Unlock Your Hunting Potential with the 6.5 Creedmoor: Essential Skills, Lyme Disease Solutions & More

Unlock Your Hunting Potential with the 6.5 Creedmoor: Essential Skills, Lyme Disease Solutions & More

Discoveries into the natural world have shown that a surprising solution to Lyme disease may lie within deer blood. Meanwhile, Western big game animals are struggling to survive the harsh winter season. In a Texas river, a brave boater faced off against a gargantuan 7-foot, 230-pound alligator gar. For hunters, mastering gun skills is crucial, as is preparing dogs with trap calling and proper water techniques for bow hunting. One lucky hunter’s recent custom rifle build using the Burris Veracity PH riflescope proved successful. Collaboration and knowledge sharing between hunters can improve chances of catching pressured gobblers, dark side trout, and foul-weather turkeys. Large game hunters swear by the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge, but expert tips on shed hunting, broadhead tune-ups, and water strategy for whitetail hunting can also help in their endeavors.

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New Study: Deer Blood Kills Lyme Disease | Field & Stream (fieldandstream.com)

Tick-borne diseases have been on the rise in the United States for well over two decades. Entomologists point to the proliferation of whitetail deer populations as the culprit behind a steep rise in overall tick numbers—which in turn drives increased numbers of tick-borne diseases in humans, from tularemia to Rocky Mountain spotted fever. But new research shows that whitetails might also hold the key to treating and preventing one of the most prolific and dangerous of all tick-caused diseases—Lyme disease.

Re-evaluating the 20-Gauge | (americanhunter.org)

When a shotgunning pursuit is mentioned, for most individuals—and especially those senescent—the mind automatically thinks “12-gauge.” It’s little wonder why, either; according to Frank C. Barnes in Cartridges of the World, 10th Ed., “If there is one shotshell that holds all titles as most versatile, most popular, and most varied in loading, the 12-gauge is it. Except for the 22 rimfire, by almost any measure, the 12-gauge is the most popular sporting chambering ever offered.” Available in lengths ranging from 2-inch to 3½-inch and featuring payloads weighing upward of 2¼ ounces, the “mighty twelve” can be loaded to handle any shotgunning task with aplomb. Need proof? At the time of this writing, MidwayUSA lists 447 offerings in the ubiquitous gauge.

Winter Causing Huge Losses in Western Big Game Herds | Outdoor Life

It’s technically spring, and Colton Heward is starting to think about turkey hunting. He’s been taking his spotting scope out to glass the hillsides of sage and cedar trees near his home in southeastern Idaho, 10 minutes from the Utah border and 40 minutes from Wyoming. But instead of watching turkeys scratch their way across the snow, Heward sees dead deer picked apart by scavengers. Sometimes he sees four or five carcasses in one quick scan of the landscape. The obsessive big game hunter and guide is getting nervous.

Caribou Crisis | Sports Afield

Until recently, a caribou hunt has been a grand Northern adventure, inexpensive and available, with multiple options continent-wide. You could even say that caribou hunting has been a growth industry for most of my life. I was young, but I remember when the Boone and Crockett Club decided that the caribou of northern Quebec and Labrador were too big to be the same as woodland caribou below treeline and on Newfoundland.

The Mental Challenge of Predator Hunting | Grand View Outdoors

First and foremost, it’s about attitude. It’s vital to approach each and every stand with a genuine sense of optimism that comes from the confidence of knowing that the methods employed work — and much of that confidence comes from experiencing success in the past. As they say, experience is the best teacher. Only when armed with the assurance that their techniques and tactics are sound, and their equipment and methods exemplary, will predator hunters have the fortitude to sit as still as a mountain and hopeful throughout each setup — whether they’re experiencing success or not.


Hunting Gear & Supplies – No matter what you’re hunting, how you’re hunting, or your level of expertise, Sportsman’s Warehouse can get you the gear you need to help ensure success on your next trip. We carry a wide assortment for big game, archery, turkey, waterfowl, upland game birds, small game, and trapping. Whether you need to replace or upgrade some equipment, or you’re just getting into the game and need a full setup to get started, we’re here to meet your needs. Buy online and pick up in store, or ship to store, or ship it right to your house, whatever’s the most convenient for you!

7-Foot, 230-Pound Alligator Gar Drags Jon Boat Around Texas River (wideopenspaces.com)

Usually when we share a video from the Fish Whisperer, it’s one of his signature fish-feeding videos. But when he uploads an actual fishing video, it’s usually a real winner. That’s definitely the case here. This one isn’t your usual gar fishing video. This fish is a 7-foot, 230-pound monster that’s half the size of the jon boat he catches it from!

Gun Skills: Knowing Empty | (americas1stfreedom.org)

For example, when I first started teaching, I was surprised by how many students didn’t notice by sight or feel that their gun was in slide-lock. This is of critical importance—if you aren’t aware that you’ve run dry, you could be wasting time pointing an empty pistol at an assailant when you ought to be reloading or reaching for an alternate tool. Therefore, I have developed this straightforward routine that can help solidify immediate identification of the empty condition and train reacting to those indicators into instinct.

Deer Snare, What I Learned | THF Outdoors

So a while ago I decided to start snaring and see what I could catch in a snare. I was mainly going after coyotes and foxes but a deer ended up in my snare. In this article I am going to talk about what I learned about snaring deer. Snaring deer is illegal and should only be used in survival situations. The deer I caught was an accidental catch and all laws were obeyed and the deer was turned over to the proper authorities.

Two Warden Tales – Northwoods Sporting Journal

When it comes to investigating wildlife crimes and prosecuting those who commit the crimes, it is rare that a Game Warden actually views the violation happen directly in front of them. Often times, we rely heavily on our investigative abilities or eyewitnesses to follow the puzzle pieces of evidence until we can determine what happened and ultimately, who did it. Think about it, most Wardens cover large geographic areas, teeming with wildlife and to be in the “right place at the right time” rarely happens despite our best efforts. When I train new Wardens in the Advanced Warden School, I often tell them to view this problem in terms of a triangle. At the top of the triangle, you as the Warden need to be out in the right area at the right time. The other corners of the triangle are the wildlife being there at the right time, along with the sportsman. Below are two stories of when the stars aligned and I was in fact in the right place at the right time.

The key to a good run? Finding the hardpack | In The Bush | newsminer.com

Lake Minchumina — I patted Sherri’s shoulder sympathetically. “Don’t you just hate snowmachines,” I asked as we gazed down at her transportation lying where it had slipped off an obscured trail to slump half buried in soft powder. Although a hard-packed trail lay somewhere below Sherri’s snowmachine that late winter years ago, a storm had blown enough loose powder to fill the trench. Subsequent fresh snow rendered its remnants invisible — a common but problematic scenario that may require a range of tactics to address.

Bowhunting Preparation – Hunt Alaska Magazine

Hunting in Alaska can be very challenging! Logistics, weather, and timing play a big part in planning a hunt in Alaska. The gear you bring or don’t bring can also contribute to your success. Generally, bowhunting is challenging, but when you add Alaska’s backcountry to it, it becomes incredibly challenging. There are a few rules that I follow when getting ready for one of my Alaska bowhunting trips, which, in my experience, has helped to ensure I have a successful trip.


It doesn’t matter if scouting for deer or glassing a hillside for a bighorn sheep, having a good set of sporting optics dramatically improves your chances of hunting success. Whether you’re a brand oriented buyer or someone that is looking to get the best for your money, we’ve got you covered with our tools for hunting. We carry a variety of sporting optics including hunting spotting scopes, rangefinders, riflescopes, and binoculars for hunting, all from quality brands such as Swarovski, Nikon, Vortex, Zeiss and more.

When you see bait balls on your sonar, try this trick for big walleye, trout or pike • Outdoor Canada

This ice-fishing trick doesn’t work all the time, but it works often enough that you simply can’t let the opportunity pass by. I’m talking about the many times a day you’ll see a school of ciscoes, shiners, smelt or young-of-the-year yellow perch pass beneath your hole. When you see those baitfish, reel up quickly—or drop down just as fast—and jig your lure in and around the prey.

One Trap to Rule Them AllTrapper Predator Caller (trappermag.com)

If there was ever a trap that could truly be an all-round choice it would be the venerable #1 longspring. One of the most overworked and often underappreciated of all the sizes, it has likely put more fur on the forms than any other — including the killer-style traps. If you’ve never set a single longspring #1, you’re a rarity, as they are the starter size for many tyros of the trails. With a 4-inch jaw and fitting young hands just right, they are the tool we all handle first and still set after decades.

Empty Hands | (shootingillustrated.com)

When police respond to a call of shots fired, they have very little idea who the bad guys are and who the good guys are. Therefore, when they arrive on-scene, they’re probably going to consider anyone at the scene with firearm visible as a threat or a suspect. Now I am not criticizing our law enforcement but, instead, trying to make you see how chaotic and confusing many of those “shots fired” calls can be. It is often poor light, it’s dangerous, and nearly always confusing. In short, it is very easy to make mistakes in those kinds of situations, and you don’t want to be the mistake that gets shot.

How to Make a Dog Love Water – Proper Water Introduction Tips (projectupland.com)

Sweat beaded on the handler’s forehead as I gave my instructions on the water. A cloud of nervous energy consumed him in anticipation of the day’s last event. After all, a prize one score was on the line. His young Brittany gave a stellar performance in both the field work and tracking portions of its test. Now, the pup excitedly pulled at the end of the lead, giving the handler a glimmer of hope that it would swim.

Custom 6.5 Creedmoor Rifle Build with the First Hunt Using the Burris Veracity PH Riflescope | Varminter Magazine

It’s important to start with a solid foundation. This is true if you are building a bridge, a house, or a custom rifle. This custom build was going to be a dual-purpose hunting and target shooting rifle, with weight being of little concern. As always, accuracy was first on my list of needs, because I planned to shoot this at distances beyond your typical varmint/predator hunting ranges. I understand that the 6.5 Creedmoor gets hated on constantly.  However, I feel it is a very efficient cartridge and has solidified its place in the type of varmint hunting we do here in the West.  Besides,  I was already set up to reload for the 6.5 Creedmoor and had quite a bit of quality brass from Peterson Cartridge begging me to load it and take it out to the field (does your brass speak to you as well?)!

How to Tag Team Pressured Gobblers | MeatEater Hunting (themeateater.com)

The first out-of-state trip I took to hunt anything was after Missouri gobblers. The Show-Me State was all the rage in the late 90s, and the opportunities to bag a bird or two on public land were pretty solid. The downside was that it was no secret. Between Missouri’s turkey reputation, the 1 p.m. daily closure, and limited public land, the competition was fierce. We figured that out long after the gobblers figured it out. While the birds seemed responsive and quite vocal, their willingness to close the last 50 yards was rough. It wasn’t until a hunting partner and I were desperate to make something happen that we stumbled onto a strategy I still use to this day.

Trout Fishing on the Dark Side – MidWest Outdoors

That’s why he welcomed us to the “dark side.” He calls his nighttime charters “Fishing the Dark Side,” and that’s the best time to hook into one of Taneycomo’s huge brown trout. Brown trout are notoriously wary, especially when they reach trophy size. They lose some of their caution after dark, and we were hoping to capitalize on that!

Maximizing Bowhunting Forgiveness: Part 1 – Western Hunter

What is the worst possible outcome of a bow hunt? This is a personal question, but for myself and many others, it’s unequivocally missing a makeable shot, or, even worse, wounding your quarry. Carefully selecting your gear, practicing your shot all year long, maintaining your physical fitness, executing a perfect stalk into bow range; all that preparation ending with a botched shot will pretty much break any hunter, including myself. If you are like me, the miss will haunt you, your mind continually replaying the shot sequence over and over again.

How to Boost Your Odds for Foul-Weather Turkeys – Game & Fish (gameandfishmag.com)

I stood at the top of a hill, looking down into a river bottom that regularly echoed with gobbling turkeys. However, on this day, apart from the rushing sound of water flowing in the nearby river due to a large amount of rain the day before, there was utter silence. As I listened to this byproduct of the prior day’s big spring rain, I started to wonder if I’d made a mistake getting out of my warm, cozy bed that morning. Then I began thinking about the plate of biscuits and gravy I would’ve no doubt eaten had I stayed at home.

Why The 6.5 Creedmoor Is The Best Cartridge For Big Game – Petersen’s Hunting (petersenshunting.com)

There’s a lot of options out there in regard to caliber choices, and sometimes its hard to pick the right one. Obviously rifle choice is a big part of it, and the fit and finish of a new sporter is something that shouldn’t be overlooked. Buy as many rifles as you want, but when it comes to cartridge choice, there’s only one that we would recommend if your ultimate desire is to find success on any hunt around the world. Who needs more when you shoot the 6.5 Creedmoor?

The Best 20 Shed Hunting Tips for Better Success – North American Whitetail

Shed hunting season is in full force, and many pieces of white gold have been discovered. But there’s still time to find more, especially if one elevates their game to the next level. Here are 20 advanced shed hunting skills to know.

  1. Start shed hunting early, but only check open food sources. These are locations where deer routinely lose their headgear. Plus, covering these locations is less likely to pressure deer. This is important, especially if a high percentage of bucks are still holding their antlers.
  2. Save the bedding cover for last. This decreases the odds of pressuring deer that might not have shed yet. Furthermore, it will apply less pressure and stress to the herd, resulting in healthier deer.
  3. Shed hunt public tracts sooner. This boosts the odds of discovering dropped antlers before other hunters find them. This is even more important for areas that receive more pressure and are closer to roads and parking lots.

Give Your Broadheads a Tune-Up – Bowhunter

When an arrow flies at high speed, it is subject to air resistance. This is what allows the arrow’s fletching to produce drag. Fletching that is larger and has a strong degree of helical will consequently produce increased resistance — an element that optimizes flight recovery and stabilization. This aids in steering the arrow better.

The same can be said with the surface area of a broadhead, whether it be a fixed-blade or mechanical. It has the ability to “catch air” and steer the projectile one way or the other. However, as long as the fletching does its job of catching more air than the broadhead, it will remain in control and guide the arrow with as little oscillation as possible. Of course, this only applies if the broadhead turns on a centralized axis. If there are any irregularities in how the broadhead rotates, air-drag suddenly changes, and so does the arrow’s flight and steering dynamics. This introduces a phenomenon known as “planing.” This is why sufficient fletching size and precise broadhead-to-arrow alignment are crucial for shooting consistency. If one or both are lacking, poor accuracy will result.

Is Water the Key to Whitetail Success? – Petersen’s Bowhunting (bowhuntingmag.com)

It turns out Terron was right once again. Late-summer photos showed the bruiser still as an eight, but he’d added mass and his body size was ultra-impressive. Like the year before, the buck was a movie star — he loved to visit a rubbing post/mock scrape that was placed 20 yards from the treestand.

Introducing the World’s First-Ever Genetically Engineered Bi – Gun Dog (gundogmag.com)

As one of the world’s leading authorities on bird dogs, from pointers to flushers and retrievers, the GUN DOG staff is constantly fielding questions from our readers on which is the best bird dog out there. This year we took our innovation and inspiration to a new level by building the best bird dogs for you.

In this decades-in-the-making, exclusive development, GUN DOG partnered with the world’s leading animal researchers, scientists, and breeders to pioneer the very best gun dogs. We are now we’re proud to present them with the world.

Finding and Catching Deep Bedding Bass – In-Fisherman

When largemouth bass are prolifically spawning in clear water, just about anyone short of Stevie Wonder can find their beds.

That leads to one problem: Everyone can find their beds. The biggest fish will be caught early, and the rest will be provoked and pestered until they become uncatchable. That makes it imperative to be able to find the spawning fish that others won’t look for or can’t find.

Changing the Nymph Game with Realistic Action – Fly Fisherman

When I was around 15 years old, I got my mom to drive me up to the Jackson River. Then (and now) it was a tailwater fishery full of wild browns and rainbows. It was a trout-fishing paradise right in my home state of Virginia. On that trip I met two guys who would change my life forever: Harrison Steeves and Steve Hiner.

Steeves you may know from his revolutionary fly design, and his book Terrestrials: A Modern Approach to Fishing and Tying with Synthetic and Natural Materials. Steve Hiner, at the time, was an entomologist specialist at Virginia Tech. Both guys shaped my early thoughts on fly design and fish behavior. They taught me the hard way—not just by giving me the information they had already learned, but by allowing me to learn through my own observations on and off the water.

The first time I ran into these guys on the Jackson River, they were fishing near me, and catching fish almost constantly.


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