Is a financial collapse the only option? Get ready for NATO "peacekeepers" and 50,000 North Korean commandos in Ukraine.

Is a financial collapse the only option? Get ready for NATO “peacekeepers” and 50,000 North Korean commandos in Ukraine.

The whispers in the shadows grow louder, revealing the truth behind Operation Sand Man and its devastating implications. The Western world is crumbling under the weight of its own greed and corruption, with central banks desperately scrambling to plug the endless holes in the financial dam. But it’s a losing battle, with the looming collapse now an unavoidable reality. Tennessee’s creation of a state gold and silver reserve may provide a glimmer of hope, but the Fed’s over-tightening due to a broken job market spells doom for the average citizen. And now, with whispers of NATO “peacekeepers” entering the fray and 50,000 North Korean commandos joining Russia’s special ops in Ukraine, it’s clear that the end is near. The light at the end of the tunnel has been snuffed out, and the darkness of a dystopian future looms ahead. Will anyone survive the coming storm?

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Operation Sand Man and Ramifications… | Capitalist Eric (

I can now say with certainty that the collapse is in progress, now. The Western central banks have all pooled their resources to stop cash outflows from different banks around the Western world, to plug holes that appear, and keep the banks solvent. But it’s too much; the dam has too many cracks, too many holes, and there aren’t enough fingers available to stop the leaks.

Tennessee Creates State Gold and Silver Reserve – Big League Politics

On March 23, 2023, Tennessee Governor Bill Lee signed a bill into law that lays the groundwork for creating a state reserve to purchase, sell, and hold precious metals such as gold and silver. According to Mike Maharrey of the Tenth Amendment Center, such a move would grant Tennessee ability to “achieve more financial independence with gold and silver reserves, and could help undermine the Federal Reserve’s monopoly on money.”

The Fed is Killing Us by Over-Tightening Due to a Broken Job Market. There is Now Solid Proof. – The Great Recession Blog

We can now actually see with visual metrics what it looks like when the Fed keeps pushing against a badly broken job market that keeps pushing back. Unlike previous situations where there were far more jobs than workers, I’ve said the Fed’s usual labor metric is broken this time, so jobs will not move as the economy tightens until it is too late. The Fed will have to tighten the financial system long and hard to get the economy down enough to where the primary signals it looks at for gauging when it’s nearing the point where it can tighten no more will start to flash.

Hal Turner Radio Show – ***FLASH*** NATO “Peacekeepers” To Enter on Side of Ukraine?

Russia is alerting the world that NATO is going to send what they call “Peacekeeping troops” into the Ukraine war.  Russian Federation Security Council Deputy Chairman Dmitry Medvedev made clear “Any peacekeepers on the front lines in Ukraine without our consent must be eliminated.”

50,000 North Korean Commandos Prepare To Join Russia’s Special Military Ops In Ukraine – Military Correspondent (

Aleksander Sladkov, a seasoned Russian journalist specializing in military affairs, claimed that North Korea is firmly aligned with Russia in the ongoing conflict. He further added that Pyongyang is willing to contribute to the effort by dispatching its troops to take part in the special military operation – a term commonly used by Moscow instead of referring to the conflict as a war with Ukraine.

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“Unprecedented” Chinese Genetic Experiment May Lead To Army Of Radiation-Resistant Super Soldiers | ZeroHedge

The Hong-based South China Morning Post has a doozy of a headline out this week based on a breakthrough announcement by a team of scientists linked to the Chinese military, working in Beijing: “Chinese team behind extreme animal gene experiment says it may lead to super soldiers who survive nuclear fallout.”

Canada Moves To Begin Euthanizing Children Without Parental Consent – News Punch

The World Economic Forum-infiltrated Canadian government has proposed a raft of amendments to the country’s laws on “assisted suicide,” allowing the government to euthanize minors without parental consent.

Signature verification software used by Maricopa County says 10% is ‘high-confidence’ match | Just The News

With Kari Lake’s legal complaint alleging systematic signature verification failures in Maricopa County remanded by the Arizona Supreme Court to trial court, closer examination of the signature verification software used by the county reveals a strikingly low threshold for signatures to qualify as “high-confidence” matches.

The James O’Keefe Effect: Citizen Journalist Uncovers More Damning Democrat Money Laundering Evidence – Discern TV

His latest investigation is looking into highly potential political contribution laundering through Democrat-affiliated donations portal Act Blue. In his first video, he followed leads to Maryland where he discovered elderly Democrat donors who seem to be oblivious to their names and addresses being used to make thousands of donations to Democrats.

Why Government Is the Problem – The American Experiment Has Failed – America Out Loud

We are at the end of the road. If we cannot turn this thing around, we will either need a government that has the power to control us, or we will tear our nation apart. We have no shared culture, no shared religion, no shared moral values, and increasingly no shared language. We have nothing to base a nation around.

Gov. Newsom Forced to Repeal California’s anti-LGBT Banned-States Law for 2024 Presidential Campaign | California Globe

In order for California Governor Gavin Newsom to be able to travel the country campaigning for President – without being called a hypocrite – he’s orchestrated the introduction of a new bill to end California’s travel ban to “anti-LGBT law” states. Senate Bill 447, authored by Senator Toni Atkins (D-San Diego), would end California’s ant-LGBT law travel ban to 23 states, including  Alabama, Arizona, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Idaho, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah and West Virginia.

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Connecticut Flies Trans Flag Over State Capitol After Trans Terror Attack That Killed 6 Christians – National File

The trans pride flag was flown over the Connecticut State Capitol on Friday, as pro-trans governments all over the country celebrated transgenderism just days after a transgender terrorist murdered six Christians, including three 9-year-old children, in a targetted attack in Nashville, Tennessee.

Rule Change Challenged That Could Allow Universities to Discriminate Against Religious Student Groups – The Washington Standard

Regulations in danger of being rescinded by the Biden administration require public colleges and universities that currently receive grant funding to treat religious student groups the same as other student organizations. However, Rutherford Institute attorneys caution that without the current protections in place, religious student groups at more than 1,200 public colleges and universities could face adverse action by administrators inclined to view the groups’ religious beliefs and statements of faith as violating the schools’ nondiscrimination policies.

Anti-White Racism Can Now Be Taught In German Schools (

his just in! Germany, whose last encounter with similar stuff led the Germans to murder six million Jews, has just upheld the right of its schools to teach anti-white racism. More on this victory for the naked racism of Critical Race Theory can be found here: “Germany: Berlin court rules anti-White Critical Race Theory can be taught in schools,”

Is April Fools’ Day White Supremacism? | Gates of Vienna

New York, New York (April 1) — A racial justice advocacy group has denounced April Fools’ Day as a tool of white supremacy. The Eastern League for Overturning Injustice, based in New York City, issued a press release today demanding that all observance of April Fools’ Day be cancelled by federal, state, and local government agencies, the mainstream media, and social media. It also asked ordinary Americans to use all lawful means at their disposal to put a stop to any pranks initiated by their family, friends, and acquaintances.

NPR Employees Throw Hissy Fit at Meeting After Layoffs – Blame Racism and Transphobia | The Gateway Pundit

National Public Radio just laid off almost 100 people, citing a drop in ad revenue. Now employees want to see more specific breakdowns around the number or percentage of employees of different races and identities who were laid off, rather than those of the remaining employees.

In NYC, More Criminals Are Free, Producing More Crime (

The latest NYPD statistics show that overall crime in New York City is up more than 37% over the last year. This should be no surprise to anyone keeping an eye on the Legislature’s mismanagement of the jail population. When bail reform was passed in New York in April of 2019, the number of inmates in NYC jails stood at 7,809. Eight months later, by the time it became fully effective, more than 2,000 inmates, most of them career criminals with long criminal records had been released from city custody with little to no supervision.

‘Everyone on Earth will die,’ top AI researcher warns — RT World News

Shutting down the development of advanced artificial intelligence systems around the globe and harshly punishing those violating the moratorium is the only way to save humanity from extinction, a high-profile AI researcher has warned.

How To Stop the Destruction of America’s Military and America – America Out Loud

Russia and China each present serious national security challenges for the U.S. military. When President Barack Obama and Vice President Joe Biden eliminated the Pentagon’s “two war” doctrine in 2012, they left the U.S. prepared to simultaneously fight only one major regional conflict, not two. This disastrous Obama-Biden Administration decision has become a force multiplier for America’s two most dangerous adversaries, Russia and China.

A Nation Divided and a World in Turmoil | GOPUSA

A happy, upbeat friend does not watch television news, whether national or local, does not read a newspaper and avoids discussing politics, religion or even sports. Self-employed, he found out about something called the coronavirus while driving to work the day the California lockdown mandate began. That morning he encountered no traffic on the normally busy streets of Los Angeles and said, “What’s going on?!” It seems unthinkable that someone in his mid-to-late 30s could erect news blinders, especially when he, like most everyone else, uses a smartphone for personal and business matters. He even maintains a Facebook page to keep up with friends and family.

My happy friend resembles the chain-smoker who grew tired of reading newspaper articles that linked cigarette smoking to cancer. So, he decided to stop… reading newspapers. Who knows? Maybe my friend has a point.


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