Global Tensions Rise: Military Drills, Cybersecurity Threats, and Russian Submarines in the Pacific

Global Tensions Rise: Military Drills, Cybersecurity Threats, and Russian Submarines in the Pacific, South Africa on the Streets of America – and Preparations for War.

According to the Hal Turner Radio Show, Russia has launched at least six Akula fast-attack submarines into the Pacific. Meanwhile, Russian hackers have reportedly infiltrated European air traffic control, the US arms industry is struggling to meet Ukrainian demands for more weapons, and Japan is preparing to shoot down a North Korean satellite.

If that wasn’t bad enough…

NATO has launched its biggest-ever war drills in the Atlantic and Pacific, additionally, a congressional war simulation revealed that the United States cannot prevent a Chinese invasion of Taiwan, this all comes at the same time when thousands of Military Aged Chinese Men are suddenly crossing the southern border, and American patriots are preparing for the upcoming war by buying more guns –you should do the same.

And lastly, we now have confirmation of conspiracy theories coming true again…

Reports of weather modifications, Australian schools secretly changing kids’ gender without parental consent, and China buying endangered monkeys for experiments. On a negative note, the US government has issued an executive order directing federal agencies to focus on environmental justice. Finally, a 3D-printed neighborhood is going up for sale, a space balloon restaurant is underway, and Russian billionaires have seen their wealth rise to at least half a trillion dollars.

  • Russia launched at least six Akula fast-attack submarines into the Pacific.
  • European air traffic control was infiltrated by Russian hackers.
  • The US arms industry is struggling to meet Ukrainian demand.
  • Japan is preparing to shoot down North Korean satellites.
  • NATO is launching its biggest-ever war drills in both the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans.
  • A congressional war simulation showed that the US failed to stop a Chinese invasion of Taiwan.
  • Thousands of Chinese men are migrating across the US Southern border.
  • Calls for American patriots to arm themselves for an imminent war.
  • The dollar faces six challenges which may cause it to further decline in value.
  • Chicago is seeing a massive police presence as lawlessness increases in the city.
  • Gavin Newsom has called in the National Guard to help with public safety in San Francisco.
  • A transgender individual reportedly exposed themselves to four Wisconsin high school girls without informing parents or school administrators.
  • Big Ag is panicking over bills requiring labeling of gene-altering products made and sold by them, while mainstream media are confirming weather modification after long dismissing it as conspiracy theory promotion.
  • Australian schools can change children’s genders without parents acknowledgement.

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Hal Turner Radio Show – Russia Launches at least SIX Akula Fast-Attack Subs into Pacific

Within the past 72 Hours, Russia sortied at least SIX (6) nuclear-powered “Akula” and other model fast-attack submarines into the Pacific Ocean.  It is now believed they are enroute to the U.S. west coast.

According to Michael Peterson of the Russia Maritime Studies Institute, for the first time in its history, Russia can now lay off the coasts of either Europe or even the United States, and present a persistent land-attack threat with very highly precise weapons.

This new ability concerns NATO leaders as a threat to physical infrastructure such as ports which would be critical during wartime.

Moscow has “significantly modernized its submarine force in recent years,” with 11 nuclear-powered ballistic missile submarines and 17 nuclear-powered attack submarines. By this data count, Russia also has nine nuclear-powered cruise missile submarines and 21 diesel-electric attack submarines.

The fact that all these submarines are now in the Pacific Ocean and heading toward the US west coast OUGHT TO BE a signal to the US to knock off its interference in the Russia-Ukraine situation.

Sadly, it appears no one in the US is listening or even looking for messages from Russia.

It seems the US will only acknowledge the cost of our meddling in Ukraine when bright, white, flashes start appearing over US cities from Russian submarines and ICBM’s.


Warning Russian hackers have infiltrated European air traffic control | World | News |

Fears are growing that Putin-backing hackers will target Europe’s infrastructure over the West’s stance against the invasion of Ukraine.

Eurocontrol, the European air traffic control organisation, revealed on Thursday that pro-Russian hackers were conducting a cyber-attack on its website. Fears have developed that Moscow may intervene with crucial infrastructure in Europe as the cold conflict with the West escalates.

Eurocontrol manages cross-border air traffic across European national airspace and provides air traffic control for civilian and military planes in select regions.

According to a new report by the European Cyber Conflict Research Initiative (ECCRI), Ukraine is facing an exceptional volume of cyber attacks linked to Russia.

The 40-page study, commissioned by the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC), praises Ukraine’s ability to remain resilient in the face of Russian cyber threats, but warns that the response could create concerning precedents.

The study suggests that the threat posed by Russian-aligned cyber groups extends beyond Ukraine, with the UK and allies also targeted.

Report: U.S. Arms Industry Struggling to Meet Ukrainian Demand – The New American

The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) reported on Tuesday that American arms manufacturers are struggling to procure ample rocket motors to produce missiles for Ukrainian forces.

Although there is a seeming postponement of rocket artillery and guided-missile production, Ukraine is allegedly struggling with a lack of conventional artillery rounds, according to recent leaked Pentagon documents. The documents also disclosed that such a shortfall is hindering a planned spring offensive by Ukrainian forces, with America turning to its allies to replenish Ukraine’s stockpiles.

Likewise on April 21, the New York Times (NYT) reported that the United States and its allies have not deployed the tanks, artillery ammunition, and other supplies required by Ukraine to launch a spring offensive against Russia, quoting the aforementioned leaked Pentagon documents.

U.S. military planners estimated that Kyiv would require 253 tanks for the planned attack, but only managed to obtain 200 by late February. Of those obtained, 140 were Soviet designs while only 60 tanks of Western manufacture would be delivered by this month, the Times reported.

The West is facing challenges in fulfilling its pledge to provide Ukraine with tanks, air defense systems, fighter jets, and other weapons, the newspaper remarked.


Japan prepares to shoot down North Korea satellite if it falls on Japan | Reuters

Hamada ordered the Self-Defense Forces to make necessary preparations as he could potentially “order the destruction of ballistic missiles”, the Defense Ministry said in a statement.

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un said preparations for the planned launch of the country’s first spy satellite should proceed to counter perceived threats from the United States and South Korea, state media reported on Wednesday.

The World is Not Enough for Crazy Western Warmongers… NATO Launches Biggest-Ever War Drills in Atlantic AND Pacific — Strategic Culture (

The United States-led military machine known as NATO is desperately cranking up on all cylinders in order to incite war tensions in both of the world’s hemispheres.

The global picture is at once condemnable and outrageous, and yet consumers of Western corporate media are numbed with lies, sophistry, distractions and blandishments.

In the coming weeks and months, the Cold War-era North Atlantic Treaty Organization is conducting its biggest-ever war maneuvers not only in its usual transatlantic domain but also in the Asia-Pacific.

The war maneuvers in Europe are reportedly the biggest ever since NATO was formed in 1949 following the defeat of Nazi Germany. So too are the war drills in Asia-Pacific. Together, they confirm that China is in NATO’s cross-hairs along with Russia.

But this provocative maneuvering – let’s just call it what is: aggression – is somehow normalized by Western corporate media.

It is criminally reckless for Washington and its allies to militarize the world’s hemispheres simultaneously at a time of already fraught tensions with nuclear powers Russia and China. And, it should be reiterated, those relations have been made fraught by relentless demonization of Russia and China as aggressive, expansionist powers when in reality it is the U.S.-led Western imperialist axis that is guilty of projecting its own depredations.

Russia sought a political security arrangement before the conflict erupted in Ukraine last year. Moscow was ignored by the West. China has repeatedly advocated for an end to Cold War mentality and for multipolar dialogue and cooperation. Beijing is wantonly disparaged and caricatured by Washington and Europe as “autocratic” and a “security threat”.

NATO’s so-called Defender war drills start this month in Europe and will cascade into multiple other large-scale maneuvers bearing similarly corny names such as Noble Jump and Dynamic Guard (George Orwell eat your heart out!).

It was the BALTOPS war games last June that provided the cover for the eventual blowing up of the Russian Nord Stream gas pipelines in September by U.S. navy divers, under the personal orders of President Joe Biden, according to Seymour Hersh.

Meanwhile, on the other side of the world, the United States and its NATO partners are to hold record-breaking war drills in the Asia-Pacific. Surely, “North Atlantic (sic) Treaty Organization” should invalidate the mandate for such mobilization in the Pacific. But there you go. The world is not enough!

Those “war games” known as Talisman Sabre will involve the U.S., Canada, Britain, France, Germany as well as Australia and New Zealand. Provocatively, military forces from Japan are also slated to join the maneuvers along with South Korea, Philippines, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and others. Those games come on the back of Washington’s newly formed AUKUS alliance with Britain and Australia which will see the latter becoming a nuclear submarine hub for the United States in order to increase its targeting of China. The unprecedented maneuvers in the Asia-Pacific also follow a spate of statements by Pentagon commanders explicitly calling for readiness to fight a war with China.

So, here we have two momentous military events occurring this summer.


United States Fails to Stop Chinese Invasion of Taiwan in Congressional War Simulation (

The war simulation confirmed that the United States’ current determent policies are not enough to stop a military bombardment of Taiwan.

Deterrence failed and China struck first, according to officials briefed on the wargame, which was organized by the House Select Committee on China. The simulation found that China’s military would suffer heavy losses during the month-long fight but would be able to implant its invading forces inside Taiwan—even with U.S. forces aiding the island. While the American military sunk around 80 Chinese naval vessels during the course of the exercise, the Chinese military “was able to gain a lodgment with about 80,000 troops on Taiwan,” a source close to the committee who was briefed on the scenario told the Washington Free Beacon.

The CCP cut undersea cables during the war game, effectively isolating Taiwan from the rest of the world. This allowed its forces to storm the island and overwhelm Taiwan’s defenses.

After war broke out, “the U.S. adopted a distributed posture throughout the region and leveraged long range strikes to degrade the PLA amphibious assault,” according to the source who was briefed on the simulation.

While the war game did not conclude with a definitive outcome due to time constraints, “the PRC had been exposed to heavy costs, both military and economic, but its commitment to taking Taiwan remained strong,” the source said.

Lawmakers also learned that long range missiles will be critical to any conflict. The United States quickly ran out of long-range stealth anti-ship cruise missiles during the simulation, weapons that were integral to sinking CCP warships.

America also moved to sanction China following an invasion, but many allies were hesitant to join the effort. Global supply chains broke down as a result of the turmoil, highlighting the need for companies to prepare for such a scenario.

Resupplying Taiwan once war breaks out also “is not an option,” according to the source briefed on the game. The United States will have to ensure that Taiwan is fully stocked prior to any invasion.

A separate war simulation organized by House Republicans during their annual retreat last month determined that the United States “would face up to 20,000 military casualties in a single week—the most seen since World War II,” the Free Beacon reported.

Why Are Thousands Of Chinese Men Suddenly “Migrating” Across Our Southern Border? (

Vast numbers of Chinese citizens are illegally crossing our border with Mexico.  The U.S. Border Patrol is able to apprehend some of them, but thanks to the Biden administration once they are processed most of them are given “notices to appear” and are then freely released into our communities.  That means that they are running around without any supervision whatsoever.

Men make up the overwhelming majority of the Chinese citizens that are “migrating” across our southern border, and almost all of those men are of military age.  In some cases, these men are paying human smugglers as much as $35,000 to get them into Texas.  So either those men are independently wealthy, or someone else is providing that money.  Unfortunately, most Americans don’t even realize that this is happening, because Fox News is the only major news network that is giving much attention to this crisis.

According to Fox News, U.S. officials are “seeing a 900% surge” in encounters with Chinese nationals at our southern border…

We have never witnessed anything like this before.

Just as the U.S. and China are getting ready to fight a war, all of a sudden we are witnessing an exponential surge in Chinese nationals coming across our southern border.

Yeah, that doesn’t seem suspicious at all.


It’s Inevitable: American Patriots Need Guns Because A War Is Coming –

Statistically speaking, conservative (and libertarian) men are the predominant group keeping authoritarians at bay. The government attacks us because they are afraid of us, and they are afraid of us for a reason.  It’s not about what we are doing, it’s about what we could do if they cross the line into accelerated tyranny, and this is on the verge of happening.

We came within a razor’s edge of war during the covid mandates. Many Americans have no clue how close we were. Understand that no country, including the US, is immune to rebellion, and such events tend to escalate quickly.

Leftists often envision their own rebellion as a sort of modern French Revolution in which mobs march the streets and rule the day as heads roll in the town square. They believe their “righteousness” is a shield from harm. But this kind of mob intimidation only works within societies that still respect the rule of law. Leftist insurgencies use a nation’s freedoms and laws against them.

US patriots have no such delusions. We know that when it comes to corrupt governments, principles and the rule of law go out the window very quickly if their power is legitimately threatened. Leftists can exploit mob actions, invade government buildings and burn cities to the ground because the government ALLOWS them to. When we do the same thing? Well…how many years now have we heard the word “insurrection” over a single protest on January 6th 2021?

Beyond the issue of directed attacks there is also the issue of overall violence in America. The vast majority of violent crime in the US occurs in Democrat run cities. This is a fact.  Data shows that 27 of the top 30 most violent cities in America are run by Democrat governments, including the cities with the most homicides. Fourteen of those cities also have Soros-backed prosecutors. This trend has been ongoing for years.

The inevitable outcome is war.

To be sure, there are peaceful means to delay conflict, such as separation or “national divorce.” This is already happening. Millions of Americans tired of leftist policies, taxes, mandates, bureaucracy, crime and cultism have left blue cities and blue states, and many millions more who have the means will leave in the near future.

There will come a point, however, when leftists and establishment elites will try to stop this separation from continuing. If they let people leave they then have to admit their ideology is failing, and that’s not an option for them. They will extort Americans into the society THEY want.  History shows us that when a population is disarmed the worst atrocities unfold.  The Soviet purge of millions of citizens through gun confiscation and then food confiscation is just one example that people should study before joining any anti-gun bandwagon.

One can easily see where this is going. The establishment will try to use force to make us submit to their system and we will not let them. That’s when the shooting starts. If we consider the problem from this perspective it makes perfect sense that these people are rabidly chasing after gun bans today. They know a war is about to happen because they know they are about to start one. And, they know there is a chance they will lose the fight should Americans remain armed. They’re afraid for a reason; they’re afraid of losing.

Dollar Faces Six Challenges Which May Add to Its Further Fall (

US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen earlier admitted that Washington’s sanctions against Russia and other countries have put the dollar’s dominance at risk as targeted nations seek alternatives.

The US dollar’s status as a reserve currency eroded in 2022 at ten times the pace seen over the past two decades, according to Eurizon SLJ Asset Management.

The asset manager strategists were cited by a US media outlet as finding that the greenback’s share of total global reserves fell to 47% last year, from 55% in 2021 and as much as two-thirds in 2003.

The remarks followed Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen telling a US news outlet last week that US sanctions against Russia and other countries endanger the dollar’s dominance because those who were slapped with sanctions are trying to find alternatives.

“There is a risk when we use financial sanctions that are linked to the role of the dollar that over time it could undermine the hegemony of the dollar,” Yellen said.

She spoke after French President Emamnuel Macron said in an interview that Europe should reduce its dependence on the “extraterritoriality of the US dollar.”

In this vein, the US news outlet singled out six “rising challenges to the greenback’s dominance of international trade and investment flows.”

According to the media, one of the main challenges is China, which looks to weaken the dollar’s dominance by calling for the yuan to replace the greenback in energy deals amid Beijing’s growing trade with Moscow.

Secondly, Malaysia kicked off talks with China to form an Asian Monetary Fund in an attempt to de-link from the dollar. “There is no reason for Malaysia to continue depending on the dollar,” the country’s Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim said earlier in April, adding that Kuala Lumpur and Beijing are already in talks to use the ringgit and the yuan for trade agreements.


Promoting Lawlessness in Chicago (

The Mayor-elect of Chicago, Brandon Johnson, responded to a group of teenagers who attacked cars and assaulted drivers in the Loop last weekend by what sounds like justification for their behavior. While saying he does not “condone the destructive activity” (there’s a euphemism) and that it “has no place in Chicago” (when it increasingly does), Johnson added, “it is not constructive to demonize youth who have otherwise been starved of opportunities in their own communities.”

From New York City, where District Attorney Alvin Bragg won’t prosecute certain crimes and reduces some felonies to misdemeanors, to San Francisco and Los Angeles where the streets resemble a flop house, America seems to be coming apart at the seams. No wonder China’s leaders see us in decline. There is ample evidence to support their view, from massive debt to the abandonment of moral guardrails in favor of a “do your own thing” mentality.

What we easily tolerate we get more of and what we strongly oppose we get less of. When lawless behavior is tolerated and leaders who are supposed to keep neighborhoods safe effectively see lawbreakers as depraved because they are deprived.

Chicago voters are largely to blame for the mess in their city. They keep electing leaders like Brandon Johnson and Lori Lightfoot. Do they expect different outcomes?

Gavin Newsom Calls In National Guard To San Francisco: “Increasing law enforcement presence to improve public safety and public confidence in San Francisco” – Slay News

California Governor Gavin Newsom called in the National Guard to help clean up San Francisco in a shocking turn of events. Newsom announced a new partnership with the California Highway Patrol (CHP), California National Guard (CalGuard), San Francisco Police Department (SFPD), and the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office (SFDA) to deal with the fentanyl crisis.

Newsom said the agreement between all four agencies will focus on “dismantling fentanyl trafficking and disrupting the supply of the deadly drug in the city by holding the operators of large-scale drug trafficking operations accountable.”


Massive Police Presence in Downtown Chicago as City Braces – PJ Media

Lenora Dennis, couldn’t believe it.

“In the 45 years, I’ve lived in this city and ALL of the things I’ve seen AND experienced living on every side of this city. Last night was one of the most DISGUSTING, DEPRESSING, RIDICULOUS displays I have ever witnessed,” Dennis wrote on Instagram Sunday night. “I watched a mob of hooligan’s attack and viciously BEAT an interracial couple on Wabash, I watched several, at least 5, police cars drive by while this attack was in progress. I watched teenage children jump on the hoods of people’s cars, smashing windshields and causing several thousands of dollars of property damage.”

She saw four police cars stop in front of the mayhem. “They looked at me, looked at the situation, and then angled the car around me and drove off,” she said.

What orders will the police be operating under this weekend?

At a roundtable discussion of black big-city mayors in Washington, D.C., Lightfoot sounded positively born again when it comes to urban violence.

“As Democrats, if we do not speak the truth about violent crime in our cities, we will be the worse for it,” Lightfoot said. “I come to this conversation as a former federal prosecutor. I come to this as a former defense attorney, I am the sister of a returning resident,” Lightfoot continued. “But I know that there are people in my city that are wreaking havoc every day and need to be off the streets. That’s reality.”

It’s a reality you failed to embrace in 2020 when your city was being looted and torched and you celebrated the demonstrations as “mostly peaceful,” Lori.

“What do we say to, not only the victims of crime, but the people who are terrified about crimes in their neighborhood, most of whom look like us? If we say, ‘yeah, the police department is spending all this time and resources to arrest, put a case on,’ and the judges and the prosecutors say, ‘you know what? We’re going to let you out on electronic monitoring to wreak havoc again.’”

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