Wagner PMC Surpasses Western PMCs According To US Military Experts while Second Batch of Classified US Documents Leaked on Ukraine, China and the Middle East

Wagner PMC Surpasses Western PMCs According To US Military Experts while Second Batch of Classified US Documents Leaked on Ukraine, China and the Middle East

Get the latest updates on the state of the world with news on the Wagner PMC, leaked US documents, Covid-19 vaccination, the banking crisis, strange occurrences in the meat supply, and more.

US military experts are raising concerns about the effectiveness of the Wagner PMC, stating that they surpass other Western PMCs with their high level of training and equipment. In other news, a second batch of classified documents has been leaked detailing US secrets on Ukraine, China, and the Middle East. Analysts warn against taking any information from Russian sources seriously.

A column titled “Wake Up West” discusses the BRICS alliance’s attempt to create a new world order by flexing their muscles and looking to join other nations like Iran, Saudi Arabia, and Mexico. Meanwhile, the banking crisis in the US continues to worsen with $1.7 trillion in unrealized losses looming as US banks rapidly bleed deposits.

Finally, there are concerns over the government’s reported agenda to depopulate the planet through Covid-19 vaccination, possibly leading to an increase in mortality and a decrease in birth rates. Another issue surfacing is the strange occurrences in meat supply, with recommendations to stock up on freeze-dried meats, vegetables, and fruits to avoid consuming food with mRNA added. Daniel Perry has been found guilty of murder for shooting a man who pointed a rifle at him during a Black Lives Matter protest in 2020. Hunters are advised to carry an EDC kit and double up on important items. Riley Gaines, a former college swimmer, plans to pursue legal action against those who physically assaulted her after speaking out against trans men competing in female sports at a San Francisco University.

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Wagner PMC

Hal Turner Radio Show – US military experts “concerned” about effectiveness of Wagner PMCs

Insiders in the DoD are concerned about the Wagner PMCs, because they are the most organized and combat-ready PMCs in the world, surpassing even the American Blackwater PMCs, the British Aegis Defense Service PMCs, and the French Salamandre PMCs. Among other things, the mentioned Western PMCs have never encountered operations and tasks that the Wagner PMCs successfully perform.

Thanks to the highest level of training and equipment, the Russians operate at a level previously unattainable for private military companies. An unnamed Pentagon official involved in these types of operations in Afghanistan said: “Their effectiveness is absolutely stunning. If we had used similar strategies in Afghanistan, we would not have caused the chaos that we have left in the Middle East.“

Second batch of classified documents leaked detailing US secrets on Ukraine, China and Middle East | Daily Mail Online

Analysts said on Friday it could be hard to assess the impact of the documents’ disclosure on the frontline conflict now and in the months ahead.

Russia has found it difficult to advance in eastern Ukraine and Western analysts are uncertain whether the Russian military, after having sustained huge losses, will be able to press forward with another attack, or stave off a push from Ukrainian troops.

‘Whether these documents are authentic or not, people should take care with anything released by Russian sources,’ said Michael Kofman, the director of Russian studies at CNA, a research institute in Arlington, Virginia.

Column: Wake Up, West – a new energy world order is building, fast – Watts Up With That?

Just this past weekend, OPEC – led by Saudi Arabia – announced another production cut in a bid to shore up oil prices. Now, on its own, this isn’t a big deal; OPEC/Saudis have been doing that for decades (both real cuts and sabre-rattling false charges). But this cut was a big deal – it was huge, possibly 1.6 million barrels per day (probably less, but still significant), and it was directly in the face of the US administration which wants to see more oil, and not less. Increased oil prices are like a new tax on everyone, a tax that hits poor people hardest, and politicians seldom want to be associated with that.

It is a new big kid on the block flexing its muscles. I’m not referring to Saudi Arabia here, but a whole new context in which Saudi Arabia appears to be quite comfortable in going its own way. Here’s why they are feeling that chipper.

The BRICS alliance – Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa – is apparently no longer willing to stand by and have someone else dictate how their world will go (so to speak). They are flexing their muscles, and bringing in other nations as well. The following countries have expressed an interest in joining BRICS – Iran, Saudi Arabia, Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Algeria, Egypt, Bahrain and Indonesia, along with two nations from East Africa and one from West Africa, according to a Bloomberg article. There is talk that Mexico wants to join as well, which is quite the thunderbolt considering the leaky border it shares with the US.

The Banking Crisis Gets Worse! $1.7 Trillion In Unrealized Losses Loom As U.S. Banks Rapidly Bleed Deposits (theeconomiccollapseblog.com)

Unfortunately, U.S. banks are sitting on a giant mountain of unrealized losses right now.

The rise in interest rates has led to a decrease in the market value of banks’ other assets, and when accounting for these factors, U.S. banks’ unrealized losses actually amount to $1.75 trillion, or 80% of their capital.

Depositors drained another $126 billion from U.S. banks during the week ending March 22, according to new Federal Reserve data. This time the outflow came from the nation’s largest institutions.

We are in far more trouble than most people realize. The truth is that we are not just heading into a “recession”. What we are potentially facing is a meltdown of the entire system, and it is going to take quite a while for this crisis to fully play out.

The Culling of Mankind: Government Reports & Pfizer Documents reveal a Sinister Agenda exists to Depopulate the Planet through COVID Vaccination – The Expose (expose-news.com)

If an experimental vaccine were to damage the heart and immune system in a significant number of individuals who received it, it is possible that it could lead to a decline in the overall population size.

This could occur for a number of reasons.

  • First, damage to the heart could lead to an increase in cardiovascular diseases, which are a leading cause of mortality worldwide. This could result in a higher number of deaths among individuals who received the vaccine.
  • Second, damage to the immune system could leave individuals more susceptible to other infections and diseases, which could also contribute to an increase in mortality.
  • Last, but by no means least, the negative impacts of the vaccine on fertility and reproductive health could lead to a decline in the number of births, further contributing to a decline in the overall population size.

Something Strange Going On With Our Meat Supply (allnewspipeline.com)

The overabundance of stories out there about mRNA either being added, or planning to be added to our meats and vegetables, along with multiple states proposing bills to label any foods using that technology, tells us that this is something that is coming, whether this year, or next, and from the discussions seen on the comment section, those foods will not be used by our readers.

Freeze dried meats and vegetables, along with fruits, can and should be stocked up on, so when they “surprise” us with a “done deal,” aka mRNA in our foods, we do not have to eat said foods.

As cereals have seen the highest spike in prices consistently, it might be worth considering how to make your own cereals.

Klaus Schwab Hires Millions of ‘Information Warriors’ To ‘Seize Control of The Internet’ – News Punch

The World Economic Forum (WEF) has announced it has recruited hundreds of thousands of “information warriors” to control the internet, policing social media and forums for “misinformation” and conspiracy content which will then be systematically shut down.

Announcing the news on a WEF podcast, UN communications director Melissa Fleming said “So far, we’ve recruited 110,000 information volunteers, and we equip these information volunteers with the kind of knowledge about how misinformation spreads and ask them to serve as kind of ‘digital first-responders’ in those spaces where misinformation travels.”

The WEF are determined to control the internet and they have had a major hand in pushing Senate Bill 686, also known as the TikTok Ban Bill, which gives American citizens 20 YEARS in prison for spreading so-called disinformation.

This is the most dangerous bill since the Patriot Act in 2001 and we made a whole video exposing how it will allow the globalist elite to colonize America and the free world. The link is under this video in case you haven’t seen it.

Machiavelli & The Globalists: Why The Elites Despise Independent Thought | ZeroHedge

The ultimate dream, of course, is for the state to find ways to make literally everyone vulnerable and in need of its help (for its status will then surely be forever secure) – and I hardly need to spell out for you why Covid-19 was seized upon with such gusto in this regard.

But the story does not stop there. It only takes us far as the end of the Second World War. We are now in an age – as we are frequently reminded – of international cooperation, globalisation and, indeed, of global governance. There is barely a field of public life, from posting parcels to carbon emissions, which is not in some way regulated by international organisations of one kind or another.

Though the decline of the state has time and again been shown to have been greatly exaggerated, we are indisputably in an age in which raison d’État has at least partially given way to what Philip Cerny once termed raison du monde – an insistence on centralised global solutions to a proliferation of ‘global problems’.

Like raison d’État, raison du monde is dismissive of petty constraints – such as law, natural right, or morality – that might limit its field of action. It justifies acting in what is seen as the global interest irrespective of borders, democratic mandate, or public sentiment. And, as with raison d’État, it presents itself as a Foucauldian ‘power of care’, which acts where necessary to preserve and improve human well-being.

BREAKING: Daniel Perry found GUILTY of murder for shooting man who pointed rifle at him during Austin BLM riot | The Post Millennial | thepostmillennial.com

On Friday, a jury found Daniel Perry guilty of murder for the shooting of Garrett Foster during a 2020 Black Lives Matter protest.

Perry, a former Army sergeant who was driving Uber at the time, encountered an armed BLM group that had taken over the streets of Austin, Texas during a riot on July 25, 2020. According to KXAN, Perry faced one count of murder and one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. The jury did not find him guilty of the second charge.

Perry’s defense team said during opening statements on March 28 that Perry had to defend himself when he was swarmed by the group. Perry came into contact with the protesters after traveling from Killeen to Austin during an Uber, trip, which he did for supplemental income.

The defense said that Perry did everything he could to avoid the protestors as he dropped off one of his riders downtown, and that he was fully cooperative with police, giving over his phone and providing social media passwords immediately without a warrant.

State prosecutors said that Foster was a frequent BLM protester and had been out protesting nearly every day that summer, which saw riots spread across the country.

The state argued that Perry had sped into the crowd of protestors, but an expert witness for the defense called the allegation into question, using data and science to track the speed of the car which he said was slowing down when he approached the crowd.

Everyday Carry for Hunters: Always Double-Up | americanhunter.org

Those in the self-defense world are very serious about their Every-Day Carry (EDC). It’s the tools they have with them every time they venture into the world. The basics are usually a handgun, a reload and a knife. Often EDC tools include a small flashlight. The very hard-core among them have a saying: “Two is one and one is none,” meaning they carry a backup for the important things.

Hunters should carry an EDC kit, along with backup. The dangers of the field are probably a bit different and actually more extensive. While some worry about criminals, we hunters must deal with the most dangerous adversary of all…

“I Will Be Pursue Legal Action” – Female Swimmer Riley Gaines Announces She Will Sue Violent Trans Terrorists Who Beat Her After Speech at San Francisco Campus | The Gateway Pundit | by Jim Hoft

On Thursday night former college swimmer Riley Gaines spoke at San Francisco University about trans men in female sports. Riley was assaulted by a mob of trans terrorists following her speech and was forced to hide in a classroom for three hours until police would escort her from campus.

Riley Gaines: I will say the city of San Francisco police that stepped in, they did a phenomenal job in escorting me 3 hours later. But I will be pursuing legal action. I will ensure that the people who physically assaulted me, the people who put me in that position, they will face repercussions.

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