Trump's Indictment and its Ripple Effects on Legal and International Affairs

Trump’s Indictment and its Ripple Effects on Legal and International Affairs

The criminal indictment of President Donald J. Trump has been reviewed and revealed that all alleged crimes were committed after he was sworn in as President. While he was not running the companies accused, he was running the country at the time. The Manhattan D.A.’s Office has released a “Statement of Facts” for the indictment which claims that Trump’s alleged activities of buying information for suppressing it is illegal “Election Interference,” despite lack of state statute law and no law on such activity. It should be noted that paying someone in connection with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is legal. Book-keeping “crimes” may have been Misdemeanors with shorter limitations and are beyond the Statute of Limitations.

It’s important to note that the opinion of a non-attorney can only be an interpretation, as opposed to an experienced legal opinion. It is recommended that President Trump notify the court of his right to a speedy trial and not consent to a pause in timing to ensure the trial is concluded within six months. Allowing a delay could result in a left-wing, communistic New York influencing the process for years.

New York DA Alvin Bragg’s attempt to set the trial of ex-President Donald Trump in January 2024, during primary season, could potentially benefit Democratic candidates and raise concerns about potential biases and conflicts of interest. Holding a high-profile trial during a politically charged period could lead to a less informed electorate, jury selection difficulties, resource diversion away from the primary process, and a dangerous precedent for future cases. Despite these potential drawbacks, left-wing politicians are still seeking to push forward with their goal of prosecuting Trump.

In other news, China’s Foreign Minister has requested that Japan avoid supporting US efforts to restrict China’s semiconductor industry as the US had done in the 1980’s. Beijing has attempted to sway Tokyo away from pro-sanctions on China with the intention of reducing China’s technological growth without damaging Japan’s economy. There are concerns of history repeating itself, as Japan has begun investing billions into next-generation semiconductors, cooperating with IBM. It is unclear how Japan will balance its relations with China and the US in the semiconductor industry as the situation unfolds.

Additionally, US Senators Mark Warner and Tom Thune have introduced the RESTRICT Act which would allow the executive branch to enforce measures related to foreign adversary transactions. The act has been met with concern as it could violate First Amendment rights, leading to further government access to private information. Critics of the act have expressed concerns regarding its effectiveness in preventing adversarial spying activities, such as those by China or Russia. If passed, the act could provide unprecedented power to the executive branch and potentially infringe on constitutional rights.

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Hal Turner Radio Show – UPDATED 6:51 PM EDT — Trump Indictment – Devoid of Facts; ALL “Crimes” Took Place AFTER He was Sworn-in as President! He WASN’T Running those companies . . . .

A “Statement of Facts” for the Indictment of President Trump, has become available on the Internet from A quick perusal of the document shows me that:

1) The District Attorney is claiming that Trump “buying information in 2015 and 2016” to suppress it, is ILLEGAL “Election Interference” even though there is no state statute law about “Election Interference” and there is definitely no law on buying information and the rights to such information, then stashing it in your basement.  That’s called Free enterprise” and, as far as I know,  there’s nothing illegal about it at all.

2) Paying someone in connection with a Non-Disclosure Agreement (NDA) is now, and always has been LEGAL.   There is no crime here!

3) All the alleged book-keeping “crimes” – are beyond the 5 year Statute of Limitations for Felonies, even though, at best, these were Misdemeanors with a shorter Statute of Limitations.

Alvin Bragg Asks Judge to Hold Trump’s Trial During Primary Season – RedState

Fox News reporter Jake Gibson, who was in the courtroom, said that prosecutors had asked for the January 2024 trial date. The Iowa caucuses — the first contest in the Republican primary — will be on February 5, 2024. That means prosecutors want a trial that would undoubtedly affect the race for the Republican nomination, both by distracting the current frontrunner, and by tarnishing him relative to other candidates in the race.

China’s Warning ‘Don’t Assist US’: Should the World Heed It? (

Chinese Foreign Minister Qin Gang has urged Japan not to aid the US in its efforts to curb the development of China’s chip industry. Beijing’s top diplomat reminded Tokyo that in the past, the Americans had unscrupulously held back the development of Japan’s semiconductor industry, and now they were pulling the same old tactic with China.

Tell your representatives to vote NO against the RESTRICT Act (S.686) –

As stated in the bill, the RESTRICT Act gives the executive branch, meaning the presidency, the power to “[enforce] any mitigation measure to address any risk” regarding a “current, past, or potential future transaction” with what it deems to be a foreign adversary, i.e., communist China or Russia.

“It would also apply to taking action ‘to address any risk arising from any covered transaction by any person, or with respect to any property, subject to the jurisdiction of the United States,’ including ‘interfering in, or altering the result or reported result of a Federal election,’” one media report states.

Those found to be in violation of these provisions face hefty fines of up to $1 million as well as a possible jail sentence lasting 20 years.

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