How Many Rights Will They Take Before We Say Enough?

How Many Rights Will They Take Before We Say Enough?

They said Trump was going to be like a Nazi Dictator but who are the real tyrannical dictators?

(Our Country Is Full of Two Bit Dictators Posing As Governors and Mayors)

This Is Not Nazi Germany Or Soviet Russia

Maine’s Franklin County Sheriff Scott Nichols has a strong message for the Governor of Maine, Janet Mills, who issued “stay-at-home” orders with threats of police punishment if not followed.

“This is not Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia where you are asked for your papers!“

The sheriff’s announcement comes as a welcome sign to Americans who have been arrested for insane things like praying outside, surfing, or trying to drive to work.

Someone has to stand up to the unconstitutional directives that are being handed down daily by government officials and it will fall on the sheriffs to uphold what they know to be their legal and lawful duties, none of which involve trampling the rights of citizens.

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AG Barr ‘very concerned’ about ‘personal liberty’ after Gates proposes digital vaccine certificates

Following Bill Gates’ proposal for “digital certificates” proving a person has been vaccinated against the coronavirus, Attorney General William Barr said he was “very concerned about the slippery slope in terms of continuing encroachments on personal liberty.”

“Eventually we will have some digital certificates to show who has recovered or been tested recently or when we have a vaccine who has received it,” the Microsoft founder had speculated.

Barr added he was concerned about “the tracking of people and so forth, generally, especially going forward over a long period of time.” However, “appropriate, reasonable steps are fine,” he said.

Reuters said that Bill Gates did not suggest launching “human-implantable capsules that have ‘digital certificates’ which can show who has been tested for the coronavirus and who has been vaccinated against it.”

“Gates did mention the possibility of having a ‘digital certificate’ for health records ‘eventually,’ but he did not say these certificates would be ‘microchip implants,’” Reuters reported.

The Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation stated, “The reference to ‘digital certificates’ relates to efforts to create an open source digital platform with the goal of expanding access to safe, home-based testing.”

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Coronavirus Has Infected the Rule of Law

Most American states have imposed “stay at home” orders, permitting people to leave their homes only for specific, government-approved purposes. Here in the United Kingdom, we’re in a similar situation.

The desire to stop the spread of a deadly disease is understandable. The trouble is, many of these lockdowns are unconstitutional and illegal.

The laws are different across the various countries and states. But consider them all, and a clear pattern emerges. Coronavirus is leading to an outbreak of lawlessness at the highest levels.

First, take the United States. The Fifth Amendment states that no person shall “be deprived of life, liberty or property, without due process of law.”

Courts have interpreted this amendment to mean that those with an infectious disease can be forcibly quarantined—but there must be some form of due process, where they are proved to be contagious.

“[A] government-ordered quarantine of all persons in a city block or a postal zip code or a telephone area code would be an egregious violation of due process, both substantive and procedural,” explained Judge Andrew Napolitano. “Substantively, no government in America has the lawful power to curtail natural rights by decree.

“Procedurally, notwithstanding the fear of disease contagion, the states and feds may only quarantine those who are actively contagious and will infect others imminently. And it must present evidence of both at a trial at which it bears the burden of proof.”

Other rights, supposedly enshrined in law by the U.S. Constitution, are being trampled on, most notably freedom of religion and freedom of assembly.


Man goes off on ‘British f***ing police’ who allegedly bashed through his front door ‘to make sure there’s nothing going on’ amid COVID-19 lockdown

“We’ve had a call, haven’t we?” a woman officer tells the man as she stands in his hallway accompanied by three male officers.

Police have been getting called out in the United Kingdom by residents who say they’re going overboard in efforts to enforce social distancing.

Last week, TheBlaze reported about a U.K. cop caught on video telling a man he isn’t allowed to sit in his own front garden due to the government’s COVID-19 lockdown. The officer also chastised the man for wanting to go to the supermarket twice — and that she saw him out earlier after making a nonessential purchase: “You’ve already been to the shop once; I’ve seen you with two cans of pop.”

On this side of the pond:

A Colorado dad was handcuffed and led away by police in front of his 6-year-old daughter for violating social distancing; he said they were playing T-ball at a park.

Police in Kansas broke up a parade consisting of elementary school teachers and administrators who wanted to encourage students and their families and get them excited about distance learning amid the coronavirus — even though the participants were in their cars and not near other people.

Pennsylvania State Police cited a woman last month for going on a leisurely drive amid the coronavirus outbreak.

Detroit police threatened to throw a pro-lifer in jail if he didn’t depart from his spot in front of an abortion clinic late last month. But after cops cited him, he sued — and Democratic Gov. Gretchen Whitmer clarified her stay-home order to exempt those engaging in activity protected by the First Amendment.

Multiple police officers were caught on video dragging a man off a Philadelphia bus reportedly for not wearing a mask, which prompted the transit authority to reverse its order mandating that riders wear face coverings.

Police in Greenville, Mississippi, last week handed out $500 tickets to church members for sitting in their vehicles with windows closed during radio service in church parking lot in defiance of the Democratic mayor’s executive order against drive-in service

CORONAVIRUS: Common Sense Preparations

Federal judge punches back at Dem mayor who ‘criminalized’ Easter drive-in church services

Louisville Mayor Greg Fischer, a Democrat, issued a legal directive on Thursday prohibiting churches from gathering for Easter services, even if congregants remained in their cars for a “drive-in” service.

“We’re saying no church worshiping,” the mayor declared.

On Saturday, U.S. District Judge Justin Walker thoroughly rebuked the mayor for his mandate.

“The Mayor’s decision is stunning. And it is, ‘beyond all reason,’ unconstitutional,” Walker ruled.

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Yet another Democrat bans religious gatherings in face of coronavirus fears

New Mexico Democratic Gov. Michelle Lujan Grisham amended her mass gathering ban to fight the spread of the coronavirus to include houses of worship, the Las Cruces Sun News reported.

A growing left-wing chorus

On Good Friday, Kentucky Democratic Gov. Andy Beshear warned that anyone caught attending a “mass gathering” in the state over Easter weekend would have their license plates recorded by state police and then would be forced into a two-week self-quarantine.

In addition:

Far-left New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio threatened last month to permanently shut down churches and synagogues that did not comply with his order to not gather.

Police in Greenville, Mississippi, were caught on video last week handing out $500 tickets to Temple Baptist Church members who’d gathered in their cars with their windows rolled up in the church parking lot to hear a service on the radio. Their actions were deemed a defiance of Democratic Mayor Errick Simmons’ executive order that all church buildings are to be closed for both in-person and drive-in services.

Democratic Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam last month criminalized gatherings of larger than 10 people — including churches.

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China Has Made Christianity A Main Target For Suppression, So Have Democrats…See A Pattern Here?

The Chinese Communist Party has long tried to stamp out religion as it threatens belief in the State as supreme being. Xi Jinping has especially targeted Christianity over the last decade to the point where it is almost impossible to worship freely in China. Beijing even made Christians change the tenants of their faith in order to survive, putting the State above Jesus Christ in order of importance.

Now we are seeing the same thing on a regular basis from the Democratic Party in the United States. I don’t believe this is a coincidence. I believe many in our corrupt media, educational system, and government are being paid by China in one way or the other.

China is executing (pardon the pun) on a plan to change American society, to use a Christian phrase, to remake it in their image. The Democrats are China’s enablers, helping to destroy America as we know her and install the Chicom agenda.

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Kentucky’s Democrat Governor Andy Beshear has issued a draconian mandate ordering authorities to record the license plates of Easter Sunday church goers and then quarantine them for two weeks.

“Those who attend these gatherings can expect public health officials to show up at their doors with mandates that they self-quarantine for 14 days,” Beshear said Friday.

Even Kentucky’s Attorney General Daniel Cameron pushed back against the unconstitutional order, calling it “the definition of arbitrary.”

“Directing a uniformed presence at church services to record the identity of worshippers and to force a quarantine, while doing no such thing for the people gathered at retail stores or obtaining an abortion, is the definition of arbitrary,” Cameron tweeted Saturday.

Coronavirus (CONVID-19): Should you prepare to die?

Have You Noticed How Much Delight They Are Taking In Shutting Down Churches All Over The United States?

Pastor Hamilton of King James Bible Baptist Church in Greenville, MS. Church tried the “drive-in” method of holding services & were targeted due to the Mayor issuing an order prohibiting such services. Watch as an officer tells the Pastor that his rights are suspended.

Meanwhile, abortion clinics have been deemed “essential” and remain open in most parts of the nation.  In fact, Planned Parenthood is quite proud that their doors remain open during this pandemic…

If we keep going down this path as a nation, our story is not going to end well.

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COVID-19: Perfect Cover for Mandatory Biometric ID

Total surveillance requires 24/7 monitoring of political enemies of the state.

Now that the state and its media have falsely characterized the coronavirus as a pandemic closing in on the 1918 flu pandemic (falsely attributed to Spain), it is time for the global elite and their technocrats to force not only highly-profitable (for Big Pharma) vaccines on the world but biometric IDs as well.

“As countries begin to lift coronavirus lockdowns, biometric identification can help verify those who have already had the infection, and ensure that the vulnerable get the vaccine when it is launched, health and technology experts said,” reports Reuters.

A biometric ID system can keep a record of [the infected] and those getting the vaccine, said Larry Dohrs [at a] a Seattle-based nonprofit that launched its technology last month.

The pretense for this—as it was for the US decimation of Libya, Syria, and Iraq—is “humanitarianism”

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Snowden: Governments Using Pandemic To Build “Architecture Of Oppression” Surveillance

If a cell phone comes in close contact with someone who might have the virus, the user receives a text message informing them and then instructing them to self-quarantine for 14 days.

However, the quarantine is not necessarily voluntary, depending on where you live. In some countries, phones have been used as a sort of house arrest ankle-bracelet that will notify authorities if the person being monitored leave the house for any reason.

These apps are being touted as the way to end the shut down in both Italy and the UK and it appears that officials are going to be taking things in that direction.

At face value, it may appear that this could be a useful strategy in preventing the spread of disease, but privacy advocates and tech experts are concerned that this information could be misused and that the unprecedented surveillance capabilities could be kept and held by corrupt governments long after the pandemic is over.

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A man in China pulled off the Metro by law enforcement for not wearing a mask, was taken from a 17 second video, published by Guardian News on January 28, 2020. A man being dragged off a bus in Philadelphia, PA, in the U.S, published on April 11, 2020, for not wearing a mask.

In Mississippi, cops were called on Church attendees that were sitting in their cars for church, with the window rolled up, listening to the services set on the radio. No contact with each other.

Yet they have been fined with $500 tickets. Not only that, but the people that were abiding the no contact order by their governor by sitting in their cars with their windows rolled up, yet one of the the cops handed out the tickets wearing no gloves. 

In Beverly Hills, California, officials have ordered people to wear masks when outside in the city.

In Michigan, the tyrannical governor, dubbed by President Trump as that “woman governor,” has expanded on her initial lockdown orders and now has banned “travel between residences,” according to the Detroit Free Press.

Until now, travel between two Michigan residences has been permitted.

Beginning Saturday morning, that will end. “All public and private gatherings of any size are prohibited,” Whitmer said at a news conference.

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