Migrants Charged In Brutal Gang Rape of 13-Year-Old Swedish Girl

This HORRIFIC CRIME DESERVES THE DEATH PENELTY but unfortunately it is just another example of the negative effects of globalism without borders.

The ones trying to convince you how great diversity through unrestrained illegal migration/immigration is will never tell you these crimes would have never happen without illegals being in your country in the first place.

You will still have these types of crimes by your own population but why in the world would you want to add to it by opening your front door and welcoming anyone and everyone?

If you have a different take on this subject, please put it in the comments. PREPPER DAVES


(PHOTO: Sveriges Polisen)

“Four young males from Eritrea have been charged with brutally raping a 13-year-old Swedish girl, according to reports.

The men, aged between 20 and 25, allegedly took turns raping the girl and filmed the attack, which occurred in a bathroom in Hallsberg in June.

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The victim suffered a variety of injuries, including internal bleeding, as well as “bruises on the shoulder, arm, hand and knees, a bloodied hand, pain and tenderness,” Fria Tider reports.

“The intercourse was preceded by violence consisting of at least two of the defendants grabbing the plaintiff’s neck and shoulder, slamming her head into a wall and pushing her into a bathroom,” the indictment states. “The defendants proceeded to have vaginal intercourse with her.”

One of the defendants has also been charged with “abusive photography and child pornography offenses” for recording the crime.

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“The indictment states that the men committed the crime intentionally and that the girl did not participate voluntarily,” SVT Nyheter reports. “All four men are thus charged with gross rape.”

Five men were originally arrested following the assault, but only four face prosecution.

Prosecutors have reportedly requested all four men be deported back to Eritrea if convicted, and banned from entering Sweden for at least 15 years.”


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