CORONAVIRUS: Common Sense Preparations

CORONAVIRUS: Common Sense Preparations

Lately, I have been asked by a few people about what is going to happen and what they should do to prepare for the CORONAVIRUS (CONVID-19).

In this article I will give you the who, what, when, where, and how of dealing with the CONVID-19 as it is currently being assessed. These assessments are based on the way I see the progression of CONVID-19 from China through Europe and now the US.

What is the outlook for CONVID-19?

The impacts to individuals and the economy will go from low to medium, growing to extremely high, and then gradually coming back down to a low-long-term impact.

  • Short-Term (1-3 weeks) low to medium impact to individuals and the economy.
  • Medium-Term (3-weeks to 3 months) medium to extremely high impact to individuals and the economy.
  • Intermediate-Term (3 months – 6 months) medium to high impact to individuals and the economy.
  • Long-Term (6 months – 2 years) low to medium impact to individuals and the economy.

Where will the impacts be?

Initially the impacts will be felt in small local clusters then the clusters will get larger with new clusters starting until the entire country has felt the individual and economic impacts.

Coronavirus (CONVID-19): Should you prepare to die?

How will individuals and the economy be impacted?

  • Up to 150 million people could contract CONVID-19 with estimates from 5-50 million deaths in the United States. Unless CONVID-19 mutates, most of those that will die from the virus or from complications of the virus are older and those with pre-existing medical conditions.
  • You may find yourself in a situation where you are Quarantined, under a State of Emergency, or under Martial Law.
  • Your children may be out of school for the rest of the school year or you may find they are unable to graduate on time.
  • With your children at home, you may be forced to make a decision to leave them home alone so you can  go to work in order to pay your bills (mortgage, food, medical etc…) or rely on what government assistance there is.
  • There may be domestic (interstate and intrastate) travel restrictions.
  • With the ports being closed and manufacturing struggling to rebound, goods will not be as plentiful as they have been and we will face some sporadic and widespread shortages of food, medical supplies, raw materials, vehicles, electronics etc…
  • Retirement accounts may face extreme fluctuations.
  • Interest rates will need to be kept artificially low in order to keep the economy moving and so the federal Government (taxpayers) can afford the money that is being borrowed and will be borrowed in the future to help ease the pain in certain sectors of the economy and keep people employed, as well as, providing a safety net for those without one.


If you are in a secure location and you do not have an specific alternate place to go that is better than your current location and you do not have a reliable means to get there; STAY IN PLACE. This doesn’t mean you can’t go to work or to the store, but it does mean not to travel unless it is absolutely necessary.

If you do not want to hunker down right now like a hermit, take prudent precautions when going out (keep a maximum amount of distance from others, do not shake hands, wash your hands, minimize your exposure to those that are sick or those that are susceptible to getting sick from you).

If you lose your job and you cannot pay your mortgage or your rent then stay in place until the authorities remove you (however, if you can pay your mortgage or your rent then you should do so – the previous advice is only for those in extraordinary circumstances).


If you do not already have a months’ worth of food on hand, then do not go out and buy a years’ worth of dehydrated food that is good for 25 years (especially if you aren’t extremely rich). Go out and buy what you would normally buy except buy more of it, as long as it is healthy and can give you the calories and nutrients you need, as well as, being easy to prepare. If you aren’t used to cooking or eating it, an emergency is not the time to find out if you can make it or if you can eat it.

I suggest buying canned food if you are staying in place because even if the power goes out and you have a manual can-opener you will still be able to eat. Perishables are not a great choice for a quarantine situation since the can go bad by the time you can get back to the grocery store.

NOTE: Buy vitamins – A good Multi-Vitamin, Vitamin-C, Vitamin-D, and Vitamin-E are very good when your immune system is stressed (either to help build it up before you are quarantined or during the time you are quarantined). Some natural supplements like Garlic, Ginger, Echinacea, Elderberries, and Chaga may not be bad choices either to have on hand.


You cannot survive without water for very long and there is something to be said for flushing your system in order to get the ick out so by all means ensure you either buy bottled water or have a way to ensure you have an ample supply of fresh water. You need to provide for a months’ worth of water for each person (1 gallon per person per day). You may also want to get some Gatorade or something with electrolytes in case you or someone contacts a fever and they need to stay hydrated. Most people get tired of drinking plain water and with the loss of electrolytes a case or two won’t hurt.


In a few weeks the hospitals will be jammed up and you will not be able to get in even if you wanted to so be cognizant of what you are doing and make every effort not to get hurt or to do something that would normally land you in the hospital. If you are not trained in the use of combat life-saving techniques and have the kit to accomplish it, then at least ensure you have some basics. Alcohol, Peroxide, Gauze, Quick Clot, Triple Antibiotic, Duct Tape, Analgesics (Tylenol and Ibuprofen), burn gel,  plastic sheeting for containment, and at least 30 days’ worth of prescription medications etc.…


While I believe everyone should own at least 3 firearms (handgun, Rifle, Shotgun), if you do not currently own one and do not know how to properly (safely) use one (and you cannot obtain at least basic firearms training) then you might be better off not buying one until you can get the level of training you need. Other than that, there is bear deterrent and stun guns. Sorry but you should have considered firearms as a good thing sooner instead of the scary thing the media keeps telling you they are.

NOTE: Security cameras can only tell you who is coming but they cannot protect you so jam the door and put a door stop at the bottom of the door if someone is trying to break in. 911 may or may not work during a complete collapse.


I am not a financial adviser, but I am leaving my retirement in (I try not to buy the highs and sell the lows). If you need extra money while in quarantine, figure out what you can do online that won’t cost you more than you make. Not great advice but hey, the time to plan is not after the crisis begins.

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