If The Government Tells You Not To Stockpile – What Should You Do? STOCKPILE

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The Supplies You Need To Stockpile For TEOTWAWKI

1Food, 2Pots, pans, and other cooking supplies, 3Water, 4Hygiene, 5Soap and other supplies for laundry, 6General Medical and First Aid Supplies, 7Medical books, 8Clothing and Shoes, 9Other Clothing Items, 10Fuel Supply, Energy, and Heat, 11Rechargeable batteries and a method to charge them, 12Livestock and Pet Foods, 13Communications and Entertainment, 14General Household and Gear, 15Guns, Ammo, Knives, Fishing, Hunting, and Trapping, 16Firearms, 17Butchering Supplies, 18Tools, 19Vices & Indulgences, 20Deciding how much space to dedicate to a specific type of item is challenging, 21Being able to practice your faith of choice is a big comfort and motivator to many during hard times. Put back what you need to keep up your chosen faith or spiritual well-being.

What else would you add to this list?

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12 Things You Forgot to Add to Your Stockpile

Building a survival stockpile is a never-ending task. No matter how much you have, it always seems there’s something more to add. Stockpile a month’s worth of food, and then you’ll want two months worth. Bring that up to a year and you start asking yourself if that’s really enough. But the biggie that we’re all afraid of, is forgetting to stockpile something that we’re going to have to have.

These are some of the things I’ve added to my stockpile in the last couple of years. In all of these cases, they were things that I hadn’t realized I needed. But when I did; I was surprised that I hadn’t thought of them earlier. Perhaps you’ve left them out of your stockpile as well.

What unusual items do you have in your stockpile? Do others need those as well?

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How to Keep Moisture and Pests Away from Your Food Stockpile

When you’re preparing for the worst, you can sometimes forget to prepare for everyday problems. Your food stockpile is precious, and its two greatest enemies are also common enemies of your home.

Pests and the moisture that attracts them are those two greatest enemies. Wherever you’re storing your food, it’s likely darker, damper, and quieter than any other part of your home. These three conditions are perfect for everyday pests, and if you don’t take the necessary precautions, you’re providing them with a massive food source as well.

Luckily, there are steps you can take to keep your food stores safe and fresh until you need them. Here’s what you’ll need to do to keep your food stockpile safe.

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Liquor for Preppers: Which liquors are best to stockpile for preparedness?

During a long-term disaster situation, liquor will be a precious resource. From bartering and economic reasons to health and medicinal uses, alcohol is one of those items that should be part of any good preparedness stockpile.

A whiskey a day keeps the doctor away. Even during prohibition, Whiskey was legal to import because it was considered a medicine. In fact, whiskey, when consumed in moderation, can have many health benefits. And when you’re battling a cold or allergies, alcohol can dilate your blood vessels, making it easier for mucus membranes to deal with the infection.

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Cheapest Foods that You Can Stockpile

Anyone who has even thought about prepping quickly came to realize that it’s not a hobby for the faint of heart. One look at what it costs to build a stockpile is all it takes to send many potential preppers packing. I personally know quite a few people who have expressed interest in prepping, but haven’t started. Their reason, in every case, is not having the money to do it.

Keep in mind that we’re talking about a survival diet here, not a normal everyday one. It’s intention is to keep you alive, hopefully while providing enough nutrients that you can continue to function. It’s probably not going to be the foods you like or provide convenient foods to eat; but it will put calories in your belly, so that your body can keep on going.

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30 Non-Food Survival Items To Stockpile

30 non-food survival items to stockpile. Disaster and catastrophe can strike at any moment, with perilous and unforgiving ramifications. Do you have a plan if there were to be a flood? A Blizzard? An attack, or even if the whole grid came crashing down? What then? Stop and ask yourself, “Am I prepared for these types of emergencies?”

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5 Items to Stockpile for the Next Heat Wave

The CDC reports over 600 deaths in the United States each and every year due to extreme heat. Climbing summertime temperatures and extreme humidity combine to broil regions with days or even weeks of punishing heat that can see people’s bodies unable to cope with the stresses.

You can improve your chances of getting through a heat wave in good shape by stocking the right stuff, the same as any disaster. In this article, we will tell you about 5 items you should definitely have stockpiled for coping with extreme heat wave events.


Storing Animal Feed to Prevent Spoilage and Pests

There is not a 100% perfect way to store feed for every homestead. The climate in which the feed is kept, seasonal weather changes, and the common pests which loom around the homestead all play a significant role in both how and where feed is stored at any given time.

It does not matter what type of livestock feed you are trying to store, all compound feeds mandate exact care to prevent quality deterioration, exposure to moisture, excessive heat exposure, and rodent protection.

Proper storage of livestock feed is vital because the overall health and very lives of your animals depend on it. Feed has a long shelf life when properly stored, but eventually any type of livestock feed will deteriorate.

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