10 Most Recent Gun Reviews from Guns.com

10 Most Recent Gun Reviews from Guns.com

10 Most Recent Gun Reviews from Guns.com

With more than a thousand published reviews, Guns.com offers professional Gun Reviews on a variety of guns, ammunition, holsters and optics. From video reviews breaking down our favorite firearm features to written articles showing off the latest holsters and gear, Guns.com’s review section is a thriving source for consumers looking for information prior to buying.

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The Ruger 57 is Flat Shooting and Fun at the Range

The Ruger-57 was one of the hottest-selling pistols of 2020, making the top 10 for pistols sold in 2020 at Guns.com. All year, I watched as the pistols would sell out as soon as we’d get them into the warehouse. When I got a call telling me there was one available with my name on it, I was pretty stoked. So let’s dive into how I enjoyed this new pistol from Ruger.

A Look at the New Taurus TX 22 Competition

Taurus in 2021 has moved to deliver a more polished version of its already well-liked TX 22 rimfire semi-auto pistol, the optics, and suppressor-ready TX 22 Competition.

Taurus has long produced .22 LR handguns, going back to successive generations of revolvers in the 1980s, then the PT22 mouse gun, itself an ode to Beretta’s tip-up barrel pocket gun. However, autoloading plinkers by the company were rare, with the 6-inch barreled PT-922 only in the Taurus catalog briefly about 15 years ago.

9mm Showdown: Ruger Security-9 vs. M&P 2.0 Compact

We live in a glorious age. We get to debate which lightweight, compact polymer-framed pistol is better. Not that long ago, we would have been debating the merits of even making a polymer handgun. The fact is that polymer guns have made their mark, and they are here to stay. The real question is which one should you get.

This trusty workhorse has been around for quite some time. The original M&P was introduced in 2005, and it uses the familiar Browning-designed locking system. While Smith & Wesson certainly had their eyes on the law enforcement market when they introduced the M&P pistol, the M&P 2.0 Compact clearly caters to the concealed carry market.

Review: Heritage Barkeep Single Action .22

Introduced earlier this year, the American-made Barkeep from Georgia-based Heritage Manufacturing is an inexpensive and convertible single-action rimfire revolver that is a lot of fun to shoot.

An homage to the chopped down Sheriff’s Model and Storekeeper variants of the Colt Single Action Army, the Barkeep runs a 2.68-inch barrel while keeping a near full-sized grip. The short length deletes the traditional onboard ejection rod but gives the gun a kind of old-school snub-nosed look to it.

Tokarev Pistols: Browning’s Legacy in a Russian Gun

Decades before Sig Sauer made it seem darn near common, the Russian-designed Tokarev handgun had modularity standardized. The Tokarev was the Soviet replacement for their outdated – and somewhat strange – Nagant Revolvers from the age of the Russian Tsars. While the Soviets strived to cut their own path with maximum simplicity, they also recognized and borrowed heavily from the brilliance of one man: John Moses Browning.

Developed by Fedor Vasilievich Tokarev in the early 1930s, the gun was eventually adopted as the TT-33, which saw service throughout World War II and still serves in some places today, though it was officially replaced in 1952 by the smaller Makarov. Various versions of the gun popped up throughout areas of Soviet influence, such as the Yugoslavian M57 variant we have here.

ETS Group Mags for S&W M&P

The Elite Tactical Systems Group recently added 40-round magazines to its line-up for the S&W M&P 9 series, and we have been checking them out.

The ETS 40-rounders are available in models to fit CZ Scorpion Evo, Glock, Sig P320, as well as HK VP9 and MP5 platforms in addition to the S&W mags. All are clear polymer magazines that the company says provides “extreme impact resistance” so that they won’t crack or break if dropped.

Ugly Guns Welcome: The FEG Hi-Power Just Won’t Quit

It’s an old, battle-tested design that still gets the job done. Meet the Hi-Power.

John Moses Browning graced the gun world with a wealth of amazing firearms, but his “final design” delivered – if not fully completed – something truly special. We’ve actually already done a nice video covering some of the variants. So here we will do something different and pay homage to a gun that lived a rough life and keeps on ticking.

S&W M&P Shield 9 vs G43 in Single-Stack Faceoff

Smith & Wesson and Glock are both staples when it comes to reliable handguns from reputable manufacturers. Both companies make great choices for concealed carry guns that are trusted by law enforcement, militaries, and countless private concealed carriers all over the world. When I was asked to take a look at the Glock 43, it seemed only natural to compare it to my carry companion for the last several years, the S&W Shield 9 Subcompact. Here are my thoughts on how the two stack up to each other.

Colt Junior: Classic Vest-Pocket Pistols

It’s tempting to think that the “revolution” of high-tech micro pistols is a new thing, but it’s not really accurate.

Small guns like this Colt Junior have been pushing the limits on size for decades, and they did it well before fancy new polymers changed the game. Most shooters would consider this little .25 ACP pistol to be more of a novelty in the age of micro 9mm handguns, but it certainly found its way into a few pockets over the years.

The Best AR-10 Rifles of 2021 Available

In recent years, there’s been a renewed interest in AR-10 rifles by those wanting some big big bang knock down power. Although AR-10 rifles were originally chambered for .308 Winchester, or 7.62x51mm NATO, many manufacturers are chambering them for many of the exciting new calibers such as 6.5 Creedmoor, 6.5 PRC and .260 Remington to name just a few of them.

Guns.com has a category specifically dedicated to AR-10 rifles for sale. Take a look around and enjoy.

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