The Intersection of Government Control: CBDC, UN Agenda, and NYC's Carbon Footprint Tracking Program

The Intersection of Government Control: CBDC, UN Agenda, and NYC’s Carbon Footprint Tracking Program

Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) is a tool being used by governments to restrict access to traditional currency, forcing citizens to use CBDC (Mark of the Beast) to survive. This has been highlighted in Nigeria, where strict government restrictions on bank withdrawals have forced citizens to use CBDC to survive and sometimes die from the lack of basic necessities.

Global economic conditions worldwide are worsening, leading to increasing anger and resulting in protests related to rising food, fuel, and living costs. Alex Newman, an award-winning journalist, has alleged that the UN is attempting to use crises and emergencies to take control of people’s lives, as well as, promoting pedophilia as a “human right” and discrediting the family institution.

Meanwhile, in New York City, Mayor Eric Adams has introduced an initiative to track the carbon footprint of residents’ food purchases. The city has ordered agencies to reduce food consumption by 33%, while private corporations are asked to cut emissions by 25%.

This is all part of the coordinated and orchestrated implementation of the 45 Communist Goals developed in 1963. Since then there has been a major concern in the US that these goals include erasing cultural standards of morality, infiltrating religious institutions, and discrediting the American Constitution and founding fathers, while promoting CommuFascist movements. Overall, there are concerns about the direction the world is heading in and the impacts it will have on citizens’ freedoms and well-being.

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