Time is Running Out: Discover What the Elite Don't Want You to Know

Time is Running Out: Discover What the Elite Don’t Want You to Know

Have You Seen the Signs? Unmasking a Globalist Takeover – This May be Your Last Chance to Secure Your Future From Globalists and War Hawks

The world is a dangerous place, and things seem to be spiraling out of control. In Nashville, a school shooting has left a manifesto with gun control activists disrupting press conferences, it’s clear that tensions are at an all-time high.

But that’s just the beginning. Across the globe, there are warning signs of a new world order being pushed by mysterious “globalists.” Meanwhile, Russia’s supply of uranium is allowing China to amass a staggering arsenal of nuclear warheads, which could mean trouble for us all. And as if that weren’t enough, declassified footage has revealed that B-52s were once capable of devastating nuclear strikes during the Cold War.

And now, over a trillion dollars has been pulled from US banks, raising fears that the entire banking system could collapse.

It’s a scary time to be alive, and there’s no telling what the future holds. But one thing is clear: it’s time to take notice and prepare for the worst.

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Transgender-identifying Nashville school shooter had manifesto, map, multiple firearms: Police chief – TheBlaze

Nashville authorities held a press conference late Monday afternoon during which they revealed new details about the mass shooting at The Covenant School that took the lives of three children and three adults.

Gun Control Activist Takes Over Nashville Police School Shooting Briefing (townhall.com)

A gun control activist took over the Nashville Police’s briefing and began ranting about the problem with guns after the officers had concluded giving initial details about a school shooting at Covenant School, a private Christian elementary school that has left three students and three adults dead.

Watch: MSM Prepping Americans To Accept Collapse of Dollar As Financial Crisis Accelerates (infowars.com)

CNN and Fox News are warning their audiences to brace for the removal of the dollar as the world reserve currency amid other nations shifting to alternative currencies.

China Can Deploy 1500 Nuclear Warheads By 2035 As Russia ‘Supplied’ Enriched Uranium To Beijing’s CFR-600 Facility (eurasiantimes.com)

The United States security establishment has sounded the alarm of a possible arms race over the latest Putin-Xi bilateral agreement for a critical technology transfer that China could use to produce nuclear warheads.

The one-world beast system is roaring into reality, but is anyone listening? – LeoHohmann.com

While Americans get increasingly hypnotized by 2024 election coverage, where all they’re hearing about is the theatrics surrounding Donald Trump, the globalists and technocrats are moving rapidly to install a new global economic order that will outmaneuver the political system and enslave humanity.

Hal Turner Radio Show – U.S. Embassy to Americans: “Leave Israel Immediately”

The United States Embassy in Jerusalem has told Americans to “Leave Israel Immediately.” The country of Israel is descending rapidly into what some have called “Civil War.” Unions have gone on strike.  The airports have all shut down.  Restaurants, banks, shopping malls, have all joined in a national strike against proposed changes to the government that would basically gut the Judiciary of Israel.

Declassified footage shows how B-52 crews would conduct nuclear strikes during Cold War | Daily Mail Online

Declassified footage from 1960 revealed how the United States Air Force would perform nuclear strikes if needed amid the Cold War. The video, Nuclear Effects During SAC Delivery Missions, released by The US National Archives and Records Administration on March 20 helped prepare bomber crews operating B-52s.

You Will Be Shocked By How Much Money Is Being Pulled Out Of U.S. Banks, And Now The Biggest Bank In Germany Is In Trouble (theeconomiccollapseblog.com)

A trillion dollars is a lot of money.  If you stacked a billion dollar bills on top of one another, the pile would be 67.9 miles high, but if you stacked a trillion dollar bills on top of one another the pile would be 67,866 miles high.  And if you lined up a trillion dollar bills end to end, the line of dollar bills would be a staggering 96,906,656 miles long.  That is longer than the distance from the Earth to the Sun.  A trillion dollars is such a vast amount of money that it is truly difficult to comprehend, but as you will see below, that much money has already been pulled out of “vulnerable” U.S. banks over the past year.  Hordes of small and mid-size banks are now in trouble, and that is really bad news because those institutions issue most of the mortgages, auto loans and credit cards that our economy runs on.  The other day, I asked my readers to “imagine what our country will look like if the banking system implodes and the economy plunges into a depression”, because if our banks continue to collapse that is precisely where we are headed.

With the Communist coup & overthrow of America all but complete, a full-scale invasion is on (newstarget.com)

While the story over at Fox News Tuesday afternoon will receive very little mainstream news attention because it’s got a little too much information that Joe Biden and the globalists don’t want Americans to know, this tweet from Virginia Congressman Ben Cline lays it all on the table, with Cline warning: “We know that the Chinese Communist Party will do ANYTHING to spy & steal Americans’ data. Now, the Biden admin is releasing Chinese illegal aliens into our country without an appropriate investigation.”

German Transport Crippled By Inflation-Sparked “Mega Strike” | ZeroHedge

The transportation network of Europe’s largest economy has ground to a halt as German unions begin a 24-hour “mega strike.” Workers flooded the streets of German cities as they demanded higher wages in response to the worst inflation in decades. The strike contributes to the ongoing social unrest in France, where millions protested last week against the government’s unpopular pension reform.

House Overwhelmingly Passes First Ever US Bill to Punish CCP’s Forced Organ Harvesting (theepochtimes.com)

The House on March 27 overwhelmingly passed a bill to punish communist China for its forced organ harvesting from prisoners of conscience, marking the first non-symbolic legislative measure in the United States to counter the atrocity.

Ted Nugent Slams ‘Homosexual Weirdo’ Zelensky at Trump Rally: ‘I Want My Money Back!’ (informationliberation.com)

“I am a guitar player, I have a couple of demands. Secure my border,” Nugent said to cheers. “I have a couple of really good ideas: give me my tax dollars back. I didn’t authorize killing babies at Planned Parenthood….I want my money back. I didn’t authorize any money to Ukraine to some homosexual weirdo!”

Bidens Lunatic Nation Redefines Insanity (allnewspipeline.com)

And with Biden’s absolutely bizarre remarks quite literally leading to politicians there in Canada busting out into laughter at his unbelievable gaffe that grows more understandable every day as his crimes of treason upon America are more exposed, Biden quickly ‘corrected’ himself in a way that shows he knows his crimes won’t be able to stay hidden from the American people much longer. ‘Excuse me. I applaud Canada,’ the president said. ‘You can tell what I’m thinking about China. I won’t get into that yet.’

Because with the ‘Biden crime family’ now PROVEN to have taken MILLIONS of dollars from a Chinese energy company according to this House Oversight Committee press release, and that all just the tip of the iceberg, all of the top-voted comments on that Daily Mail story quickly pointed out that people are DONE with Biden and his never-ending treason that has led to the US govt carrying out mass murder.

The Origins of MK-Ultra and Other Mind-Manipulation Operations (mysteriousuniverse.org)

Although the collective U.S. intelligence community, military and government has undertaken countless official (and off-the-record, too) projects pertaining to both mind-control and mind-manipulation, without any doubt whatsoever, the most notorious of all was Project MK-Ultra: a clandestine operation that operated out of the CIA’s Office of Scientific Intelligence, and that had its beginnings in the Cold War era of the early 1950s. To demonstrate the level of secrecy that surrounded Project MK-Ultra, even though it had kicked off at the dawn of the fifties, its existence was largely unknown outside of the intelligence world until 1975.That’s when the Church Committee and the Rockefeller Commission began making their own investigations of the CIA’s mind-control-related activities – in part to determine if (A) the CIA had engaged in illegal activity, (B) the personal rights of citizens had been violated, and (C) if the projects at issue had resulted in fatalities – which they most assuredly and unfortunately did. Rather conveniently, and highly suspiciously, too, it was asserted at the height of the inquires in 1975 that two years earlier, in 1973, CIA Director, Richard Helms had ordered the destruction of the Agency’s MK-Ultra files. Fortunately, this did not stop the Church Committee or the Rockefeller Commission – both of whom had the courage and tenacity to forge ahead with their investigations, relying on sworn testimony from players in MK-Ultra, where documentation was no longer available for scrutiny, study and evaluation.

Incredible Sun Image Showing Solar Tornado that’s Over 75,000 Miles Tall | PetaPixel

Astrophotographers Andrew McCarthy and Jason Guenzel teamed up to produce this stunning image of the Sun with a solar tornado spinning off it that’s as tall as 14 Earths. McCarthy captured over 200,000 images and worked with Guenzel over five days on the data to create the 140-megapixel picture. The pair managed to get an unprecedented level of detail into their photo which McCarthy says is his “most detailed Sun picture.”

Utah Parent Calls The Holy Bible ‘Porn’, Asks School District to Remove It for Sexual Content | CBN News

A 2022 Utah law has been used to question dozens of books across the state considered by some to be inappropriate for children and in some cases even pornographic. Now, a parent has requested a school district remove the Holy Bible from its schools for inappropriate content.


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