Will the Terminator or Sonny from I-Robot take your job?

By: PREPPER DAVES 10/20/2019

The technological takeover of jobs is going to happen and when people make the specious argument that the transportation technology of the late-1800’s didn’t take all of the jobs, or the automation processes for manufacturing in the early to mid-1900s didn’t take all the jobs, or that the mechanized and technological agricultural innovations of the mid to late-1900s didn’t take all the jobs, they are missing the one key element; these were all sector specific jobs. The technological revolution that we find ourselves entering does not just affect one or two sectors of the economy it effects all sectors of your life and the economy.

Another argument that also falls short is; the jobs lost will be replaced by new and better jobs. While this may be true for some jobs, the jobs lost will far outweigh the number of replacement jobs for a significant net loss of jobs. The net effect of AI and Robotics on your life will most certainly be negative, and this will exacerbate income inequality leaving the middle class in peril.

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If you don’t think your job is in jeopardy; jobs like doctors, lawyers, accountants, truck drivers, skilled tradesmen, and warehouse workers are but a few of the 160 million jobs, in the US alone, that are in jeopardy of being lost. Although current employment rates are better than they have been in decades, that may be due more to deregulation than to increased technology. In the end, how many jobs can we afford to lose to either the Terminator or to Sonny?

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Are we on the brink of a jobless future?

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