Will Tens of Thousands Die Before Christmas?

Will Tens of Thousands Die Before Christmas?

According to Terry Rempel there is enough scientific evidence to suggest that Cascadia Mega will release before Christmas. In the attached “White Paper” Rempel gives his scientific analysis to support this conclusion.

Rempel also gives us the following three things to consider when you are thinking about your own preparation:

  1. Current scientific papers say that everything west of I-5 will be pretty much wiped out.  Consider the number of nuclear power plants down the west coast of the US and the Hanford nuclear waste disposal site.  How much of the Pacific Ocean will be contaminated and for how long?           
  2. Given the national debt of the US, how can the U.S. absorb trillions in infrastructure loss as well.  It will cripple the economy.  Doing so will cause chaos.  Chaos will lead to martial law.            
  3. Global impacts: The US military will be needed at home. Remove US military influence   and who moves in war?   China?   Russia?  Arab Countries?  Advantage of the void of U.S. influence will be taken.  Voids are always filled.  That is a lesson of history. These three are realistic outcomes that are part of the Cascadia Mega. Outcomes that follow a great tragedy to come.

What is the Cascadia Subduction Zone?

According to the Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys; “The PNW coast between northern California and southern British Columbia lies along the Cascadia subduction zone, a system of major faults between the Gorda–Juan de Fuca and North American plates.”

What happens when it releases?

“The Cascadia subduction zone has a long history of generating magnitude 9 earthquakes including a well-dated event on January 27, 1700,… the 1964 Good Friday earthquake in Alaska… and tsunamis similar to the 2011 Tōhoku earthquake in Japan.” Although prediction is difficult to pinpoint, “the next great Pacific Northwest earthquake could occur at any time.” (Alaska Division of Geological & Geophysical Surveys)

What are some warning signs of a potential release?

Rempel currently tracks 22 NRCAN seismograms, 68 PNSN seismograms, and Volcano Discovery infrared satellite imaging over an area that covers “all of the west side of N America from south Alaska and the Yukon and through the USA to the Mexico border and as far east as Alberta, Montana, eastern Colorado and Arizona” he says you should “watch for 5 mag EQs at two Cascadia volcanic mounts, or one plus an eruption at any Volcanoes from Mexico to Alaska” as your own rule of thumb predictor for imminent release.

According to Scientist Jeff Zweerink ; “In October, five large earthquakes shook the Pacific Ocean off the Oregon coast. It’s worrisome since that’s home to the Cascadia Subduction Zone, and important because it could someday unleash what’s likely to be America’s deadliest natural disaster on everything west of Interstate 5. It could be a triple whammy of killer quakes, tsunamis hundreds of feet high, and erupting volcanoes along the Cascade Range.” (CBN 11/21/19)

What is the Government doing to prepare?

According to GeekWire, “cellphone connections are among the first things to go by the wayside”. Emergency responders in Redmond, Wash addressed this in their “two-day emergency preparedness drill called Cascadia Rising Solutions”. Kymeta, a Redmond-based startup backed by Microsoft co-founder Bill Gates, “is creating a hybrid connectivity platform that makes use of standard cellular networks as well as satellite links and Wi-Fi to keep responders connected even when the cell towers go down”. (GEEKWIRE 10/31/19)

What should you do to prepared?

Besides an 80-125-foot tsunami coupled with earthquake(s) as much as 10.0 and volcano eruptions, you need to be prepared for massive flooding, fires, roads and buildings collapsing, water and electrical outages, and medical emergencies where all emergency services or completely shut down. The government will have no choice but to implement martial law and suspend posse comitatus. There is almost no preparation for this kind of devastation, and you may be on your own for weeks or months. If you see the warning signs, leave before it happens, or suffer the dire consequences.

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Will Tens of Thousands Die Before Christmas?


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