Recent Events 'Blot Out' BLM Riot Memories, US President Coordinating Prosecution of Former President Trump, and More

Recent Events ‘Blot Out’ BLM Riot Memories, US President Coordinating Prosecution of Former President Trump, and More

US President Joe Biden revealed his administration is working towards coordinating the indictment of former President Donald Trump to prevent him from retaking power while reports have emerged on New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg’s declining to prosecute over 1,100 felony cases. Question: Is this how they blot out the memory of the billions in damage to burned-out urban areas across the country from the looting and murder of police officers during the (BLM) riots of the summer of 2020?

Or do they do it by Representatives like Eric Swalwell threatening to use nuclear weapons against citizens who arm themselves at the same time that a 28 year-old trans opened fire at Covenant Christian School in Nashville, Tennessee, leaving three children and three adults dead.

Additionally, Bob Hughes, a veteran of the printing industry with 50 years of experience, testified that there was evidence of ballot tampering during the Maricopa County 2022 election as Biden visited Fridley, Minnesota and praised his economic accomplishments despite The Institute for Supply Management’s fifth straight month of contraction in manufacturing.

Finally, there was an incident where a Chinese government-controlled balloon which was found to have flown across the US also raised concerns about China’s increased surveillance measures and the potential national security risks it poses to the US while Iranian naval forces warned a US Navy aircraft not to violate Iranian airspace, escalating already high tensions between the two countries.

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Hal Turner Radio Show – Biden ADMITS: Using Indictment(s) Against Trump “To make sure he does not become President Again”

Biden all but confirmed that his team is coordinating these Trump indictments to “Demonstrate he will not take power”  and “making sure . . .  he does not become the next President again.” See the video of Biden saying it, himself.

Alvin Bragg, Soros-Linked DA Behind Trump Charges, Builds Record Refusing to Prosecute Felonies (

New York City District Attorney Alvin Bragg (D), the prosecutor behind charges against former President Donald Trump, has built a record of dropping felony charges, decreasing felony convictions, downgrading felonies to mere misdemeanors, and not bothering to request bail for suspects accused of felonies.

The Second Amendment: Protecting the Right of Armed Resistance to Tyranny – The New American

Anyone who is paying attention to the banks collapsing and the subsequent bailouts, ballooning inflation, the forced acceptance of immoral lifestyles, the teaching of perversion in the country’s classrooms, the loss of trust in elections, and, finally, the acceleration of the disarmament of civilians must agree with Rockwell. And unless something is changed — urgently and drastically — that violent storm on the horizon will continue to gather strength.

Nashville shooter planned for ‘months to commit mass murder at the Covenant School’: Police – TheBlaze

“In the collective writings by [the shooter] found in her vehicle in the school parking lot, and others later found in the bedroom of her home, she documented, in journals, her planning over a period of months to commit mass murder at The Covenant School,” the press release noted.

New Testimony Confirms Ballot Tampering in Maricopa’s 2022 Election – UncoverDC

New testimony from Bob Hughes confirms ballot tampering in Maricopa County’s 2022 election. Hughes states in his affidavit that “an intentional change was made to the printers affecting the DAY OF Election ballots” in the 2022 Maricopa County midterm election. Hughes’ affidavit in Exhibit K of a newly filed Motion to Reconsider in Mark Finchem’s dismissed 2022 election lawsuit confirms previous testimony from Clay Parikh. Parikh was one of several expert witnesses in the Kari Lake lawsuit.

Fact-Checking 4 Biden Claims About Economy and Manufacturing – New Right Network

In a report released Monday, the Institute for Supply Management showed what it called the “fifth straight month of contraction” in manufacturing, predicting “the road will be bumpy” through the first half of 2023, but that improvements will come in the second half of the year.

Regarding the green economy in a broader sense, China accounts for 90% of the world’s battery storage market, 66% of global solar panel production, and 50% of wind turbine production, according to The Heritage Foundation’s new report titled “Winning the Cold War: A Plan for Countering China.”

Chinese spy balloon DID gather intelligence from sensitive US military sites before it was shot down | Daily Mail Online

The Chinese ‘spy balloon’ that flew across the US in February gathered intelligence from several American military sites before it was shot down, according to two senior US officials and a former senior administration official.

Iran Threatens To ‘Shoot Down’ US Spy Aircraft After Coming Close To Violating Its Airspace, US Navy Relents: Iranian Media (

On April 2, Iranian media reported that the nation’s naval forces had warned a US Navy surveillance plane from breaching Iranian airspace over the Sea of Oman. Tasnim, Iran’s semi-official news agency, alleged that an EP-3E aircraft belonging to the United States Navy was about to violate the Iranian airspace over the Sea of Oman when Iranian naval forces intervened and warned the intruding aircraft.

A CBDC Will Make The Tyrants Of The Past Look Like Amateurs Compared To Whats Dead Ahead (

This is how they’ve blotted out the memory of the billions in damage to burned-out urban areas across the country. As well as the looting and murder of police officers during the Burning, Looting, and Murder (BLM) riots of the summer of 2020 by still complaining about one 3-hour event in Washington. In addition to constantly persecuting President Trump to obscure the Biden scandals showing he’s beholden to the Chinese Communist Party. The Democrats and national socialist media don’t always have a deflection excuse for each one of their destructive policies, but when they do, they play it to the hilt.

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