Come out from your bunkers!  Happy days are here again!  This is the State of Preparedness 2020!  Not!

Those of us in the Preparedness Community, who have been in it for a while, have been decrying the current state of preparedness.  Please don’t pass this off as a scare tactic.  I’m sharing what I’ve been seeing and experiencing for a while now.  Preparedness is dying.

Some say it is because we have a Republican President in office.  I will admit that I did see the overall numbers of Prepper Website go down after Trump’s election.

Others say that the economy is so good that there is no need to prep.  As long as the stock market produces big numbers, then we all benefit from the prosperity of the bankers and traders making a fortune.

The other big reason…is that many preppers succumbed to Prepper Fatigue.  You can only hear the “sky is falling” so much before you kick Chicken Little in the head and move on.

If you are still paying attention to what is going on in this country, you know we are more divided than ever.  Many believe that the 2020 Election will not be as civil as we would like it.  Big weather events seem to be the norm.  And drought and flooding can easily see us one growing season away from food prices going through the roof.


For the “true believer,” there are some things that can be done to help those websites, podcasts, and Youtubers who are providing Prepper content.

1. Read, Listen, Watch and Comment on Preparedness Content.  When a content creator produces content and few people interact with it, it is so depressing.  Many times, we put our hearts, time and a lot of effort into our content only to hear crickets.  Now, not every piece of prepper content is stellar, that’s a fact.  But if a piece has blessed you in some way, leave a comment or send an email to the author.  I can tell you that it would be greatly appreciated!

2. Click on their Affiliate Links. Many prepper websites don’t make a lot of money.  But many of them have an affiliate association with Amazon.  When you make a purchase through a preparedness website’s link, it doesn’t cost you any more money and it gives them a little percentage of the sale, no matter what you buy.  At the end of the month, even $50 can be a big blessing to someone creating content for free.

In order to survive the Oregon Trail, American pioneers learned to rely on foods that meet the most basic requirements. They needed to be easy to grow or find, easy to store or carry, and calorically dense.

A typical pioneer diet relied heavily on dried meat and game, flour, cornmeal, rice, beans, and dried corn. If you were lucky, you were able to bring a cow or a few chickens along with you on your journey. Then you could occasionally indulge in eggs, milk, and butter.

However, many of these animals did not survive the long, treacherous journey. As a successful pioneer, you learned to take advantage of fresh fish and game whenever could. You would add to your menu with wild berries and vegetables and preserve any surplus for the winter.

You would parcel our sugar, salt, and other spices with care since they were usually in short supply. Generally, you would wash your meals down with water or coffee. On the trail, pioneers would roast raw coffee beans in a skillet over the campfire and then grind them.

Once pioneers settled into their new homes, they were quick to plant gardens and build root cellars. They made their own cornmeal and wheat flour, used lard for baking and cooking, and invented new recipes to make better use of the foods available.

Here are some of the pioneer foods that Americans will return to eating if modern conveniences falter in a crisis.

When we think about setting aside emergency supplies, most of us would agree that preserved food and purified water are the essentials and everything else is secondary to these. Some might even choose to incorporate things like a manual grain mill, a water purifier, a food dehydrator, a solar cookstove and so on.

But who would ever consider something as simple and humble as sea salt as an indispensable necessity and commodity in the tumultuous days ahead? I would even go so far as to say if sea salt is not a part of your survival provisions, it’s time to tuck away this invaluable, hidden treasure.

In fact, salt was once valued as a form of currency – it was that scarce, and considered a luxury of few. The ancient Greeks used salt to trade for slaves and Roman soldiers were paid in “salt money” or “salarium argentum” where we derive the English word, “salary”. Homer called it “Divine”. Jesus calls His followers (which I’m honored to say I am) the “salt of the earth”.

There’s nothing that quite says fall like fresh apple cider. Every fall we gather together and pick apples on our homestead. We drag the old cider press out of the barn, brush the cobwebs off and clean it up so that we can make our very own apple cider.

Everyone gets involved from the oldest to the youngest members of the family. As the children scamper about gathering the apples that have fallen within their reach, or they reach for the heavy laden apples off of the lowest branches of our apple trees, we begin the process of collecting apples for homemade apple cider.

Many people don’t realize that you can make apple cider without a cider press. Many don’t have access to an apple cider press so we’ve included those instructions here as well. The apple cider will still turn out just as delicious as if you’d used an apple cider press to make it.

Prepping For Folks With Special Needs

In our preparations, we need to make allowances for those people within our family or preparedness circle who may have special needs. Here are some ideas of who might have some special needs and how to deal with those needs.

Babies – Young Children – Pregnant Women – Medical Issues – Mentally Handicapped – Physically Handicapped – The Addicted & the Mentally Ill – Elderly – Pets

“Getting the flu is fun,” said no person ever!  The aches, pains, fever and wasted days recovering isn’t something you want to deal with.  As preppers, we should have a plan in place to prevent and, if necessary, treat this evil bug!  This article will hopefully be one of the best prepper flu resources for those wanting to find a bunch of natural flu information to fight the flu quickly!

Using Essential Oils, Recipes and More – Teas that Hit the Flu Where It Hurts – When You Put On the Gloves and Fight the Flu – Prevention is the Best Medicine to Fight the Flu – Fight the Flu with Knowledge

Dealing with the flu is no joke!  It is always smart to be preventative to keep your family and yourself free from this deadly virus.  But if you have to, fight the flu in any way necessary!  You might use essential oils, teas, shower bombs, herbs or whatever will do the trick!  Now or in the SHTF, you need every resource to fight the flu!

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