Global Affairs Roundup: Israel's Plan to Attack Lebanon, Russia's Support for Mercenaries, and More

Global Affairs Roundup: Israel’s Plan to Attack Lebanon, Russia’s Support for Mercenaries, and More

Controversies Abound: White House Supports Child Mutilation, a call for a Race War in Chicago, and the Fed is issuing a CBDC while the economy is tanking.

In recent news, Israel is planning an attack on Lebanon, Russia is suspected of providing assistance to the Wagner Group mercenaries, while Ukraine is preparing for military action inside of Russia. AT the same time the US is preparing for war with China by increasing its presence in the Asia-Pacific region with four new bases in the Philippines.

In other news, the Federal Reserve’s digital currency announcement was rejected by MTG, a proponent of the return of the gold standard, and millions of deaths are being attributed to Midazolam poisoning and COVID vaccination. Additionally, the State Department is threatening accountability for free speech on social media platforms, and the newly elected mayor of Chicago is being accused of planning a race war through Marxist tactics.

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Big explosions in the south, center and north of Gaza as a result of Israeli bombing.

Israeli assault on Gaza underway: multiple targets attacked simultaneously, heavy bombings reported in some Hamas strongholds.

IDF confirms they have begun airstrikes on targets in Gaza


Rocket launch sites being prepared in Lebanon.   Israeli fighter jets seen over Beirut, Lebanon.

Wagner Group Mercenaries Get More Help From Russia Than Prigozhin Says (

Wagner has captured most of Bakhmut by conducting relentless attacks all along the Ukrainian lines, using formations organized into assault, fire support, medical evacuation and resupply detachments and backed by artillery.

“It’s a bit of a myth that Wagner PMCs have been fighting in Bakhmut on their own,” Kofman said. “When you’re there, you see they’re backed by Russian airpower. They’re backed by Russian artillery. There’s Russian airborne supporting them in a host of operations.”

Analysis: Ukraine is preparing to strike back against Russia. Timing will be key | CNN

Senior US and Ukrainian officers carried out “table-top” simulations last month. The Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Mark Milley, said: “The Ukrainians are moving things around on these maps to determine what is their best course of action, and they determine the advantages and disadvantages of the risks associated.”

Russia is of course acutely aware that Ukraine is planning fresh offensives. It has used the last several months to construct multiple layers of defense, especially in the south.

Are Americans Willing to Die for Taiwan? – The American Conservative

The people of Taiwan are entitled to live their lives as they wish. But they cannot escape geopolitical reality. The best outcome today would be mutual forbearance, a concerted decision by Washington, Taipei, and Beijing to calm rising rhetoric, abandon escalating threats, and eschew looming confrontation. The price of conflict would be incalculable, destroying Taiwan, ruining America’s and China’s futures, and spreading catastrophe around the globe.

‘I Just Didn’t See It’: Biden Defense Sec. Kirby Denies ‘Chaos’ in Afghanistan Withdrawal (

“For all this talk of ‘chaos,’ I just didn’t see it,” Kirby lied to reporters Thursday, denying the horror witnessed as US forces lifted off from Kabul’s Hamid Karzai International Airport.

Kirby also denied the US military abandoned heavy equipment when it hurriedly evacuated saying, “This idea…is just LUDICROUS! That we left millions of dollars of stuff in Afghanistan?! We didn’t!”

In reality, a DOD report last August admitted $7 billion of military equipment transferred from the US to the Afghan government had been left behind.

Kirby’s whitewashing of the incident came amid a grilling over the Defense Department’s release of a 12-page report Thursday, which one reporter labeled a “modern major holiday news dump,” complaining it was distributed a mere 10 minutes before the press briefing began.

Philippines Announces Locations of Four New US Bases | Asia-Pacific Research

Three of the Philippine bases will be located in northern Philippine provinces, a move that angers China since they can be used as staging grounds for a fight over Taiwan. The US will be granted access to the Lal-lo Airport and the Naval Base Camilo Osias, which are both located in the northern Cagayan province. In the neighboring Isabela province, the US will gain access to Camp Melchor Dela Cruz.

The US military will also be able to expand to Palawan, an island province in the South China Sea, disputed waters that are a major source of tensions between the US and China. The US will be granted access to Balabac Island, the southernmost island of Palawan.

The new locations are on top of five bases the US currently has access to, bringing the total number of bases the US can rotate forces through in the Philippines to nine. The expansion in the Philippines is a significant step in the US effort to build up its military assets in the region to prepare for a future war with China.

Massive Central Banks’ Gold-Buying Spree Continues for 11th Consecutive Month – Discern Report

According to the latest figures from the World Gold Council (WGC), China was the biggest gold buyer in February, acquiring 24.9 tons. The People’s Bank of China has increased its gold holdings for four straight months, growing its reserves by roughly 102 tons.

MTG Rejects Fed’s Digital Currency Announcement: ‘We Should Go Back to the Gold Standard’ (

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-Ga.) called for America to return to a gold standard rather than embrace the Federal Reserve’s Central Bank Digital Currency that will be unveiled this summer.

Though the Fed had been planning some form of a CBDC over the last several years, the privately held banking consortium announced Wednesday it would release its digital currency in July in response to the ongoing banking crisis and numerous nations pulling away from the U.S. Dollar.

U.S. Central Bank Digital Currency: Threat to Americans’ Core Freedoms – The New American

The Federal Reserve is getting closer to issuing the U.S. dollar as a central bank digital currency (CBDC), with the announcement of the around-the-clock, FedNow instant payment service starting in July. FedNow is a pilot program that was birthed last March, with President Biden’s executive order (EO) initiating the study and support of technological advances in digital assets.

Another red flag shared in the report is how CBDCs would take away Americans’ financial freedom, as “a CBDC would provide countless opportunities for the government to control citizens’ financial transactions. Such control could be preemptive (prohibiting and limiting purchases), behavioral (spurring and curbing purchases), or punitive (freezing and seizing funds).”

Biden White House holds roundtable to promote child mutilation, ‘affirm’ gender-confused kids – LifeSite (

The Biden administration hosted a White House roundtable Friday on “affirming” gender-confused children, amid ongoing controversy about subjecting minors to life-altering chemical and surgical mutilation.

Studies find that more than 80% of children experiencing gender dysphoria outgrow it on their own by late adolescence, and that even full “reassignment” surgery often fails to resolve gender-confused individuals’ heightened tendency to engage in self-harm and suicide — and may even exacerbate it, including by reinforcing their confusion and neglecting the actual root causes of their mental strife.

Bob Lee dead at 43: Mystery as Cash App founder and tech executive stabbed to death in San Francisco in savage attack | The US Sun (

The entrepreneur had shares in SpaceX and shared footage that was captured at the Tranche 0 satellite launch on April 2. It turned out to be his final Twitter post.

He also helped the World Health Organization with its mobile app during the Covid-19 pandemic, according to his MobileCoin profile.

The motive of the stabbing currently remains unknown.

IT WAS ALL A LIE: How your Government tricked you into taking part in a Deadly Experiment that killed Millions via Midazolam Poisoning & COVID Vaccination – The Expose (

The fully vaccinated accounted for over 9 in every 10 deaths associated with the virus, and mortality rates per 100,000 were lowest among the unvaccinated and highest among the vaccinated in every age group.

Two years after the initial roll-out, 20 million deaths had been recorded in the “Five Eyes” countries and 26 other countries in Europe, resulting in 2 million excess deaths. This was a huge increase on deaths recorded throughout the pandemic prior to the vaccine roll-out.

Censorship: State Department Threatening to “Hold Platforms Accountable” For Free Speech | SHTF Plan

“The bill claims to target ‘foreign adversaries’ and is widely thought to be aimed at China’s TikTok,” explains Tom Parker, writing for Reclaim the Net. “But the powers in the bill are so vast that it would give the federal government the authority to ban a wide range of apps and online services if they’re deemed to be ‘national security’ threats.”

Allowing the government to decide what constitutes “misinformation” and “disinformation” is a frighteningly dangerous idea that the Democrats and many Republicans seem to think is appropriate, even though it directly violates the First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

“The terms ‘misinformation’ and ‘disinformation’ should be taken out of the conversation and use the true words that we used to use,” one commenter wrote.

“True information and false information. Lies and truths. These scary things that they call misinformation and disinformation are just woke terms for lies and falsehoods. It’s like saying that AIDS is actually something that makes it easier to get sick. Sanitizing the threats to our freedom is a very vital tool to the enemies of our liberty. And nowadays we seem to be garnering them exponentially.”

Chicago’s new mayor wants to start a race war… could be the most dangerous Marxist yet… – Revolver News

“This is about Black labor versus white wealth. That’s what this battle is about,” Johnson responded. “This is about providing community access to the very public accommodations which Black people fought for, especially after emancipation. It’s what the descendants of slaves in this room are fighting for: public education, public transportation, affordable housing, healthcare and access to jobs.”

The biggest issue facing Chicago right now is crime, not “racism.” However, if Mr. Johnson has his way, starting a race war will be his only focus.

Many believe that Brandon Johnson is a BLM “thug” who hates the police, and white people, and will likely do more damage than Lori Lightfoot ever could.

Time will tell, but in the meantime, what’s frustrating to many is that over one million Chicago citizens didn’t even bother to vote in Tuesday’s elections. When good people stay home, bad people get elected. And race wars start.

A woman or girl is killed every 48 hours in Canada as femicide epidemic worsens: report | The Post Millennial |

A new report shows that the rate of homicide for women and girls in Canada, known as “femicide,” is increasing significantly, with data showing that 850 women and girls have been killed in the last five years, equating to a rate of one every 48 hours, reports CTV News.

This epidemic is occurring with a backdrop of Canadian women having their sex-based right to the safety and protection of female-only spaces taken away from them by the modern trans rights movement.

All across the country, there are reports of males who identify as women invading women’s safe spaces, while a prominent trans activist calls for aggressive tactics to silence women who disagree with the core beliefs of gender identity ideology.

SHOCK: DoJ Now Admits Another 40 Undercover Agents Were In DC With Proud Boys on Jan 6…One Proud Boy Defendant Serves Motion To Call Ray Epps As Witness (

In a trial against leaders from the right-wing group The Proud Boys, defense attorneys claim they are aware of at least 40 undercover informants embedded within the group and other right-wing protesters at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021.

In their filing, the defense says that the FBI, Homeland Security and D.C. Metro Police were all embedded within the group, who are accused of being complicit in the initiation of the Capitol riot.

Last week, an FBI informant embedded within The Proud Boys on Jan. 6, identified in the record only by the name “Aaron,” testified for the defense. The witness said he was not aware of any plans by the Proud Boys to invade the U.S. Capitol building on Jan. 6 and didn’t think they inspired the violent rioting that took place.

3D WORLD ALERT: Demon-possessed AI learning how to use synthetic biotechnology to construct its own “superhuman” biological systems – DC Clothesline

A high-profile artificial intelligence (AI) researcher is warning that unless all advanced AI systems and associated programs are immediately shut down, humanity will eventually become extinct at the hands of the life-destroying robots they are unleashing.

Eliezer Yudkowsky, co-founder of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute (MIRI), wrote an op-ed for TIME magazine this week explaining the risks involved with the creation of these synthetic life forms. He wrote that:

“The most likely result of building a superhumanly smart AI, under anything remotely like the current circumstances, is that literally everyone on Earth will die.”

AI systems can already be “emailed DNA” to turn into “artificial life forms,” Yudkowsky says

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