Top Ten Self Defense Gun Articles

Top Ten Self Defense Gun Articles

Top Ten Self Defense Gun Articles – Sportsman’s Warehouse

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Have ever wondered what the best self defense weapon is, look no further. We have listed the Top Ten Self Defense Gun Articles Sportsman’s Warehouse has put out. So what’s the best – Rifles, Handguns, or Shotguns?

The Best Guns for Home Defense

When discussing home defense, ‘home’ could refer to a car or business that you own, or even something like a temporary campsite in the wilderness. The threats to these areas can vary widely. Depending on your location, you may need to defend against burglars, rapists, bears, wolves, or any other potential intruder. The perfect home defense firearm is one that can protect you against all of these threats reliably and effectively.

An ideal home defense gun provides complete peace-of-mind, and can be safely handled without fear of malfunction. A home defense firearm can be a handgun, a rifle, or a shotgun, depending on the owner’s needs. All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse

Revolver vs Semi Automatic: What Gun Should You Choose For Self Defense?

Handguns are a popular choice for self-defense. Their smaller size makes them easy to carry or hide. They can be drawn and ready to shoot in just a moment when an emergency suddenly occurs. They may not be as accurate as rifles or as powerful as shotguns, but handguns certainly have stopping power in close- to mid-range encounters.

If the speed of the draw and the security brought by the smaller size have drawn you to a handgun, you still have a few choices to make. The major choice here is to invest in a revolver or a semiautomatic handgun. Both have pros and cons, and ultimately it will be for you to decide what makes the most sense for your needs, comfort, and tastes. But first, know the major facts about these two types of handguns. All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse Self Defense Gun Articles

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The Best Handguns for Home Defense

Handguns are generally the most popular and most practical choice for effective home defense. They are easy to operate, and their compact designs lend well towards small, enclosed spaces. In addition to this maneuverability, handguns are easy to operate with one hand. This allows the user to call 911 or activate a home security system with his or her free hand. However, within the market of handguns, potential gun owners have no shortage of choices. There are dozens of world-class handgun manufacturers, with thousands of individual guns available.

A fantastic starting point for determining the ideal handgun is to explore duty pistols. “Duty pistols” are a class of weapons used by law enforcement and military forces. These organizations demand the best out of their weapons, and consumers can trust that if a handgun has been selected for use by police or military… it’s definitely a world-class firearm.

Duty pistols carry some similar characteristics. They’re usually full-sized, polymer-framed handguns that are chambered in either 9mm or .40 S&W. Duty pistols often include features like passive trigger safety, three-dot sights, ambidextrous controls, and high-capacity magazines.

With these qualifications as ‘must-haves’, we’ve picked out six duty pistols that are all ideal home defense handguns. All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse

Top 5 Tactical Shotguns for Home Defense

Pump-action shotguns are a great solution for home defense. For a criminal, there’s no more terrifying sound than the working action of a shotgun. While the intimidation factor is definitely an advantage to using a pump-action shotgun, there are plenty of more practical reasons why these firearms have become so popular for home defense.

One of the biggest ‘pros’ about a pump-action shotgun is the ease of use. Pull the pump back, point, and shoot — just like that, your threat is neutralized. You would be hard-pressed to find an attacker (human or animal) that can walk right through a pump-action shotgun blast.

On top of that, shotguns are affordable weapons. While you can definitely find premium, tactical shotguns that are loaded with features and high-capacity magazines, most average users don’t need those options for home defense purposes.

A standard, barebones shotgun is very cost-effective, and is going to do more than enough to sufficiently protect your personal property and loved ones. All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse

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10 Life-Saving Bear Defense Guns

For many of our readers, backpacking and outdoor adventuring are regular parts of life. When you go out into the wilderness like this, though, it’s important to realize that you are no longer the dominant species (where food chains are concerned, anyway). Bear attacks are rare, yes, but it’s always better to be over-prepared when wandering into the backcountry. A reliable, full-powered bear defense gun is a key piece of this preparedness. What to Do If You See a Bear? All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse

The 5 Best Derringers For Self Defense

The Derringer is powerful gun that can fit in your pocket. The gun itself is very small, but that doesn’t mean it only shoots small bullets – this little firearm packs a serious punch and can stop a threat when needed. This combination of small, easily concealable design with powerful ammunition has kept the Derringer a favorite since it was invented over 150 years ago. All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse

The Derringer was initially invented by John Deringer in 1852. His intention was to create a gun that could fit in the small pockets that were fashionable in men’s clothing at the time. It was widely popular, and many copycats issued similar guns, called Derringers to avoid copyright issues. This spin-off version of the name (with two ‘r’s instead of one) is still in use today.

You might carry a Derringer as a small backup gun, as there are now multiple options on the market for small, concealable weapons with greater accuracy than the Derringer. But that doesn’t mean a Derringer can’t help you defend yourself! Don’t underestimate these little guns, even though many are now sold as novelties and collector’s items. They’re simple, durable, and user-friendly.

Before you buy, know that most Derringers have a stiff trigger, and the hammer can be difficult to pull back. Make sure your hand is strong enough to deal with these issues. The Derringer is also only accurate at shorter distances (generally less than 10 yards). If you are planning to use it as part of your self-defense plan, think of the Derringer as your final failsafe. All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse

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5 Best Calibers For Self Defense

The caliber refers to the diameter of a bullet, or the diameter inside the barrel of the gun.

When choosing the best gun or best caliber for self-defense, make sure you are truly comfortable with your choice. Ultimately, while some guns may be ranked better than others for experts, you need to find the best gun and caliber for you specifically. This will depend on the size of your hands, whether you intend to conceal the weapon, the amount of recoil and pressure you’re comfortable with, and at what distances you want to have real accuracy.

If you’re able, go to a gun store or shooting range and try out shooting different calibers. You’ll soon be able to see for yourself which one fits you, your hand, and your goals the best. In the meantime, here’s a list of calibers for self-defense that will give you a place to start. All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse

Best Concealed Carry Handgun for Women

Women are the fastest-growing market of gun buyers in the United States. In 2019, about one in five women owned a gun, compared to 43% of men. More and more, women are looking for handgun options that suit their specific needs.

Most women purchase firearms for the purpose of self-defense, and concealed carry presents a unique challenge for women. While men generally wear larger clothing with pockets or room for a holster, women wear more tightly-fitted clothing, and change based on where they are going or who they are meeting. This makes concealing a firearm under women’s clothing more difficult.

Because of this, it’s a good idea for women to opt for a smaller firearm that can be concealed under a dress, skirt, or pant. However, smaller guns present their own difficulties that women should be aware of.

First, a small gun means a small grip. Because the smaller gun is generally also lighter weight, the effect of the recoil is more sharply felt. This can lead to recoil anticipation if the shooter has been hurt by previous recoils. Plus, a small gun has a short sight radius, making good aim more difficult.

These factors combine to make smaller guns more difficult to operate. As with any prospective gun, the buyer will need to investigate different models, and see what best suits her needs. Practicing with the gun can make a big difference in ease of operation as well.

With these considerations in mind, we’ve put together a list of the best handguns for women. These are small, lightweight guns that are easy to use and should be concealable under most women’s clothing. There are a wide range of options on the market – you’ll be able to find the right gun for you! All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse

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Home Defense Shotguns Pump-Action vs Semi-Auto

The shotgun is a popular choice for home defense, primarily thanks to the range and firepower it provides. Most emergency defense situations will happen at short distances, and the shotgun has real stopping power within a matter of feet. This is partially thanks to the way shotgun ammunition works: shotgun shells and buckshot hit a wide surface area on the target, thus inflicting the most damage. Above all this, shotguns are generally easier to use than handguns, and in self-defense, ability to use the weapon is always key.

Most shotguns used for home-defense are either pumps or semiautomatics. It’s important to choose the action type that works best for your needs. This article will help you do just that. All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse

Beretta APX Carry – Compact Defense Pistol

Beretta recently released the APX Carry, a small-format handgun optimized for self-defense. The Beretta APX Carry is a reliable, effective defense pistol that can be trusted to perform day in and day out. Today, we’re going to explore this exciting new offering from Beretta. All information is from Sportsman’s Warehouse

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Top Ten Self Defense Gun Articles – Sportsman’s Warehouse

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