WHO Gay Men MonkeyPox vaccine, UN report on adult/minor sex, CVS gender identity politics, NYC's food supply cutoff, and Chinese military aged men migrating to the US, End to the fiat currency, Mob Rule WROL.

WHO Gay Men MonkeyPox vaccine, UN report on adult/minor sex, CVS gender identity politics, NYC’s food supply cutoff, and Chinese military aged men migrating to the US, End to the fiat currency, Mob Rule WROL.

Get the latest news on various topics, including WHO’s warning for gay men to take the MonkeyPox vaccine ahead of pride festivals, a UN report on minors consenting to sex with adults, CVS’s accommodation policies for gender identity, NYC Mayor’s carbon emissions reduction plan, Chinese men reportedly migrating across the US Southern border, the impacts of the end of the petrodollar on US empire strength, the rise of a digital currency, Moderna’s plans to expand mRNA injections, Biden’s green move causing concern from trucking leaders, and the Chicago couple assault incident.


  • The World Health Organization has warned gay men to take the MonkeyPox vaccine before attending gay pride festivals.
  • According to a UN report, minors can consent to sex with adults.
  • CVS is encouraging employees to use restrooms and locker rooms in accordance with their gender identity.
  • NYC Mayor intends to reduce carbon emissions by cutting off food supplies.
  • Thousands of Chinese men are reportedly “migrating” across the US Southern border.
  • An analysis considers the potential impacts of the end of the petrodollar on US empire strength.
  • A one-world digital currency may replace fiat money, threatening autonomy and privacy.
  • Moderna plans to expand its mRNA injections for various diseases.
  • Biden’s “green” move has prompted alarm from trucking industry leaders, warning it’s a matter of “life and death” for some drivers.
  • A Chicago couple beaten in a viral video has spoken out about the incident, claiming they were threatened with death by attackers.

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WHO Warns Gay Men To Take MonkeyPox Vax Before Gay Pride Festival Season (infowars.com)

The World Health Organization is telling homosexual men to take a monkeypox vaccine before attending gay pride festivals.

In a news update Monday, the globalist organization said vaccines should be taken as they’re worried the gay festivals held in spring and summer could re-ignite a monkeypox outbreak that is still occurring in Europe at low levels.

“WHO is concerned that if those at most risk in this particular outbreak – men who have sex with men (MSM) with multiple sexual partners – do not continue to be alert and protect themselves, case numbers could increase as a result of sexual contact at events attended by large regional and international MSM audiences,” the organization wrote.

“WHO is calling on those who could be at higher risk to continue to be aware of the symptoms of mpox, get tested and abstain from sex if they develop symptoms, and get the mpox vaccine if possible.”

Researchers last year determined monkeypox was a sexually-transmitted disease spread through human-to-human contact via seminal fluids and anal sex.

WHO notes as the gay pride festival season kicks off, the risk of transmission increases.

“This is particularly important as we go into the spring and summer months, when a number of kink and fetish events, as well as numerous Pride festivals, are set to take place across towns and cities throughout Europe.”

WHO is partnering with UK non-profit Love Tank for a “Ready for it” awareness campaign that reminds festival-goers with a “Tix. Keys. Phone. Vax” slogan to get a monkeypox vax if they’ll be engaging in gay sex.

UN report on adult/minor sex

UN Report Says Minors Can Consent to Sex with Adults (thenationalpulse.com)

The United Nations – which receives around $12 billion dollars a year (a quarter of its total) in funding from American taxpayers – has published a report declaring that children can consent to sex “in fact, if not in law” and that this should be reflected in the enforcement, or rather non-enforcement, of age of consent laws.

The news comes as major corporations and governments around the world seem to support the sexualization of children, and in many cases even threaten to remove them from their parents if their agenda is not allowed to be freely taught in schools.

“Consensual sexual conduct, irrespective of the type of sexual activity, the sex/gender, sexual orientation, gender identity or gender expression of the people involved or their marital status, may not be criminalized in any circumstances,” the report insists, adding that “[c]onsensual same-sex, as well as consensual different-sex sexual relations, or consensual sexual relations with or between trans, non-binary and other gender diverse people, or outside marriage – whether pre-marital or extramarital – may, therefore, never be criminalized.”

CVS gender identity politics

CVS tells employees to use which restrooms or locker room “that is appropriate to the gender they identify with” – and other woke insanity (newstarget.com)

During and after a transition has occurred, CVS wants transitioning or fully transitioned employees to take a militant approach to anything and everything that upsets them in the workplace, including comments or looks from other unapproving employees.

“During and after the transition has occurred, CVS Health encourages you to continue to partner with your Leader and your Advice & Counsel representative, and to immediately report any issues that you might have with your employment, your work environment, and / or your Leader, co-workers, clients, and customers,” the company says.

In a special section entitled “Guidelines for Supporting a Colleague who is Transitioning,” the guide further tells its employees, transgender or otherwise, to “be an ally” to employees who are explicitly trans, “asking [them] to let them know if they say or do anything that makes them uncomfortable.”

Under no circumstances is a CVS employee allowed to refer to a trans employee by the “wrong” pronouns, either verbally or in emails and email signatures. During meeting discussions, trans employees at CVS are to be introduced by their “preferred pronouns” at all times.

CVS has explicitly stated that it “won’t tolerate even subtle forms of discrimination or harassment in the workplace,” whether real or imaginary. If a transgender gets upset about anything, he, she, they, it, or whatever always has the upper hand, according to the company’s new guidelines.

As for bathroom and locker room use at CVS, the company has adopted an anything goes policy.


NYC Mayor to Cut Carbon Emissions by Cutting Off Food – Watts Up With That?

The American Left is just Pol Pot in slow motion. The global warming scam is just an excuse to take everything away from you to save the planet. Everything? Yes, everything.

New York City Mayor Eric Adams and Chief Climate Officer and New York City Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) Commissioner Rohit T. Aggarwala today released the city’s first integrated greenhouse gas inventory, which incorporates emissions from the production and consumption of food. Those emissions represent 20 percent of New York City’s overall emissions — the third largest source, behind buildings (35 percent) and transportation (21 percent).

In response to the new inventory, Mayor Adams and Mayor’s Office of Food Policy (MOFP) Executive Director Kate MacKenzie also announced that the city will reduce absolute carbon emissions from food purchases across its city agencies by 33 percent by 2030.

“New York City is leading the world when it comes to combating climate change, because we’re using every option on the menu in our fight — and that includes changing our menus, too,” said Mayor Adams. “This new emissions report shows us that plant-powered food isn’t just good for our physical and mental health, but good for the planet as well. We’ve already made great strides in reducing our food emissions by leading with plant-based meals in our public hospitals and introducing Plant-Powered Fridays in our public schools. Now, we know we need to go further. That’s why today, we’re committing to reducing the city’s food-based emissions at agencies by 33 percent by 2030 and challenging our private sector partners to join us by cutting their food emissions by 25 percent in the same time period.”

Chinese military aged men migrating to the US

Why Are Thousands Of Chinese Men Suddenly “Migrating” Across Our Southern Border? (themostimportantnews.com)

Just as the U.S. and China are getting ready to fight a war, all of a sudden we are witnessing an exponential surge in Chinese nationals coming across our southern border. Already this year some 4293 Chinese migrants have been apprehended at the border. That is more than double the 2022 total.

Almost all of those men are of military age.  In some cases, these men are paying human smugglers as much as $35,000 to get them into Texas.  So either those men are independently wealthy, or someone else is providing that money.  Unfortunately, most Americans don’t even realize that this is happening.

Could it be possible that this is all part of a plan?

Could it be possible that the Chinese are pre-positioning thousands upon thousands of men of military age for when a war between our two nations finally breaks out?

The Chinese know that the instant they attack Taiwan it will mean war with the United States.

But they keep preparing for such a conflict anyway.

It has been said that most wars are won or lost long before they are ever fought.

And in this case, the Biden administration is turning a blind eye to an absolutely massive security threat.


Will the End of the Petrodollar End the US Empire? | SHTF Plan

After President Nixon severed the last link between the dollar and gold, his administration negotiated a deal with the Saudi government. The US would support the Saudi regime, including by providing weapons. In exchange, the Saudis would conduct all oil transactions in dollars. The Saudis also agreed to use surplus dollars they accumulated to purchase US Treasury bonds. The resulting “petrodollar” is a major reason why the dollar has maintained its world reserve currency status.

This year, China and Brazil made an agreement to conduct future trade between the countries using the countries’ own currencies rather than dollars. Brazilian President Lula da Silva has called on more nations to abandon the dollar.

This de-dollarization movement is driven in part by resentment of America’s foreign policy, including, in particular, the US government’s increasing use of economic sanctions. Dethroning the dollar from its world reserve currency status makes it easier for countries to ignore these sanctions.

De-dollarization will negatively impact the US government’s ability to manage its over 30 trillion dollars debt. With a few exceptions, there is still no real support in Congress for spending cuts. Republican leadership members may say they will not support a debt ceiling increase unless it is tied to spending cuts. However, after the Biden administration accused the Republicans of wanting to cut Social Security and Medicare, House Speaker Kevin McCarthy declared a reduction in spending on Social Security and Medicare — big drivers of the federal deficit — “off the table.” Similarly, despite the growing skepticism of foreign interventionism among Republicans, the military-industrial complex maintains a viselike grip on congressional leadership and the White House. Therefore, do not expect any reduction in military spending. Instead, the Pentagon’s budget will likely increase.

The Federal Reserve will face continuing pressure to monetize ever-increasing federal debt and keep interest rates (and thus the federal government’s borrowing costs) low. The resulting inflation will lead to more support for ending the dollar’s world reserve currency status. As more countries abandon the dollar, the Fed will become less able to monetize the federal government’s debt without creating hyperinflation. This will result in a dollar crisis and an economic meltdown worse than the Great Depression.

End to the fiat currency

Goodbye to cash and your autonomy: One-world digital currency receives endorsement needed to replace fiat money – NaturalNews.com

Are you ready for a new world order?

The Unicoin network is where all of this is slated to occur, this being a decentralized international banking network open specifically and exclusively to central banks and the other aforementioned entities. Central banks can also deploy their own individual CBDC monetary systems on the Unicoin Network Crypto 2.0 protocol.

The DCMA is also working on trying to develop a new unifying platform for the Unicoin cryptocurrency, which it plans to power with artificial intelligence, or AI.

“They claim this platform will allow central banks to convert their own currencies into Unicoin for easier international trade, while also allowing more stability against price fluctuations,” reports Leo Hohmann.

“So not only do we have a digital version of the Bank for International Settlements but we now have it endorsed by the IMF.”


Moderna threatens to expand use of its dangerous mRNA injections to all sorts of diseases – The Expose (expose-news.com)

Vaccines for the world’s most deadly diseases, like cancer and heart disease, will likely be ready by 2030 and could save millions of lives, according to the top doctor at one the world’s leading drug companies.

The announcement is yet another sign of what many are calling “the golden age” of vaccine development [please don’t fall for their smooth words], which is largely credited to the pandemic’s use of mRNA technology to create covid-19 vaccines [which have been a disaster].

“I think what we have learned in recent months is that if you ever thought that mRNA was just for infectious diseases, or just for covid, the evidence now is that that’s absolutely not the case,” Moderna Chief Medical Officer Paul Burton, MD, PhD, told  The Guardian. “It can be applied to all sorts of disease areas; we are in cancer, infectious disease, cardiovascular disease, autoimmune diseases, rare disease. We have studies in all of those areas, and they have all shown tremendous promise.” [Would these studies be as unscrupulous and biased as those done to establish the “safety and efficacy” for covid “vaccines.” Or perhaps to avoid complications of being asked too many awkward questions they’ll skip all pre-clinical trials and simply use the population as lab rats from the outset?]

The Moderna executive made the statements in advance of last week’s annual update on its vaccine pipeline projects, which it calls “Vaccines Day.”


Trucking Industry Sounds Alarm After Biden’s Latest ‘Green’ Move: Matter of ‘Life and Death’ (westernjournal.com)

It’s all fun and games with these goofy electric vehicles until the next thing you know there’s no more toilet paper. Or medicine. Or food.

In its ongoing effort to destroy just about everything, the Biden administration is now cracking down on the trucking industry.

Let that sink in for a moment.

In new emission standards, the Environmental Protection Agency is not only targeting internal combustion automobiles but is also going after trucks. What could go wrong?

For starters, the power grid is inadequate, and electric vehicles are expensive, often impractical, unreliable in distance running, costly to maintain, and dependent on our friends the Chinese for their battery supplies.


Chicago Couple Beaten in Viral Video Speaks out, ‘They Said They Were Going to Kill Us’ – RedState

A Chicago couple was randomly beaten in the mob rioting that broke out in Chicago over the weekend, and video of the savage assault went viral on social media. On Tuesday, the pair told the story of their terrifying ordeal and how they thought they were going to die. First, here’s the footage of the attack.

The couple, whose names are Ashley and DJ, told Fox News’ “America Reports” that they were just trying to get food when they found themselves in midst of the melee that overtook the Loop district of Chicago for several consecutive nights. Participants, appearing to be mostly young people, stomped on buses, smashed car windshields, trashed property, and attacked strangers. On Saturday night alone, two teens were shot and 15 people were arrested.

Someone in the crowd pushed Ashley, who said something to DJ. When he asked who did it, things quickly went south.

“As soon as they pushed me, I told DJ,” Ashley recalled. “I said, ‘Hey…they just shoved me and he asked them. He was like, ‘Yo, don’t shove her. Who shoved her?’ and as soon as he said that, everything went crazy…They said, they were going to kill us.”

That’s when the beatdown occurred. It’s lucky these two weren’t severely injured because it appeared that they were both struck repeatedly—and hard.

“Everyone went for him and it ended up in the middle of the street,” Ashley said. “They were jumping him in the middle of the street. It got pretty bad.”

The mob proceeded to rob the couple of their shoes, phones, a pair of glasses, an Apple watch, and a hat. DJ suffered injuries to his face, shoulder, and back, and pointed to his black eye in the interview.

The police initially classified the beating as a robbery.


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