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America’s Vulnerable Electrical Grid: How Secure is Our Future?

It’s a beautiful day, and you’re sitting in your house, watching the sun set. You have everything you need- food, water, shelter. Suddenly, the power goes out. You can’t see anything outside because it’s too dark. You can’t cook your food or heat up your water. You might as well be living in the 1800s. This is what our future could look like if we don’t take action to stabilize our electrical grid. America’s grid is more vulnerable than ever before, and we face many threats- from weather changes to EMP attacks to cyber-attacks. Without taking steps to secure our grid, we could be looking at an apocalyptic collapse of society as we know it. We need to act now, before it’s too late.

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The electrical grid is the backbone of America. It powers our homes, our businesses, our hospitals, and our military. Without it, we would be lost. And yet, our grid is under constant threat from a variety of sources. Weather changes, EMP attacks, cyber-attacks, and the increasing number of electric cars- all of these could lead to a total collapse of our society as we know it.



Whether man-made or natural occurrence our weather and climate is changing, and this puts a unique strain on our electrical grid. From the wildfires in California that have been burning for months, to the hurricanes that have devastated Texas, Florida, and Puerto Rico over the years, our grid is constantly being tested. And it’s not just extreme weather events that are a threat. Even something as simple as a heat wave can put a strain on the grid and lead to brownouts and blackouts.

Electric companies are forced to shut down portions of our grid and create brownouts and blackouts because of the increased demand during extreme weather events. If they didn’t do this, they say the grid would collapse, at least in part. This is a problem because our grid was not designed to handle the increased demand that comes with extreme weather events. And as climate change causes more extreme weather events, this problem is only going to get worse.

In addition to the threat of extreme weather, our grid is also under threat from EMP attacks and cyber-attacks. An EMP, or electromagnetic pulse, is a burst of energy that can disable electronic equipment. A nuclear EMP attack would be the most devastating, but even a non-nuclear EMP could cause widespread damage to our grid. A cyber-attack is also a serious threat. Our grid is controlled by computer systems, and if those systems were to be hacked, it could lead to a total shutdown of our grid.

The potential for an EMP or cyber-attack is real, and it’s not just a threat from other countries. There are terrorist groups that have expressed interest in attacking our grid as well as rogue states like North Korea that have the capability to launch an EMP attack.

An EMP attack would go through the following stages:

  • The EMP would knock out the power grid and disable electronic equipment
  • This would lead to a loss of communication, transportation, and food and water
  • The loss of communication would make it difficult to coordinate a response
  • The loss of transportation would prevent people from being able to evacuate
  • The loss of food and water would lead to widespread starvation and dehydration
  • This would all lead to a breakdown of society and mass panic

We would go through very similar stages during a cyber-attack, but the specific details would be different. For example, a cyber-attack could disable the computer systems that control our grid, but it would not knock out power plants themselves. However, the end result would be the same- a breakdown of society and mass panic.

With the push for a greener tomorrow, more electric cars are being pushed by our government as well as international organizations such as the UN and the World Economic Forum. The increased demand from electric cars can lead to brownouts and blackouts, just like extreme weather events. And as the number of electric cars on the road increases, so does the strain on our grid. While our government wants to limit coal and petroleum, they are unwilling to stabilize the electrical grid.

Some experts say that the answer is to create more consistent power plants. Solar and wind energy are two examples of renewable energy sources that can help to stabilize the grid. These types of power plants can provide power even when the sun isn’t shining or the wind isn’t blowing however, they cannot store the power when not in use and even today they cannot power an entire city by themselves.

The only thing you and I can do to protect our grid is to raise awareness about the threats we all face if we fail to mitigate those threats. We need to make sure that our elected officials are aware of the importance of protecting our grid and we need to hold them accountable for taking action. Otherwise, we face the very real possibility of a breakdown of society and mass panic.

We also need to educate ourselves and each other about how to protect ourselves in the absence of action by our “elected leaders”. How can you ensure that your family is protected from a grid failure? What are some steps you can take to be prepared for a grid-down scenario? First is prevention, with companies like EMP Shield, you can purchase products to protect your home and loved ones from an EMP or cyber-attack.

EMP Shield has a variety of products to protect your home from an EMP or cyber-attack. Their products are designed to protect your electronics and appliances from damage by shielding them from electromagnetic pulses.

You can also learn about and purchase products from other companies to help you survive in a grid-down scenario. Water filtration systems, non-electric cookstoves, and emergency food storage are just a few of the things you can do to be prepared.

You can also find more information on how to prepare for a grid-down scenario by doing a search online or by checking out books from your local library.

The bottom line is that we all need to be prepared for a grid-down scenario. Whether it’s an EMP attack, a cyber-attack, or a natural disaster, we need to be prepared for the worst. So, take some time to educate yourself and your loved ones about the threats we face and how to protect yourselves in the event of a grid failure.


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