Henry Golden Boy: Make your own legacy

Henry Golden Boy: Make your own legacy

Carry history with you in the field and on the range

The Henry Golden Boy is a work of art in the field of gunsmithing and will transport you back to the wild days of America’s Old West. This rifle has an excellent fit, finish, and design, making it ideal for any shooting enthusiast who thoroughly examines its aesthetics in addition to its nearly flawless functionality.

The Henry Golden Boy will accommodate any shooter who wants to start modestly yet still have something reliable. It comes with a 20-inch blued octagonal barrel in .22 LR, .22 Magnum, or 17HMR and an American walnut stock brass butt plate as well as gleaming Brasslite receiver, making it a classy looking gun.

The Henry Lever Action Rifle is the perfect gun for those who like to plink and hunt small game. With its 6 3/4 pound weight, it can hold steady even when you’re in an off-hand position making this rifle highly accurate with little effort required from shooter’s end! Plus the smooth action associated makes opening up your firearm simple as pie – just one more thing that’ll make shooting feel natural for any beginner or pro alike. For added authenticity comes adjustable buckhorn rear sight which will work well depending on how far away target may be located.

The .22 S/L/LR version can hold 16 rounds, while the .22 Mag holds 12 rounds, and the .17 HMR will hold 11 rounds. With this many shots before needing to reload it would seem like you will never run out!

Keep your little one standing tall with the kid’s version of the Golden Boy. This smaller version has a shorter barrel and shorter length-of-pull, making it ideal for most youth or those females who may find it easier to handle.

Specifications .22 S/L/LR, .22 Mag, and the .17 HMR

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Photo Credit: Henry Firearms, The Rifle That Brings Out The West In You

One thought on “Henry Golden Boy: Make your own legacy

  1. 1st id like to say all Henry’s are a work of art!!! Hey i love Henry and its built in my home state yet! The only problem is i want to move out of it since its so damn BLUE! hehe Anyway i went ahead and purchase a bigboy rather then the golden boy. Mine is a brass gun chambered in 357mag. Yet i still want another Henry!???? LOL I would love to own in 22mag or 17HMR? Right now im working on a cowboy revolver to match my Henry with the standard cowboy holster and all! LOL When out in the fields ,riding or camping ,having both my long gun and side arm being the same caliber would be very convenient ! Hope you have fun with that rifle for life!?!

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