Unveiling the Real Agenda Behind the Biden Administration's Actions

Unveiling the Real Agenda Behind the Biden Administration’s Actions

The Fed’s determination to raise the key benchmark interest rates despite crippling banking failures and financial sector crisis has drawn a great deal of ire from small and mid-size banks experiencing high levels of withdrawals. These dramatic changes were paralleled by the Biden Administration’s proposed new taxes in Congress.

The administration also triggered a global firestorm with new evidence suggesting he gave the order to sabotage of the Nord Stream pipeline, due to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s lack of support for Ukraine.

Additionally, Biden is also trying to kill the firearms industry and the second amendment as a whole by signing new executive orders. Bizarro World continues with the USA Today’s lunacy in choosing a transgender man as its Women of the Year.

At this point, legendary apocalyptic analyst Steve Quayle suggests that we may very well be heading towards an “End of Days” scenario featuring global banking meltdown and tanking economy alongside potential COVID-19 bioweapon/vaccine deaths and disabilities amongst other events such as war in Ukraine. Quayle advises everyone to adequately prepare for seismic changes occurring this month.


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Are They Actually Trying To Crash The Economy On Purpose? (theeconomiccollapseblog.com)

  • The Federal Reserve unanimously raised the key benchmark interest rate to a range of 4.75-5%, the highest it has been since 2007.
  • This is the ninth consecutive increase aimed at combating high inflation and continues despite banking failures and a growing financial sector crisis.
  • Signs of financial distress are being exhibited by PacWest Bancorp, which has lost $6 billion in deposits since December, yet insists that no additional capital is needed.
  • With over 4,000 U.S banking institutions and hundreds more at risk of failing before crisis is averted, tightened credit conditions could greatly impact households, businesses and employment opportunities, along with the bursting housing bubble causing 12.3% price decline since June 2020.
  • Walmart has announced 10 store closures in multiple states due to lack of financial success; this signals an overall downward trend of economic activity as one of America’s largest corporations looks to minimize losses.
  • Major retailers are closing locations across the nation, preparing for higher interest rates and decreased economic activity.
  • Small and mid-size banks are seeing uninsured money being withdrawn, which reduces credit flow in the economy.
  • Our leaders’ decisions have put the US economy on a course to national suicide, yet most Americans remain blindly trusting of the “experts”.

WATCH: Sen. Kennedy Wrecks Janet Yellen, WH During Grilling on US Economy – RedState

  • Reports of tension on the Biden team concerning Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen have surfaced.
  • White House advisors have grown wary of Yellen’s ability to do the job due to her bungled response to inflation and the possibility of government bailouts.
  • Efforts to remove her from office were unsuccessful due to President Biden not wanting to fire a woman in such a high-profile post.
  • Yellen received a grilling during Congress, where it was revealed that the Biden Administration proposed $4.7 trillion in new taxes.
  • The Treasury Secretary believes that debt level of 109% of GDP is sustainable and IRS needs more resources.
  • She has also admitted that they are picking winners and losers when it comes to saving banks, which could have a serious impact on community banks.
  • Despite all this, Yellen claims the economy is “performing very well”.

Hal Turner Radio Show – President of Kenya Urges Citizens To Get Rid of U.S. Dollars – soon (Operation Sandman????)

  • President of Kenya called on citizens to get rid of US dollar holdings, as they will become worth less in weeks.
  • This announcement gives credibility to rumor that 142 countries have secretly agreed to Operation Sandman, which would refuse payment in USD and halt US imports and exports.
  • Rumor began when US Congress went into a spending spree with no plans to stop, leading countries to realize USD is becoming worthless.
  • Countries saw the US converting its economy to service-based due to business nitwits who pushed for free trade, stripping the country of manufacturing capabilities.
  • People should stock up on essential items like clothing, home goods, tools, and materials while they can, as they may not be available if foreign countries no longer accept USD.

US warns Russia and China over dollar alternative – THE INTEL DROP

  • Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen predicted that the US dollar will remain the world’s reserve currency.
  • Russia and China are attempting to create an alternative international trade system to avoid the use of the US dollar.
  • Yellen believes this goal is “tremendously difficult” for Moscow and Beijing to achieve.
  • The Chinese yuan has become a major player in Russian foreign trade, with its share in import settlements increasing from 4% in January 2022 to 23% by the end of last year.
  • The yuan also overtook the dollar as the most traded currency on Russia’s stock market for the first time ever in February 2021.
  • In contrast, the share of US dollar and euro in export settlements dropped significantly last year.

It’s Pancaking All the Way Down, Folks! – The Great Recession Blog

  • The fall of the Credit Suisse due to a combination of internal rot and US banking crisis triggered a contagion concern among investors, leading to the Deutsche Bank shares plummeting 11%.
  • The American financial column is crumbling due to the increased borrowing from Federal Reserve backstop facilities and liquidity provided by the central bank.
  • Banks are taking advantage of the Fed’s liquidity in wake of turmoil, with combined borrowings totaling $163.9 billion in the week through March 22.
  • Money market funds have been scooping up cash recently, fueled by depositors pulling their money away from US banks.
  • Banks tapped into Fed’s foreign repurchase agreement facility for first time since November – amounting to $60 billion in combined usage.
  • The elite’s motive is to protect their overpriced assets by preventing the future from happening.
  • The collapse of the current system causes innocent people to suffer along with the greedy market riggers while the elite benefit.
  • A renewed burst of market enthusiasm was caused by Powell’s implied rate hike may be final; however, this is highly unlikely as inflation is forcing Powell to engage in gimmickry.
  • There has been a massive rush of money out of stocks and into cash as people are fleeing for the exits; prices are being driven up by “greater fools.”
  • Stagflationary recession combination of high inflation and recession will likely cause an even harder crash than experienced in 2008.
  • QE is unlikely to contribute to consumer inflation due to new money not entering circulation. Even if the Fed creates faster-rising inflation, it would be legally obliged to dial back quickly.
  • The crisis isn’t going away soon and Central Bank bailouts will not fix it.
  • Rate expectations moving lower are too late for those institutions already fundamentally damaged by the last 12 months of Fed tightening.
  • Banks are starting to collapse at the core, which indicates an implosion of global finance.

Seymour Hersh makes new Nord Stream sabotage claim — RT World News

  • Seymour Hersh alleges Joe Biden ordered sabotaging the Nord Stream pipelines due to German Chancellor Olaf Scholz’s lack of support for Ukraine in its conflict with Russia.
  • Hersh claimed Biden did this to give the US president an option to warn Vladimir Putin should Russia invade Ukraine.
  • He argued that Biden’s actions have caused a European crisis, and will bring “a lot of criticism” in the coming months.
  • US National Security Advisor Jake Sullivan was alleged as having been part of the initial contact with those asked to destroy the pipelines.
  • Biden had publicly warned in February 2021 that if Russia invaded Ukraine, then there would no longer be a Nord Stream 2 pipeline.

America Under The Crazy Cabal Has Achieved Peak Brain Softening (allnewspipeline.com)

  • USA Today choosing a transgender man as its Women of the Year is an obvious sign that peak lunacy has been achieved in America.
  • The transgender movement has been harnessed as an instrument for enforcing unreality on society.
  • Mattias Desmet proposes that “‘mass formation psychosis’—the group hysteria that sets the scene for tyranny” has been pushed by the current administration and results in people being softened up to accept increasingly absurd ideas.
  • This path leads to “Totalitarian Nirvana”, a state devoid of thought or the need of thought where people will be happy with nothing.
  • Increasingly absurd ideas, such as using Ukraine to destabilize Russia and pushing mRNA vaccines, are being pushed forward leading to a wake up call and anger among the populace.
  • Inflation and energy/food shortages may lead to prosecutions against those in power and bring about long-awaited hope and change.

End of Days, Collapse & Calamity – Steve Quayle | Greg Hunter’s USAWatchdog

  • Steve Quayle discusses the global banking meltdown, tanking economy, CV19 bioweapon/vax deaths and disabilities and war in Ukraine as signs of the “End of Days” according to the Bible.
  • Quayle advises people to be prepared and calls preachers in the pulpit “whores” for not saying the name of Jesus.
  • He predicts an impending collapse of credit cards and transactions along with hyperinflation and a crash in the housing and automobile market.
  • War with Russia is discussed as a potential reality and Quayle warns that calamity is on its way quickly.

What Exactly is in Biden’s New Gun-Control Executive Order (americas1stfreedom.org)

  • President Joe Biden (D) has signed an executive order expanding background checks and establishing regulations for firearm manufacturers.
  • Biden called for universal background checks, red-flag laws, allowing lawsuits against firearm manufacturers and banning semi-automatic rifles.
  • The intention is to make it more difficult for law-abiding Americans to buy firearms.
  • The order contains four sections:
  • clarifying the definition of who is engaged in the business of dealing in firearms;
  • preventing former FFLs whose licenses have been revoked or surrendered from continuing to engage in the business;
  • publicly releasing, to the fullest extent permissible by law, inspection reports of FFL dealers cited for violations;
  • supporting efforts to modernize and make permanent the Undetectable Firearms Act.
  • Politicians have condemned the executive order; legal action may be taken against it.

UK Preacher Reported as Terrorist After ‘Disturbing’ ‘Misgendering’ Arrest Wins BIG After Legal Nightmare | CBN News

  • David McConnell, a Christian Pastor in the U.K., was preaching outdoors when an interaction with a transgender person caused a commotion.
  • He was arrested after using male pronouns to refer to the individual and charged under the Public Order Act (4A Public Order Act 1986).
  • He was subsequently charged and required to pay costs of £620 ($758) and do 80 hours of community service.
  • Two years later, however, his conviction was overturned by Leeds Magistrates’ Court after finding there was no intent to harass the transgender individual.
  • The case has raised questions about free speech, with McConnell being reported to “counter-terror police” for “persistently and illegally espousing an extreme point of view.”

Win For Parental Rights: Scotus Reverses Appeals Court Ruling For Minors’ ‘Right’ To Abortion | Harbingers Daily

  • Supreme Court vacated appeals court ruling that allowed a minor to seek an abortion without notifying her parents.
  • Ketanji Brown Jackson was the only justice who dissented; she cautioned that ruling would prevent lawyers from citing the decision as binding precedent in future cases.
  • Missouri’s abortion ban required minors to secure written parental consent before obtaining an abortion.
  • The case, Doe v. Chapman, was filed by a 17-year-old against Randolph County court clerk Michelle Chapman for violating her 14th Amendment rights by insisting on parental notification.
  • 8th Circuit Court of Appeals initially contended minor had right to seek abortion without parent involvement due to precedents set by Supreme Court.
  • Supreme Court overturned previous Roe v. Wade decision and, subsequently, the 2018 case was remanded back with instructions to vacate and dismiss it as moot.
  • Mary Szoch of Family Research Council deems ruling a win for parental rights; Jackson’s record is pro-abortion with previous involvement with NARAL Pro-Choice America and other like organizations.


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