Are you prepared for the worst-case scenario? Protect Yourself in a Dystopian World

Are you prepared for the worst-case scenario? Protect Yourself in a Dystopian World

In these uncertain times, it’s more important than ever to make sure that you are prepared for the worst-case scenarios. From learning how to install a hidden floor safe to stocking up on supplies, you should prepare to ensure that, when SHTF or WROL strikes, all of your bases will be covered. The savvy prepper knows the importance of ensuring that both the short and long term are taken care of. The astute individual must understand why gabion walls and stockpiling a year’s worth of goods from supermarkets is essential – after all, disasters can lurk around every corner! Preparing when bugging out with baby in tow is also not forgotten by the survivalist. Lastly, what better way to show your commitment to prepping than activating emergency drills for yourself and family?

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How to seamlessly camouflage a hidden floor safe? – Prepper Website

Do you have valuables? Would you like to keep these valuables hidden without it being obvious that they are hidden? If you are like most people, I’m sure you answered “yes” to both of those questions. Fortunately, there is a way of keeping those valuables safely tucked away, unseen to any “wandering” eyes.

SHTF Sanitation: Staying Sterile While in Peril – Mind4Survival

When life expectancy increased dramatically during the late nineteenth and early twentieth century, there were still no antibiotics. The increase in life expectancy was driven by the improvement in sanitation. People began to understand the importance of cleanliness.

How To Build Your Own Panic Room – Ask a Prepper

What would you do if a major natural disaster, such as a tornado or a hurricane, swept through your town and was coming straight for your house? Or what would you do in the event of a home invasion where multiple armed burglars entered your house?

Prep School Daily: The Bug Bandwagon—Are You Jumping On?

There is so much that is truly disturbing in our society—child pornography and other forms of abuse, sex trafficking, drug addictions, the invasion of tens of thousands of military-age men through our southern border, and so on—that it’s difficult to classify the media’s promotion of eating bugs as a sustainable way of feeding the planet the same as the previously mentioned societal ills. At the very least it can be considered another symptom of a truly sick society.

Stocking a Year’s Worth of Food from Your Local Supermarket – M.D. Creekmore

As a prepper, one of the most important things you can do is to build a food supply that will last you and your family for at least one year. This will ensure that you are prepared for any disaster or emergency situation that may arise. While there are many options for building a long-term food supply, one of the easiest and most accessible ways is to do it all from your local supermarket. In this article, I’ll will show you how to build a prepper’s year food supply all from your local supermarket.

Bugging Out With A Baby – Prepperswill

We often find ourselves captivated by tales of a lone survivor bugging out in the apocalypse, whether it’s a man and his trusty long-life friend or perhaps a canine companion by his side. He’s the quintessential American hero, always embroiled in dangerous situations and doing what he must to survive.

How To Build A Faraday Cage & What To Put In It – Survival Magazine & News – Bushcraft Prepper Offgrid SHTF Blog & Conservative News

When folks first hear about Faraday Cages, they have an initial wave of basic questions… What is a Faraday Cage? Why should I care? How do I get my hands on one? What should I put in it? Do they work? Perhaps you’re unsure what all the hype is about and want to know, “what is it”?

Gabion walls for form and function – Backwoods Home Magazine

I think there has to be something ingrained in the human brain that loves things built of stone. Maybe it’s our desire for strength and safety or the timeless beauty of stacked stone masonry. We have a connection with stone construction reinforced by historic buildings, engineering marvels, and even the fable of the three little pigs.

Smoking a Whole Hog: The Basics – Mother Earth News

A whole hog is the apex of barbecue. As you climb the ladder of smoking enlightenment, at some point you’ll want to try one. There are too many variables (hog size, smoker design, weather, wood, and so on) to cover in a single recipe. Here are the basic guidelines.

5 Cordage for Your Bug-Out Bag – Prepper Website

When we talk about what belongs in your bug-out bag, we often focus on things such as food, water, clothing and first-aid items. But if we look at the essential tools that helped everyone from early humans to pioneers survive, it’s clear they also mastered the use of another important item – cordage.

Biting Lice In Sheep: Signs, Symptoms & Treatment – Hobby Farms

As with any parasite issue in ruminant animals, observation is imperative. Watch your sheep closely for the following symptoms of biting lice: Itching, Restlessness, Wool break, Skin irritation (red and rashy), Hair that falls out just by touching and rousing, Excessive rubbing on poles, fences or other scratching posts, Anemia symptoms, Decreased milk production in ewes, and Weight loss.

History of Refrigeration: Starvation to Frozen Dinners – Homestead

It was strawberry season again.  Strawberries are so good and so inexpensive around here.  Despite the heavy rains in the early spring, late May promised beau coups of berries and we were ready with cash and trimming knives, the former to buy the berries, the latter to top and split them.  And sugar.  We had sugar, I confess.

Tornado Season in East Texas – Countryside

The Piney Woods of East Texas is where I call home. It’s a gorgeous place, a bunch of small towns and little cities spread out in a giant forest like in a fantasy novel. Various small ranches and farms dot the landscapes in the breaks in the trees. Small lakes, creeks, and rivers provide endless hours of fun and relaxation in the warmer months. Mild winters, vibrant and fragrant springs, toasty and wild summers, and beautiful harvest autumns make living here wonderful year-round. But it’s also a flood plain and part of Tornado Alley, so tornado season in East Texas isn’t always a peach.

How to Forage and Use Nightshade – Morningchores

All in all, nightshades are a complex, nuanced group of plants. They offer a myriad of benefits and a few significant risks. They have a dark reputation and a cozy, down-home image as essentials in the all-American garden. But some nightshades have remained on the borders. Black nightshade is one of those plants.

Outdoor Survival First Aid | Treating Injuries in the Wild – Prepper

If you spend a lot of time Outdoors, you know that the remote nature of the wild creates specific challenges in wilderness medicine. Emergencies far from civilization are trickier to handle than other situations. Wilderness first responders require special skills and training to overcome the distance from professional medical care and rescue.

Composting Sargassum – The Survival Gardener

But What About Heavy Metals? Yet there may be a catch when composting sargassum. This morning I received an email from Steve with a link to an article claiming there is a danger of heavy metal contamination when seaweed is used as compost, mulch or fertilizer.

A Guide to Permaculture: Creating a Self-Sustaining Food Garden – UK Prepper

Permaculture is a design system that aims to create sustainable and self-sufficient living systems. It is based on the principles of ecology and mimics natural ecosystems. Use permaculture principles to create a productive garden that require minimal maintenance.

8 Emergency Preparedness Drills For Your Kids – Survival Mom

If your kids go to school, they have undoubtedly participated in a school fire drill. Most bus riders have gone through a bus evacuation drill out the back emergency door. In 2015/16, 95 percent of American public schools conducted mock lockdown scenario student preparedness drills in classrooms. But have you had a fire drill in your own home?

So, Can You Compost Onions? – New Life On A Homestead

Composting is one of the single best things that you can do for your garden, or any other plants you take care of. It allows you to convert what would otherwise be kitchen, household and yard waste into extremely rich, nutritious soil that all plants will love.

Tertiary Prepper Skills – Reconnaissance – The Prepper Journal

The world of prepping is constantly evolving.  Just look at how far technological advancements in the past five to ten years have come and how it has benefitted not only the military and law enforcement but the prepper community as well.  But alas, with every technological advance, the prior way of doing things and that knowledge tends to slowly slip away into an abyss.

What Does Layered Home Security Look Like? | – The Ultimate Prepper & Survivalist Blog

Layered home security doesn’t have to be complicated or even that expensive in order to be effective.  Effectiveness to me means avoiding a single point of failure while maintaining the ability to keep situational awareness through various passive and active methods.  I want to stress that what I’m about to share with you should be considered: A way, not the ONLY way.


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