Global Events Unveiling a Troubling Reality -- President Trump's Indictment, U.S. Food Poisoning, Dollar Rejection & Globalists Ramping up Censorship

Global Events Unveiling a Troubling Reality — President Trump’s Indictment, U.S. Food Poisoning, Dollar Rejection & Globalists Ramping up Censorship

The world of global and domestic politics has taken an interesting turn in the past few weeks and months. In the United States, President Trump was indicted by radical Manhattan District Attorney Alvin Bragg last week, while the U.S. food supply is slated to be intentionally poisoned with mRNA gene modifications in cows and pigs this month. With major players looking to move away from the U.S. dollar for international transactions, forming alliances such as BRICS (China, Russia, Brazil, India and South Africa), countries around the world are rejecting US currency due to U.S.’s abuse of economic sanctions and high debt levels —a fact evidenced in India and Malaysia’s agreement to settle trade in Indian rupees instead of dollars.

Amid these tumultuous events, other ways of life have come into play as well–such as The Organic Prepper creating an affordable meal plan for those who are strapped for cash with What To Eat When You’re Broke; or globalists amplifying Orwellian censorship efforts with potential imprisonment or death for reading “the wrong” websites; or Senate Bill 686 giving WEF full control over society along with punishments up to 20 years in prison for telling “disinformation”; then there are news of a cyberwarfare consultancy leak called Vulkan exposing Russia’s use of cyberwarfare tactics at home and abroad; plus researchers led by Professor Yoo Hoi-Jun designing an AI-powered chip known as MetaVRain; not forgetting Eliezer Yudkowsky’s warnings about unregulated development of superhuman intelligence systems leading to catastrophic consequences.  As we gain more knowledge about all that is happening around us—from observations at convenience stores highlighting America’s economical struggles due to welfare programs coupled with spiritual woes caused by distorted lifestyles, to prepping items such as beans being overlooked because of their reputation for causing gas that can actually be reduced when introduced into one’s diet—we get closer to understanding the turbulence encompassing our lives today.

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BREAKING: President Trump Announces He’ll Deliver Remarks Tuesday from Mar-a-Lago | The Gateway Pundit

President Trump was reportedly indicted by Soros-backed radical Manhattan DA Alvin Bragg last week.  This news rocked the nation as a President has never been indicted before especially for made-up charges by his political opponents.

The entire country was shocked by this act by the corrupt and now communist actors destroying the very foundations of this country.  They only have BS cases.

Hal Turner Radio Show – POISONING OF **OUR FOOD** BEGINS THIS MONTH – mRNA Going into Cows and Pigs

The food supply of every American is going to start being INTENTIONALLY POISONED with mRNA genetic modifications being fraudulently called “vaccines.”

Lobbyists for the cattleman and pork associations in several states have CONFIRMED they WILL be using mRNA vaccines in pigs and cows THIS MONTH.   It will actually become “vaccine food” and sold to YOU without your INFORMED CONSENT.

Buying and eating this beef or this pork may adversely affect you.  In some cases, it may KILL you.

Attorney Tom Renz says “To be clear – at this point there are zero states requiring informed consent for “vaccine food”.

Taking out the US dollar, BRICS by BRICS – American Thinker

Part of the great devolution of American power is not just related to depletion of military stores and the lack of enlistments for the service, but also our economic power.  The latest monetary threat is coming from both East and West and may be the coup de grâce for the U.S. dollar, which has long been the dominant global currency for international financial transactions.

A number of the world’s major players want to move away from U.S. currency and are working toward creating a new global currency.  You might not have heard of the BRICS alliance.  It consists of China, Russia, Brazil, India, and South Africa.  Reports suggest that they are cooperating to reduce their dependence on the U.S. by developing their own currency for trade among “friendly nations.”  Their ties are getting stronger: near-historic levels of trade are occurring between India and Russia.  Brazil has become more and more dependent on Russian fertilizer.


India, Malaysia move beyond dollar to settle trade in INR – The Hindu

India and Malaysia have agreed to settle trade in the Indian rupees, the Ministry of External Affairs announced on on April 1, 2023. The announcement is seen as a decisive step towards de-dolarisation and an effort to safeguard Indian trade from the impact of Russia’s war in Ukraine and its subsequent fallout and sanctions.

The announcement came in the backdrop of ongoing official efforts to Safeguard Indian trade from the impact of Ukraine crisis. The shift away from The U.S. dollar which has been the dominant reserve currency for international trade so far has added significance as it indicates India is willing to take concrete steps towards de-dollarisation of its international trade.

Hal Turner Radio Show – White House ADMITS Countries worldwide Refusing U.S. Dollar

Countries around the world have, IN FACT, either stated their intention to cease accepting the US Dollar, or have already begun refusing the US Dollar.

This is now a slow-moving train wreck for the United States.  Our federal government has abused so many countries with our “economic sanctions” and has done it for so long, that countries around the world have begun rejecting the US dollar as a means of payment for international trade.

On top of the economic sanctions abuse, that same US federal government has over-spent by so much, and run-up so much debt, that the world is rapidly losing faith that the US dollar will have __any__ value at all.

Rock-Bottom Meal Plan for Those Weeks When Money Is Tight (

Things are tough in America and they’re likely to get tougher. Many of us are forced to reallocate our money from one necessity to another and often, the thing that suffers first is our diets. If times are tight, you might find this article helpful.

It’s a meal plan created from recipes and strategies in my new paperback, What to Eat When You’re Broke. We released this in PDF format recently and readers loved it. We got so many requests to put it in hard copy format that we couldn’t say no! So, it’s available on Amazon now as a paperback.

The recipes in this article are all included in the book, which I’m selling just above cost. I hope you enjoy it, and please, give us a review on Amazon to help more people to see it when they’re searching for a way to feed their family during difficult times.

Globalists Orwellian Censorship Is Being Ramped Up To The Next Level (

The framework is now put together to not only completely ‘eliminate’ websites such as All News Pipeline, but imprison people for decades if they simply READ the ‘wrong’ websites, websites which expose the endless heinous crimes of the globalists crime cabal now attempting to drive that final nail into ‘freedom.’

Meaning the devils in Washington DC have cooked up another devious scheme to take their censorship of Americans to the next level, while outright eliminating the 1st Amendment of the US Constitution in the process, imagine ‘mass murderers’ having the power to make sure that NOBODY can report upon those mass killings, nor can anyone investigate those murderous crimes, with anybody who dares to do so being locked away for decades or even outright killed, under the ‘rule of law,’ and you’ll see what’s dead ahead if Washington DC gets its way.

Senate Bill 686 Gives WEF Full Control Over America, Gives Citizens 20 Years in Prison For Dissenting – News Punch

Klaus Schwab warned us last month that whoever controls AI will control the world. And the Davos elites have wasted no time in setting the stage for their final takeover of society.

The so-called TikTok Ban Bill is a Trojan Horse pretending to be a bill targeting ByteDance, the Chinese owners of TikTok, while it actually targets ordinary Americans who disagree with the Biden administration and the globalist elite agenda coming out of Davos.

Senate Bill 686, also known as the TikTok Ban Bill, gives Americans 20 YEARS in prison for spreading disinformation. And what is disinformation, you ask? Disinformation is anything that the globalist elites say it is.

Senate Bill 686, also known as the Restrict Act, is far worse than anything we have seen for decades. This bill has bipartisan support to turn the internet over to an AI spy system to control everything Americans say and do.



‘Vulkan files’ leak reveals Putin’s global and domestic cyberwarfare tactics | Cyberwar | The Guardian

On the surface, it looks like a run-of-the-mill cybersecurity consultancy. However, a leak of secret files from the company has exposed its work bolstering Vladimir Putin’s cyberwarfare capabilities.

The Vulkan files, which date from 2016 to 2021, were leaked by an anonymous whistleblower angered by Russia’s war in Ukraine. Such leaks from Moscow are extremely rare. “People should know the dangers of this,” the whistleblower said. “Because of the events in Ukraine, I decided to make this information public. The company is doing bad things and the Russian government is cowardly and wrong. I am angry about the invasion of Ukraine and the terrible things that are happening there. I hope you can use this information to show what is happening behind closed doors.”

Analysts say Russia is also engaged in a continual conflict with what it perceives as its enemy, the west, including the US, UK, EU, Canada, Australia and New Zealand, all of which have developed their own classified cyber-offensive capabilities in a digital arms race. Some documents in the leak contain what appear to be illustrative examples of potential targets.

MetaVRain AI-powered 3D rendering chip is 1000x more powerful than current Nvidia GPUs – News

A South Korean team of researchers led by Professor Yoo Hoi-Jun working at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science & Technology has recently completed the development of an AI-powered chip that can transform 2D images into completely editable 3D models with very low power consumption and exponentially increased processing speed over existing solutions from Nvidia. DigiTimes reports that the new neural rendering processor is known as the MetaVRain and it can easily be integrated into a portable device the size of a smartphone. It essentially aims at simplifying the processes of turning real-world objects and persons into 3D avatars for the Metaverse.

I’m an AI expert – everyone on earth will DIE unless we stop rapidly developing bots & we should halt development NOW | The Sun

Eliezer Yudkowsky is a leading AI researcher and he claims that “everyone on the earth will die” unless we shut down the development of superhuman intelligence systems.

The 43-year-old is a co-founder of the Machine Intelligence Research Institute and (MIRI) and claims to know exactly how “horrifically dangerous this technology” is.

He fears that when it comes down to humans versus smarter-than-human intelligence – the result is a “total loss”, he wrote in TIME. As a metaphor, he says, this would be like a “11th century trying to fight the 21st century”.

America’s Economic and Spiritual Woes – News With Views

I was in a convenience store, waiting in line.  Ahead of me, at the counter, was a young couple, who may or may not have been married.  They were trying to purchase some “junk food” items — a case of soda, a large bag of chips, a frozen pizza and a few candy bars.  My guess is that they were about 20 years old or so, maybe a little older, and both were seriously overweight and covered in tattoos.  Please don’t tell me I’m judging them because of their obesity and tattoos — I’m just describing their appearance, which is indicative of their lifestyle.

Their transaction was taking a long time, and then it became clear as to why, because the young man began shouting at the clerk. His welfare debit card was not going through for some reason and he began to get angry and belligerent with the clerk. “Run it again!” he demanded.  The poor clerk, trying her best to stay calm during what was becoming a loud disturbance, ran the debit card at least three times.  Still not working.

Then the young man got even more angry. “I’m going to call my Mom,” he screamed. “These are my benefits, and you don’t have any right to stop me! I’m going to just take my stuff and go!”

Prep School Daily: Basic Food Storage: Beans

“Beans, beans, the magical fruit;  the more you eat, the more you toot.”

That’s what a lot of people think of beans, even preppers.  It makes me sad.  Because beans are so versatile and can be used in so many ways, they really are magical!  So first off, let’s take care of the primary (and legitimate) objection to beans.  “[T]hey make you toot.”  Beans make people who are not accustomed to eating beans regularly toot because they lack the proper intestinal flora to digest beans properly.  Once you incorporate beans into your diet, problems with gas should disappear entirely.

It’s recommended that you store sixty pounds of dry beans (not green beans, not commercially canned beans) per person per year.  Beans are an ideal storage food because they are high in protein and low in fat, and are a good source of many trace minerals.  And it does not matter what kinds of beans you store—white, pinto, red, kidney, black, lima, lentils, et cetera. Store what you eat!  The chief cook and bottle washer here is of Mexican descent, so we have a lot of pinto beans. We also store some black beans, some white, and a few pink. I have no idea why I bought pink beans.  I never use them.  Maybe they were cheap.

FDA confirms Graphene Oxide is in the mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines | The Liberty Beacon

ER Editor: So, the FOI request on the Pfizer documents is revealing that graphene oxide IS listed by Pfizer as an ingredient or rather, is part and parcel of the MANUFACTURING PROCESS. An online search for 125742_S1_M4_4.2.1 vr vtr 10741.pdf, released to the public on February 1, 2023, reveals that this story broke a little over a week ago in the US, quietly of course.  The Expose have just picked it up, and provide us with an overview of the harmful additives / structures in the vaccines beyond just GO, as well as the doctors and researchers trying to expose this.

See the list of confidential Pfizer documents released to date: Enter the document # (as above) in their search field to pull up the PDF. Mention of GO is made on page 7 of the relevant PDF. (Or readers can perform precisely the same procedure on the PHMPT website.) This document was approved on Dec. 27, 2020 according to information on the left side of each page, based on findings made during 2020. Covid ‘vaccines’ were pushed on medical staff worldwide during December 2020, and released to the general public during January 2021.

It obviously matters that this ‘conspiracy theory’ can be put to rest and shown to be true according to Pharma’s own documents, that would otherwise have been hidden for 75 years.

We’ve been pushing as hard as we can on the GO issue because it really is a gateway to opening up the transhumanist agenda via ‘vaccines,’ 5G, etc, an idea which so many ‘truther’ doctors aren’t yet getting behind.

Why Are Traditional Christians Under Attack? – American Thinker

I ask, why should people faithful to Christ and to biblical teaching be under attack by the pope, and lately by the FBI, and by globalists hell-bent on “resetting the world”? Why the rush to a global mega-dictatorship that, as in communist China, calls for turning Christians into enemies of the state?

Is it because Thou shall have no other gods before me [Exodus 20:1-3] is a commandment that requires loyalty to a higher authority than all others? Is that an existential threat to the power of today’s Herods, currently identifying as Masters of the Universe? Are the attacks against the faithful driven by fear that “the Great Reset” might become “the Great Reject?” Is Christianity so great an obstacle to “world progress” that it was necessary to “update it,” “improve it,” make it ready to support, not impede, the establishment of a Godless world order?

China is Waging War on America. Biden is Waging War on Our Own Military. (

An ineffective military is always fighting the last war. But in the case of the Pentagon under Biden, the United States is apparently not fighting any war at all.

Even as global rivals such as China continue their fast-paced militarization, the U.S. is gutting the very programs it needs to remain competitive — not just against China, but in any conflict.

One of the most devastating recent self-inflicted blows to America’s military might is the decision to kill the Marine Corps Scout Sniper School, which has long been heralded for producing warriors acknowledged by allies and enemies alike as among the best trained. A memo from Deputy Commandant for Plans, Policy, and Operations at Headquarters Marine Corps Lieutenant General David J. Furness announced the “immediate transition of Scout Sniper Platoons”.

Ozempic’s Inventor is Race-Grifting to Hook Millions on Taxpayer-Funded ‘Anti-Obesity’ Drugs. (

Novo Nordisk – the manufacturer of the “miracle” weight-loss drug Wegovy (also known as Ozempic) – is using racial factors to insist on government funding for their drug in the United States.

Rodent studies have shown the drug can cause thyroid tumours, which should at least give us pause before we consider allowing tens of millions of people, including children, to take the drug regularly for years or even decades.

Christian school fighting state discrimination over faith (

“Maine lost at the U.S. Supreme Court just last year but is not getting the message that religious discrimination is illegal,” said Lea Patterson, counsel for First Liberty Institute. “Maine’s new law imposes special burdens on religious schools in order to keep them out of the school choice program. Government punishing religious schools for living out their religious beliefs is not only unconstitutional, it is wrong.”

Parents previously were not allowed to use their tuition benefit at a religion school. But when the case was pending before the Supreme Court, lawmakers change their requirements to demand that BCS violate its sincerely held religious beliefs in order to participate.

The report said it actually was Maine Attorney General Aaron Frey who earlier issued a statement specifically targeting BCS and expressed extreme hostility to its religious beliefs and vowed to exclude it from the program.

‘God Never Changes’: Ray Comfort on What It Really Means to ‘Fear God’ | CBN News

Evangelist Ray Comfort believes the “fear of the Lord is key to entering God’s holy presence and receiving his blessings” and the pathway to gaining true wisdom.

“The Bible says the fear of God is the beginning of wisdom,” Comfort said, appealing to Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:28 (NIV).

Christ proclaimed, “Do not be afraid of those who kill the body but cannot kill the soul. Rather, be afraid of the One who can destroy both soul and body in hell.”

Fulfilled To The Day: The Palm Sunday Prophecy | Harbingers Daily

Scripture doesn’t state that the triumphal entry was on a Sunday, but that it was “6 days before the Passover (see John 12:1).” Traditionally, we Christians celebrate it the Sunday before Easter.

If you are not familiar with the account, you can read about it in Matthew 21:1-11. There you’ll read about crowds of people greeting Jesus. Jerusalem was full of people from all over who had traveled to Jerusalem for the Passover week. People were there from all over to witness these amazing events.

There’s much to say about Palm Sunday and how the people of Jerusalem saw Jesus as an earthly king, coming to overthrow the oppressive Roman government and re-establishing the glory of Jerusalem from the time of King David.

What they didn’t realize then was that Jesus first had to suffer and die. The same people who shouted “Hosanna” at the triumphal entry were shouting “crucify him” just a few days later. All of this was a fulfillment of prophecy, and that’s what I would like to point out here.


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