Survivalism and Prepping: Practical Tips for Preparing for Worst-Case Scenarios

Survivalism and Prepping: Practical Tips for Preparing for Worst-Case Scenarios

Discover useful survivalist tips including building an off-grid bunker, raising healthy chicks, and creating a self-sustaining food garden. Learn techniques for wound care, long-term water and food security, and unique food and beverage creation.

In today’s world, survivalism and prepping have become a popular topic of conversation, particularly surrounding the potential collapse of the dollar. As a result, many articles are available online, detailing the worst places to be when the dollar collapses, as well as how to secure water and food for long-term disasters. Other articles provide practical advice for homesteaders, such as how to raise healthy chicks, the best chicken breeds for homesteads, and how to create a self-sustaining food garden using permaculture techniques. There are also practical tips for wound care, including the best herbs and probiotics to use. For those interested in off-grid living, there are articles on building an off-grid bunkhouse or garage, and creating a fence made of hedges. Finally, there are articles on more unique topics like making yam coffee, old-fashioned potato candy, and softening hardened sugar. While some may view survivalism and prepping as extreme or unnecessary, the popularity of these articles proves that many people are interested in preparing for worst-case scenarios and learning self-sustaining living techniques.

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Worst Places To Be When The Dollar Collapses. Here are The Top 9 (

Modern society is nowhere as independent, we are concentrated in urban centers, and we simply don’t have the perseverance as the generations past. The result has the potential to be apocalyptic.

California: Los Angeles, San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Washington DC, Louisiana, West Virginia, London, Middle East and Israel, and Africa: Ethiopia, Nigeria, Sudan

The right rural area may be isolated from the worst of the damage and a self-sufficient homestead (or bug out location) can be a refuge from the trials and tribulations of more populated areas.

While Everyone’s Distracted, the Dollar Is Dying (

The circus surrounding the arrest of former President Donald Trump may have been a perfectly timed distraction.  Not only are our banks still in a state of collapse despite a  brief government-funded reprieve. Not only is the advent CBDCs looming over us.

The world is rapidly dumping the dollar, and that’s a next-level economic disaster.

This article contains several videos with in-depth information about what you need to know.

The Best Preparedness Gift You Can Give Your Loved One (

If you are reading this letter, then you know that I have passed from this life.  I can’t imagine what you are going through.  I’m sorry that you are alone.  But I want you to know that my faith is strong enough to know that one day we will see each other again in Heaven.

I’m writing this letter, as my final gift to you, to share with you some things that I have put in place to make things a little easier for you in case the world seems to fall apart.  In the past, I have alluded to this secret part of my life, but didn’t make a big deal about it because I felt you didn’t see things from my point of view.  I prepared with the idea that I would always be there and that I could help put those plans into action if the need ever arose.

Unfortunately, I am not there, but I want you to be as prepared as I was.  Below I will provide you with some plans and advice.  You don’t have to take it, but I hope you will understand my heart and the reason why I think this is so important.

I love you and I want you to be safe and prepared.

The Condition Of Our Society Has Never Been This Bad, And It Is Only Going To Get Worse… (

A lot of people seem shocked that the fabric of our society is steadily unraveling all around us, but the truth is that this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.  What we are witnessing is simply the law of cause and effect in action.  We have discarded the values that this nation was founded upon, and we have replaced them with new “values” that are diametrically opposed to the old values.  So now we live in a hellhole of our own making.  Just about every form of evil that you can possibly imagine is exploding in our society, and crime rates have been rapidly rising all over the nation.

Discover useful survivalist tips

Herbs for Wound Healing: A Guide to Wound Care – Survival Mom (

Wound care should be an important part of your first aid preparedness training. After all, what may be a harmless paper cut by today’s standards could set the stage for infection in a less sanitary environment. Furthermore, if access to higher medical care were interrupted, there would be no ambulance or life flight, and maybe even no emergency room, to provide care for more serious wounds and injuries. That’s where knowing how to use herbs for wound healing is invaluable.

SHTF Tasks for All Ages and Abilities – Mind4Survival

When we think about our SHTF survival communities, we tend to picture ourselves surrounded by strong, skilled family, friends, and neighbors working full tilt to keep the unit going. The reality is, however, that many of us will have people in our groups who are quite young, elderly, or physically disadvantaged. Heck, many of us are becoming the older people in our own groups! Obviously, there are many aging, infirmed, or disabled people who are quite capable of performing far more tasks than are discussed here today. But for those whose abilities have become restricted, let’s discuss some ways to contribute that you may have overlooked. If you yourself fall into this category, you may also discover ways to use your talents that you had not previously considered.

Prep School Daily: Nerve Blocks and the Medications to Have on Hand

We all have those dates that are and will be burned into our memories forever—the happy ones like engagement and wedding dates, births of children, as well as the ones we’re less fond of, like deaths of loved ones and other tragedies.  March 12 is one of the latter for me.

The references address some of the differences between bupivacaine and lidocaine, advocating for using lidocaine most of the time because it wears off quicker.  There are those few instances, however, where you want that anesthetic to last as long as possible.  When people are having to work with knives, tools, and equipment more to provide for their families, there will be more opportunities for injury.  Having medications and other supplies to manage trauma is part of being prepared.

Did You Know That U.S. Crops Are Being Absolutely Devastated By Nightmarish Disasters From Coast To Coast? (

I honestly did not know that things were this bad.  Severe drought is crippling winter wheat production in the middle of the country, agricultural production in many areas of California is being hit extremely hard by unprecedented flooding, and orange production in Florida is down more than 60 percent from last season due to a combination of factors.  Of course this comes at a time when the entire world is dealing with a major food crisis.  As I discussed in a previous article, even CNN is admitting that we are currently in the midst of “the worst food crisis in modern history”.  So this is a year when we need U.S. food production to be very strong, and that simply is not happening.

No state produces more winter wheat than Kansas does, and right now less than 20 percent of the winter wheat in the state “is in good to excellent condition”…

So, How Long Can an Overweight Person Live Without Food? (

Any of us who are carrying around a few extra pounds have probably joked before that, “at least we won’t starve!” when justifying our weight gain.

It’s true, we won’t starve, if we have a little bit of extra fat but it does not give us a longer survival time under true starvation conditions.

An overweight person will live about as long as anyone else when starving, around 8 weeks, maybe 12. Fat can supply calories and some nutrients when starving, but it is not nutritionally complete and will not guarantee survival in the total absence of other food.

5 Homestead Probiotics You Can Make at Home! – Prepper Website

The same can be said for all of the fancy vitamin supplements, and even many of the probiotic supplements that are out there. There’s an old saying that goes something like: “garbage in, garbage out.” Anyway, there’s good news. You can grow your own probiotic nutritional supplements right in your homestead kitchen, or barn, or hallway closet… The point is you can be in control of your health and not have to depend on high dollar supplements grown in some lab someplace hundreds of miles away! #1 – Kefir, #2 – Kombucha, #3 – Sauerkraut, #4 – Other Fermented Veggies, #5 – Homebrew!!

Best herbs and probiotics for wound care

Build an Off-Grid Bunkhouse, Garage, Cellar – Backwoods Home Magazine

The garage and bunkhouse part of this project cost about $4,061.89, making the total cost of this project $5,232.68 in 2011/2012 dollars. That’s pretty expensive by our standards, yet we feel it was money and time well spent. The finished building provides an easily-accessed root cellar for food storage, space to stash our car and canoes through the long winter, lots of additional storage space above, and accommodations for visitors. And no matter how much snow we get, this is one roof I don’t have to shovel off.

Building and Using a Precast Septic-Tank Root Cellar – Mother Earth News

I mentioned building a root cellar as part of my plans to source a year’s worth of food locally, but I thought readers of Mother Earth News would be interested in a more detailed description of making and using it. I based the design on these plans for an underground root cellar, which involves modifying an (unused!) precast septic tank. When I decided to join my brother Ed in growing all my own food for 2015, I knew I would need a better place to store our root vegetables than the old farmhouse basement, but using using cinder blocks or building forms to pour concrete in place seemed like a bigger job than I had time for. Using a precast 6-foot x 6-foot x 10-foot tank and some materials I had on hand made the job much easier than it would have been, and I ended up with a root cellar that has maintained a stable temperature and high humidity even in the worst of a harsh New York winter.

Best chicken breeds for homesteads

Find Your Poultry Purpose Before Building A Flock – Hobby Farms

Once the thoughts of your own little flock of poultry starts dancing through your mind, start studying the websites of different hatcheries. Finding a breed that is well-suited to your homestead and family’s needs is one of the most important decisions you will make in regard to your poultry.

Why do you want to raise chickens?

  • Do you feel a responsibility to know that the food you put in front of your family is raised humanely and safely?
  • Is it because of the comfort you find at the idea of more control over your food supply and less reliance on a grocery store?
  • Are you hoping to provide a supplemental stream of income from excess eggs and meat?
  • Perhaps the idea of free pest control and garden fertilizer is intriguing to you?
  • Maybe you want to help preserve a heritage breed of poultry?
  • Or is the idea of breeding and raising show poultry intriguing?

Once your own needs and desires for your future flock are established, it’s time to break down the characteristics of different poultry breeds. What follows is a basic overview of just a few different factors to consider.

Best Poultry For Your homestead – Best Chicken Breeds for Homestead

Whether you want eggs, meat, or your own petting zoo, there’s a bird that will fill the bill. There is plenty of poultry to pick from when you’re trying to choose the best poultry for your homestead. Chickens are very popular, and for good reason. They’re great for fresh eggs, may be processed for meat, and there’s nothing like the sound of a rooster crowing in the morning! However, chickens aren’t the only bird in town. Common poultry kept on homesteads include:

  • Chickens
  • Ducks
  • Turkeys
  • Geese
  • Guinea fowl
  • Pigeons
  • Ornamental & Game birds

Spring Guide To Raising Healthy Chicks – Off The Grid News

You’ll want to check your brooder frequently the first couple days to ensure everyone is okay and the temperature is comfortable for the chicks. It isn’t uncommon for a chick or two to be lost if they’re shipped through the mail. Discard of these right away and keep an eye on the rest of your chicks. Contact the seller or hatchery if you start losing more chicks. But chances are, you won’t have any problems and you’ll be able to enjoy your chicks’ contented peeping noises emanating from their brooder. In the days and weeks ahead, little wing feathers will appear and the roosters’ combs will start to flesh out. Soon your little brood will be ready for their first introduction to the great outdoors!

Old-Fashioned Potato Candy – Countryside (


  • 1 medium russet potato; peeled, cooked, mashed, and cooled completely
  • 2 pounds sifted powdered sugar (you may need more if the potato is large)
  • ½ tablespoon milk
  • 1½ teaspoon vanilla
  • ½ cup creamy peanut butter

Best herbs and probiotics for wound care

Spring Tonics Dandelions Greens Nettles | The Old Farmer’s Almanac

What’s a Spring Tonic? Discover the restorative powers of early spring greens! Dandelion leaves, ramps, stewed rhubarb, boiled sassafras, wild strawberries, and young tender greens stimulate the digestion and strengthen the body after a long winter. Learn more.

How to Create a Fedge: A Fence Made Out of Hedges (

At the most basic, the fedge can make a living fence to keep your animals in and intruders out. It can also give you some privacy. But there’s more than that.

Living plants can help control soil erosion and stabilize slopes. You can also use fedges near water such as streams to prevent damage from the powerful waves. Or use fedges to add a stylish touch to your property.

It’s important to remember that some plants, like willows and blackberries, grow and spread rapidly. Be prepared to control the growth, so it doesn’t end up where you don’t want it.

Generally, people use willow, juniper, Russian olives, or boxwoods to create fedges. For a food hedge, use blackberries (Rubus spp.), high bush cranberry (Viburnum trilobum), goji berries (Lycium spp.), sea buckthorn (Hippophae spp.), or hawthorns (Crataegus spp.).

Starter fertilizer for corn: 5 things to know | Successful Farming (

Most farmers are decreasing the use of a starter fertilizer into their cropping systems, yet crop producers still have interest in the practice if it contributes to a greater yield. While a starter does make sense in some circumstances, getting an economic benefit is not always guaranteed. Here are a five tips to consider before trying to determine if starter fertilizer is right for you.

Input costs high, but potential for profit remains (

Input costs remain at a level farmers even two or three years ago would call high, but the situation has improved somewhat from the rapid price increases and sticker shock of last spring planting season. University of Missouri Extension ag economist Ray Massey says the input cost picture has several parts to it.

Even with some crop prices coming down and showing volatility, Massey says he still projects it to be a profitable year for farmers in 2023, although maybe not the profit margins of 2022. He adds that farmers who did not have to deal with significant drought were able to make good profits last year, although many farmers struggled with dry conditions.

How To Secure Water And Food For A Long-Term Disaster –

Now most people know that you can purify water by boiling it. But how long do you boil it? We sometimes forget that part but generally speaking the chart below will refresh your memory.

Boil water, if you do not have bottled water. Boiling is sufficient to kill pathogenic bacteria, viruses and protozoa .

If water is cloudy, let it settle and filter it through a clean cloth, paper towel, or coffee filter.

Bring the water to a rolling boil for at least one minute. At altitudes above 5,000 feet, boil water for three minutes.

Let the water cool naturally and store it in clean containers with covers.

To improve the flat taste of boiled water, add one pinch of salt to each quart of water, or pour the water from one clean container to another several times.

Boiling water isn’t the only way to purify it, but it is certainly one of the more effective ways to accomplish the task. Now armed with a common easily found or borrowed pot, sauce pan, tin can etc. you can purify water.

Where do you find water? That’s what you should be thinking about before zero day actually arrives.

Growing Swiss Chard the Right Way the First Time | Chickens, Livestock, Homesteading & Gardening | Rural Living (

Growing Swiss chard is easy when you do it the right way. Swiss chard is typically grown as a cool-season crop that thrives in cool temperatures and tolerates frost. Swiss chard can grow back after you cut it. It is a “cut and come again” crop. You can harvest the outer leaves while leaving the inner leaves and the center growing point intact. This allows the plant to continue growing and producing more leaves you can pick throughout the season.

With the exception of cold regions, you can direct sow the seeds where you want them to grow. There is no need to plant in small containers and then transplant.

Whether you want to grow Swiss chard in a garden bed or containers, here’s what you need to know to be successful growing Swiss chard.

When Do True Yams Come Up? Right Now! | The Survival Gardener

Now, after years of seeing them grow just from chunks put in the ground in the fall and winter, we don’t bother starting them in a pot anymore. We might if we had a rare variety, but now we trust them in the soil.

And this spring has showed us that even when we hit 16 degrees below freezing, AND we had two days that never went above 32 degrees, tropical yams could still survive.

So, How Long Does an EMP Disable Electronics? (

Although EMPs are typically over in just a second or two, the effects of the EMP could persist for hours, days, or even permanently depending on the vulnerability of the affected device and the severity of the damage.

Trying to get prepared for a powerful EMP is a bit like roller skating in the dark: theoretically doable, but a whole lot harder than you might first believe.

There are many factors that will influence both the power of an EMP and your gear’s vulnerability to it.

A Guide to Permaculture: Creating a Self-Sustaining Food Garden –

The principles of permaculture are based on the idea of creating sustainable and regenerative systems. The idea is to build an environment based on nature, but that can produce all the food you need. Permaculture is not just about gardening; it is a holistic approach that aims to create sustainable and resilient communities. This is why permaculture is such an important principle for anyone who wants to become self-sufficient.

How to Make Chicory Coffee: A Tasty Substitute – The Survival Mom

Chicory is a mid-summer to first frost flowering herbaceous perennial in the aster family (Asteraceae.) You may also know it as blue sailors, coffeeweed (how apt!), cornflower (not to be mistaken for Bachelor’s Buttons), Italian dandelion, or succory.

Perhaps you know it as New Orleans coffee, a coffee and chicory blend, as found at Cafe’ du Monde. Why is chicory added to coffee? Great question! The coffee and chicory blend has an interesting history that includes the American Civil War and the Great Depression.

Where does chicory grow?…

How to Soften Hardened Sugar – Apartment Prepper

Usually, the reason your store sugar hardens is because of lack of moisture, especially if you live in a dry climate. If you stored sugar for long term and accidentally placed an oxygen absorber when you stored your sugar in Mylar bags or food sealer bag, it will likely get hard and clumpy. (Oxygen absorbers are not needed for storing sugar and salt in Mylar bags.) If you realize you’ve placed oxygen absorbers in your previously stored sugar, don’t worry. I’ve done it as well, it’s nothing to worry about. Your sugar will still keep for years. When you open your stored sugar and find that it has hardened, fear not, you will still be able to use it.

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