The American Civil War II

Photo Credit: New American Journal; Are We Headed for Another Civil War? June 9, 2018

The American Civil War II

Do your principles dictate independence?

While our country is going through the pangs of a second civil war, we need to remember this is not the first time war has been fought in our cities, towns, and in our homes, nor is it the first time that war has pitted son against father or brother against brother.

Before going to war, you need to know this war will claim the innocence of our children and kill the innocent as well as the combatant. Our economy will be decimated, and we will be ripe for takeover from another world power more than willing to swoop in and take control of our once free nation.

In the end we may wind up with the same outcome as if war had never happened.

The numbers are there for another war, not just by childless men and women but by the fathers and mothers and the grandparents that are willing to sacrifice their lives in order to give their children and grandchildren the opportunity to be able to speak freely without fear of persecution, or to assemble freely whether in the a barber shop, town square, or their place of worship; or to own a firearm without Government infringement; or to enjoy an expectation that unreasonable searches and seizures will not occur and that political decisions will not dictate who will have the SWAT team show up at their door in the middle of the night.

I ask you, are you ready to take a stand against all of those that have already declared war against you or are you waiting for your fellow countrymen to join you first? If it is the latter then remember wars are not fought with 50 %, 25%, 10%, or even 5% of the people rather, they are fought with a very small percentage of those willing to give up everything for a concept that they believe in.

War should not be taken lightly; for when the rally calls have silenced and the screams have been overcome by the realities of the blood from the dying and the smells of the dead, everything that you knew or you thought you were fighting for may be gone forever.

Please understand this is not a call to war but a request that you reflect on the costs before choosing to go to war with your fellow countrymen.

EDITORIAL: The Morning Crier 8/8/2020

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