Review: Winchester Model 94 .30-30

Review: Winchester Model 94 .30-30

Winchester Model 94 .30-30

When you think of lever guns you think of the Winchester Model 94 .30-30. But if you are like many of us, you probably think of that big buck grandpa always told you about. The buck that was tucked away in brush so thick he could barely get it out and back home that day.

Is the Winchester Model 94 .30-30 still the rifle for your Big Game needs?

The Model 94 Winchester is still a solid choice for big game hunting.

While many hunters over the years have moved to bolt actions rifles for longer range hunting where cross canyon shots are common, many others hunt the brushier, nastier, tighter conditions for the North America Whitetail deer.

If you are whitetail hunter you are likely to be hunting in these kinds of conditions. And being able to get on target and make a good shot is something the Model 94 has been proven to do for over 110 years. (Model 94 Rifle and Carbines, 2020)

Bringing back the Winchester Model 94 .30-30:

“Winchester is bringing back a classic design and is reintroducing their takedown version of the Model 94 lever-action rifle, the Trails End. The Trails End uses the same takedown mechanism designed by John Browning for the Model 1894, and is easy to operate and fast to take apart and put back together.” The .30-30 Winchester, that has been used for game for over a century, weighs in at “6 pounds, 12 ounces and has a 20-inch barrel. Other features include the use of rounded locking bolts to make the lever throw smoothly, radiused lever edges to spare your knuckles and a relieved bolt to reduce the amount of force needed to cycle the action.” (Winchester Brings Back Their Model 94 Takedown, 2020)

So if you would like to get back to your roots, try the Pre-64 or the New Model 94, you will be more than happy with either of them. You will love how beautiful that metal and wood really look next to that big buck you just shot.

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