officials conveyed renewed concerns by U.S. leadership about the space activities of foreign adversaries. In our analysis, we’ll be looking at 1) what the latest top-secret information leaks convey about China and Russia’s space programs, 2) how space stations, communications jamming, and other technologies fit into the current U.S. assessments, and 3) why threats from space aren’t the only things that are currently worrying U.S. officials.

Surviving an Economic Collapse: A Step-by-Step Plan – The Real Survivalists

When it comes to an economic collapse, it’s not a matter of if it will happen, but rather when it will happen. In the past, we’ve seen the effects of economic collapse in countries such as Venezuela and Zimbabwe, where hyperinflation and the devaluation of currency rendered money essentially worthless. As a result, it’s essential to prepare for the worst-case scenario to ensure your survival and that of your family.

NRA Women | Dispelling the Myth of Bullet Rise

To believe a projectile rises above a straight plane is to disbelieve science. You see, there is a force called gravity that acts upon all objects on all planets, or in our case, Earth. The law of gravity was introduced to us in 1687 by Sir Isaac Newton. Scientific law is a statement that describes an observable occurrence in nature that appears to always be true. Before something becomes scientific law, it is a scientific theory. After repeated tests and observation, the scientific theory becomes scientific law if it can predict natural phenomena.

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