The Beauty of Autumn

For many, autumn is a time of year associated with the temperatures starting to dip below freezing at night, the leaves falling from trees, and pumpkin spice filling the air of the kitchen. But for me, autumn is so much more than that.

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Even though I still have plenty of chores to do – like moving the chicken coop, setting up the shelter logic, and mowing the grass for the last time – I can’t help but appreciate this time of year before the long, dark winter sets in.

When I go outside, I am filled with that crisp in the air and just a hint of rotting leaves that just fills me with happiness and makes me feel so alive; maybe it’s because it reminds me of childhood autumns spent playing outside with friends until dusk or getting ready for Halloween and caramel apples, or maybe it was the deer hanging in the garage or my dad getting ready for trapping season.

Whatever the reason, fall is my favorite time of year and I hope that everyone can take a moment to appreciate the beauty of this season before the hustle and bustle of the holidays set in. Trust me, slow down and savor these moments now, because they’ll be gone before you know it!

Here in interior Alaska, autumn is such a short time; the leaves change from green to yellow with just a few reds mixed in, woodstoves are just starting to fill the air with that beautiful smell, and I can’t help but want to spend all my time outside before the snows come.

Soon enough, life will be much harder for all the creatures that will be trudging through the high snows with temperatures going down to fifty degrees below zero and only 3 hours of daylight. But for now, let’s all take a few moments to enjoy the beauty of autumn.


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